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Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps also known as the ISC are the elite branch of the Galactic Empires military which provide dedicated, armored enforcers of the Emperor's New Order. Stormtroopers are selected from all manner of top recruits from the Imperial Academy system. Stormtroopers can be directly recruited but are traditionally top Imperial Army cadets that are transitioned to one of the Imperial Academys that are assigned to teach the Stormtroopers.

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is responsible for the dreaded enforcement of the Emperor's will, the ISC are deployed to flashpoints throughout the galaxy and are responsible for a wide-array of missions.

Command and control

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is lead by the Grand Marshal, the Grand Marshal holds the position of the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. The Stormtrooper Corps runs a similar organization to the Imperial Army General Staff. The ISC is wholly dependent on the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy for its supply and technical support in the field of operations but does maintain its own Support Services Department which manages the legions of the Emperor. Department Chief's typically hold the rank of Vice Marshal, Division Chief's typically hold the rank of High Colonel or Colonel.

The most notable inclusion to the Stormtrooper Corps structure is the "Stormtrooper Assistance Detachment" which is responsible for assignment of Stormtroopers to agencies and organizations outside of the Stormtrooper Corps and Imperial military as a whole; this is a catch-all for units such as the ISB Division or others. The other notable is the Imperial Intelligence Liaison Detachment which includes the feared Death Trooper Division and the near total secret Inquisition Division which maintains the "Purge Troopers".

  • Administration Department (Chief of Stormtrooper Administration)
    • Imperial Stormtrooper Officer Corps (Chief of the Stormtroopers Officer Corps)
    • Personnel Administration Division
    • Stormtrooper Recruitment Division
    • Stormtrooper Assistance Detachment
      • Imperial Security Bureau Stormtrooper Division
      • Imperial Navy Commando Division
  • Operations Department (Chief of Stormtrooper Operations)
    • Operations and Planning Division
      • Scout Command
    • Protection Operations Division
      • Novatrooper Command
    • Special Operations Division
      • Storm Commando Command
      • Shadow Command
    • Imperial Intelligence Liaison Detachment
      • Death Trooper Division
      • Inquisition Division
  • Support Services Department (Chief of Stormtrooper Support Services)
    • Logistics and Supply Division
    • Technical Communications and Signals Division
    • Engineering Division
    • Medical Division
    • Ordnance and Munitions Division
    • Imperial Academy Liaison Detachment


The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, including specialized Stormtroopers are organized in a Squad, Platoon, Company, Battalion, Regiment and the feared Legion. While the Stormtrooper Corps numbers appear limited they are an elite fighting force and are widely known for their ferociousness and fanatical devotion to victory.

The basic Stormtrooper Squad includes 10 Stormtroopers, one of which is the Squad Leader holding the rank of Stormtrooper Sergeant; he is assisted by a veteran Stormtrooper who holds the rank of Field Trooper. There are 4 "regular" Stormtroopers within the unit one of which is equipped as a "Communications Specialist". In addition there is a Stormtrooper designated as a "Stormrifle" who is equipped with a repeating weapon; a "Stormmedic" who acts as the Stormtroopers medical assistance; and a Stormsniper who is equipped with a long-range weapon to provide support for the unit. In addition 1 Stormtrooper was designed as an "Assault Trooper" who assisted the Stormrifle and was equipped with a Model 201 mortar.

Scout Troopers are organized into squads of 5. They contain 1 Sergeant, 1 Field Trooper as a second in command and 3 Scout Troopers. Scout Troopers are selected for their toughness and capabilities, they have a wide skill set and receive training from multiple specialized units such as the Medical Division (Stormmedics and Stormsurgeons), Ordnance and Munitions Division (Stormrifle and Stormsnipers) in addition to demolitions, engineering and communications training.

Stormtrooper formations lack any formal support units as they are meant to be supplied by the Imperial Navy or the Imperial Army and local governments and formations. Stormtroopers are equipped to forage and build their own supply storehouses; they are often dispatched with high-end equipment.

Order of Battle

Stormtroopers and Specialized Stormtrooper formations
  • Stormtrooper Squad – 10 Stormtroopers (including 1 Field Trooper, 1 Sergeant)
  • Stormtrooper Platoon - 5 Squads (50 Stormtroopers including 1 Lieutenant and 1 Stormtrooper Commander)
  • Stormtrooper Company - 4 Platoons (200 Stormtroopers including 1 Captain)
  • Stormtrooper Battalion - 4 Companies (800 Stormtroopers including 1 Major)
  • Stormtrooper Regiment - 4 Battalions (3,200 Stormtroopers including 1 Lieutenant Colonel)
  • Stormtrooper Legion - 4 Regiments (12,800 Stormtroopers including 1 Colonel or High Colonel)
Scout trooper formations
  • Scout Lance – 5 Scout Troopers (including 1 Sergeant and 5 Speeder Bikes)
  • Scout Squadron – 10 Scout Troopers (2 Scout Lances, 1 Lieutenant replacing 1 Sergeant in Command Scout Lance, 10 Speeder Bikes)
  • Scout Platoon – 40 Scout Troopers (4 Scout Squadrons, 1 Captain replacing a Lieutenant in the Command Scout Squadron, 40 Speeder Bikes)
  • Scout Troop – 160 Scout Troopers (4 Scout Platoons, 1 Major replacing a Captain in the Command Scout Platoon, 160 Speeder Bikes)

Storm Commando formations​

  • Storm Commando Squadron - A Storm Commando Squadron consists of three Storm Commando Troops. The first two are "Assault Troops" meant for direct action and the third is a reconnaissance and surveillance. Storm Commando Squadrons are lead by Lieutenant Colonels or Colonels (or High Colonels).
  • Storm Commando Troop - A Storm Commando Troop consists of four Storm Commando Teams and is lead by a Major. Each Storm Commando Team within each troop has a specific specialties: the 1st platoon is trained as "line" commandos; the 2nd is trained as assault commandos and specialize in anti-vehicle warfare as well as additional training in vehicle-based warfare; the 3rd platoons is trained as saboteurs with a focus in stealth and demolitions; the 4th platoons is trained as technical support units meant to assist the other team in their mission and have a wide degree of training.
  • Storm Command Team - A Storm Commando Team consists of 12 Storm Commandos, a Team Leader ranking as a Stormtrooper Commander and an Assistant Team Leader ranking as a Stormtrooper Sergeant.

Death Trooper formations​

  • Death Trooper Group - A Death Trooper Group is comprised of all Death Trooper Teams operating within a specific area or a grouping of Death Trooper Teams. A Death Trooper Group is lead by a Vice Marshal.
  • Death Trooper Team - A Death Trooper Team is comprised of a headquarters element (4 Death Trooper) and eight operational Death Trooper Platoons. A Death Trooper Team is lead by a Colonel. A Death Trooper Team is often divided into 2 to 4 Death Trooper Task Units.
  • Death Trooper Task Unit - A Death Trooper Task Unit comprises a Task Unit Headquarters (4 Death Troopers including a Major, Stormtrooper Commander, a Lieutenant and a Stormtrooper Sergeant) and 2 to 4 Death Trooper Platoons (32 to 64 Death Troopers), in addition it includes an army company-sized (160) support services element comprise of Stormtrooper enlisted and officers. The Task Unit is lead by a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Death Trooper Platoon - A Death Trooper Platoon is lead by a Death Trooper Lieutenant and a Stormtrooper Commander as a second-in-command and comprises 14 Death Trooper, plus the Lieutenant and ST-Commander for a total of 16 Death Trooper. Death Trooper Platoons can be divided up into various smaller units (two eight-man squad, four four-man fire teams or eight two-man reconnaissance teams).

Specialized and environmental operations

The Stormtrooper Corps as the Emperor's Will and its elite enforcers are tasked with operating in a number of environments and specialties. Stormtrooper units are typically trained to operate in temperate, cold and tropical weather environments as a component of their training. Units that are detached to worlds with a specific environment are outfitted with specialty armor, weapons and additional training; in reality these are just Stormtroopers being equipped by the Support Services Division for their specific operation.

Stomtrooper specialties are designated as either "Beta", "Gamma" or "Delta" designations.

Beta specializations
Contained with the basic squad of Stormtroopers are Stormtroopers who display a particular aptitude for basic specialties, these are the "Beta" specializations within the ISC. Stormtroopers designated as a "Stormrifle" are equipped and trained to handle a variety of repeater weapons. A "Stormmedic" is a Stormtrooper who acts as the Stormtroopers medical assistance; A "Stormsurgeon" is an advanced Stormmedic. A Stormsniper who is equipped with a long-range weapon to provide support for the unit. In addition 1 Stormtrooper is designed as an "Assault Trooper" who assisted the Stormrifle and was equipped with a Model 201 mortar, providing the Stormtrooper squad with short to medium range fire support.

Gamma specializations
"Gamma" specializations are any specifically trained Stormtroopers, notably those who have particular assignment to specialized units or permanent attachment to environmental units. They include: Tropical & Coastal Stormtroopers (Shoretroopers), Coldweather Stormtroopers (Snowtroopers), Extreme Coldweather Stormtroopers (Range Troopers), Heat Stormtroopers (Sandtroopers), Advanced Heat Stormtroopers (Magma Trooper) or Wet-weather Stormtroopers (Swamptrooper).
  • Patrol Stormtroopers or "Patrol Troopers" were New Order loyalist from local planetary defense forces who displayed high levels of talent and were recruited by the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, attached to law enforcement duties and would eventually be sent to an Imperial Stormtrooper Academy; if they served for five years without being dispatched to an academy they were automatically inducted into the ISC.
  • Incinerator Troopers as they were called were specialist in the usage of flame throwers and other weapons of intense destruction; they were particularly feared due to their preferred "terror" usage.
  • Jump Troopers were airborne specialist of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and utilized jetpacks that allowed them to fly and be dropped for orbit.
  • Spacetroopers were attached largely to space-borne installations and could operate in zero-g environments, they were trained also for counter-boarding operations aboard Imperial vessels and space stations.
  • Riot Control Stormtroopers or "Riot Troopers" were specialty trained Stormtroopers who were dispatched to worlds requiring a stiffer hand but not quite the iron fist of the Empire; they were trained in all manner of riot and disorder control. They were typically equipped with shields and stun batons; they are often Clone Shock Troopers.
  • Shock Troopers the successor to the Clone Shock Troopers are highly visible law enforcement-based Stormtroopers often assigned to important worlds and locations throughout the Empire. They have some overlap with the Novatroopers but were often utilized to protect lower-level installations that did not quite warrant Novatrooper assignment.
  • Imperial Security Bureau Stormtroopers a largely unknown component of the Stormtrooper "Gamma" specializations are dedicated New Orderist who are planted to report back to the Imperial Security Bureau regarding seditious and anti-Imperial, anti-New Order activity.
  • Scout Troopers the elite Scout Troopers really straddle the line between a "Gamma" and a "Delta" specialization as they often are called upon to handle front-line operations ranging from reconnaissance to elimination of targets deep behind enemy lines.
  • Imperial Navy Commandos are Imperial Navy Fleet Security members who are sent for training with the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and are experts in starship protection, notably larger vessels, boarding actions, counter-boarding actions in addition to other functionally relevant training. Imperial Navy Commandos use Stormtrooper ranks and organization despite being a formal part of the Imperial Navy.
Delta specializations
"Delta" specializations within the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps are considered to be the "elite of the elite" and undergo significant training and are deadly individuals within their own right. These Stormtroopers, whatever their assignment, are well indoctrinated, deadly and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. "Delta" specializations also provide unique units to various agencies and organizations throughout the Empire.
  • Novatroopers - Imperial Novatroopers wear black and generally gold-striped Stormtrooper armor, Novatrooper medics wear black and red-striped armor. Novatroopers were often attached to high-ranking personnel as an honor guard (in reality for protection), to protect high value installations or space stations and were trained in the boarding of enemy vessels, a task they performed with incredible precision and ability. Novatroopers are assigned to the Protection Operations Division and are a feared sight to any enemy. Novatroopers also enjoyed the duties of working with the Imperial Royal Guard in their task of guarding the Emperor.
  • Shadow Troopers or sometimes "Shadow Stormtroopers" were a specialized branch of the Special Operations Division who wore all-black armor which was made from stygian-triprismatic polymer which reduced detection and avoid sensors, they were also equipped with personal cloaking devices which rendered them near totally invisible. If Storm Commandos were the Empire's dagger in the dark, the Shadow Troopers are the Empire's fist in the dark as they were often utilized as terror weapons to appear and strike with force on enemy positions.
  • Storm Commandos are to put it quite simply, the elite of the elite. Storm Commandos share a particularly wide array of experiences in combat and other fields of warfare. They are trained in a variety of commando and special forces tactics. Storm Commandos surpass even the Death Troopers for skill and ability.
  • Death Troopers are the Stormtroopers who undergo intense training to become Death Troopers and are further trained by Imperial Intelligence to operate as elite field operators for the Imperial Intelligence Agency. They come as a close second to the Storm Commandos for deadliest "Delta" specialization.
  • Purge Troopers or "Inquisition Stormtroopers" are highly trained, elite Stormtroopers assigned to the Inquisition. They are trained specifically in Jedi and Force user hunting, they are deadly melee combatants and mentally conditioned to deal with Jedi and other force users. Purge Troopers undergo further training by members of the Inquisition.

Uniform, armor and equipment

Stormtrooper armor was widely considered to be standard armor, it provide basic level protection against blaster fire. The Stormtrooper helmet was a marvel of Imperial technology. Their armor was also specifically designed to dissipate blaster shots and stormtroopers were known to recover after being shot. The helmet provided cranial protection, filtered air, and contained enhanced vision, communication systems and an effective HUD (heads up display) that could help locate threats, aid in navigation, and to help alert the wearer.

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps utilized pauldrons which were worn on the right pauldron. Stormtrooper Field Troopers, who were veteran Stormtrooper wore a blue pauldron; Stormtrooper Sergeants wore white pauldrons; Stormtrooper Commander's wore red pauldrons; Stormtrooper's up until the rank of Lieutenant wore orange pauldrons. All ISC officers above Lieutenant wore black pauldrons.

Specialized Stormtroopers such as the Death Trooper's, Novatroopers and other for go the normal pauldron ranking. All members of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps utilize black uniforms, brimmed caps with officers displaying the rank plaques and code cylinders on their chest in addition to the Imperial officers disc on the cap. Members of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps also wear the logo of the Galactic Empire on their left shoulder, closet to their hearts.
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