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hi would like to make to OCS a padawan and clone the during the clone wars where lost in a wormhole in an escape pod after their ambassador class ship they when it got to close to the wormhole and broke wold that be fring or alliance
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ok thank you i can not access discord but i appreciate the response
All new Sith, if you're making your way to Korriban, check out the Homecoming thread! If you're wondering how to contribute to this budding faction, poke around the HQ threads and see what needs doing!
The Mandalorian Union seeks able-bodied warriors to be fostered into the clans! Do your part, join the Mandalorian Union. And join the hunt for the Helmet of Mandalore. Do you want to learn more?
the urge to no more intensifies
It has been fifty-five years since the Battle of Yavin and there is a relative state of peace in the galaxy. The remnants of a once mighty empire have come to the heel of the Galactic Alliance.

On the month of Elona a tremor in the Force will disturb all living creatures deeply. Something enormously evil and old has rolled over from its long slumber.