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Yehven Kazymyr

Basic Information

Character name: Yehven Kazymyr

-- Aliases: Yev

Homeworld: Gannaria

Species: Human

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire

-- Rank/position/title: Captain (Imperial Navy Commandos) assigned as the CO of the Imperial Navy Commando Company aboard the V1SD Nemesis

Personality, appearance and history


Appearance in Armor

Outside of his armor Yehven stands around six feet tall. He has a lean muscular build though his skin shows scarring in multiple places across his body. His black hair is kept very short so as not to become an issue as well as to not get in his eyes which are a stormy grey.

Personality traits

+ Loyal to the New Order
Yehven is above all loyal to the ideals of the New Order. He believes that chaos will lead to nothing more than pain and suffering, the likes of which he saw all around him in the wild wastelands of his home world.

+No Matter the Cost
Yehven saw the brutality of those that dwell in chaos. For Yehven that means that he will destroy them no matter the cost. If that means that the freedom of the common man has to be stripped away so that chaos can be finally destroyed then so be it.

-Stubborn to the Bone
Yehven will not falter from his beliefs, even if evidence that he could be wrong is placed in front of him. For Yehven, the Empire is what can bring order to the chaos that is destroying lives. This stubbornness also causes him to continue the fight even against unlikely odds of victory.

- Lack of Knowledge
Yehven knows a lot about how to fight and kill, he knows a lot about the New Order and the Empire. He knows a bit about his home world but that is about it. He knows nothing much about the rest of the galaxy or the Force, let alone Jedi or Sith or whatever else may wield the Force. These strange things will cause him to be on edge and possibly irritated.


Yehven was born to dirt. His father worked as a spice miner, as his father did before him. From what Yehven knew his family had originated from slaves that had been brought to the planet to mine for spice. Though Yehven and his family weren’t slaves themselves they couldn’t really call themselves much more than that. Whether it was the corrupt drug runners or the tyrannical pirates that would come by, everyone seemed to treat his family like they were less than bugs. Because of these things, Yehven learned to do what he needed to do to survive at a young age, but the rage in his chest wouldn’t let him just live to mine and die like all those in his family before him. He fought to survive through gritted teeth, joining up into a local militia even at a young age.

He started off just running errands for the group. Whether it was grabbing supplies or running messages to and fro. Still, he spent every second he could learning from those around him. They taught him how to fight when the odds were stacked against you. How you needed to use your head to get any advantage that you could against your enemy. He also had to learn how to use whatever weapon he could get his hand on as sometimes they wouldn’t know what they would have to fight with. As he grew older Yehven started to help in more dangerous ways, like going scouting for any possible danger that might come upon the group. It was on a scouting mission like this that he ended up killing somebody for the first time. The man wasn’t a pirate or connected to the spice mines at all, he seemed to just be a dirty bandit trying to take what he could from those that lived around him.

Yet all it took was a well-aimed shot from a blaster pistol to drop the bandit and keep the locals safe. The feeling of killing someone was drowned out by Yehven's feeling of accomplishment. He had finally done it; he had taken care of one of these horrible people all on his own. This led Yehven down the path of a soldier of justice, seeking to destroy all those on his home world that were bringing out even more chaos and anarchy. As the years went by Yehven honed his combat skills with battle after battle, though it left him scarred over a large portion of his body. Still, they were badges of honor. For a while this was the life that Yehven lived his life like this, trying to bring about some semblance of order to this world that was so desperate to destroy itself.

That changed when the Empire showed up. Yehven was a little suspicious of everything that was going on yet when he read up on what the Empire called the New Order. Strength, Order, and Decisiveness; these were things that Yehven knew were needed to stop the chaos that he saw around himself. Yehven immediately jumped in to join the Empire. Yehven made the decision to go into the navy, wanting to get away from his home world and become something more. He wasn’t sure what direction within the Navy to try to go for somebody took notice of his already extensive combat skills and directed him to be trained as a Navy Trooper.

Yehven took to the new training like a fish to water, pushing himself to do the best that he could do. His abilities as well as his seemingly high level of loyalty to the Empire pushed him to get moved up even more. He was ordered to the Imperial Stormtrooper Academy where Yehven finally found himself hitting the walls of his limits. Each day felt like a grueling fight to the death one after the other. After a few months, Yehven had proven himself and showed to have reached a sufficient level for what he was assigned. He had stepped into the Empire as a mere militiaman that thought he knew battle but was standing in the Empire now as a proud Imperial Navy Commando.

The Force

Force Sensitive: No


Possessions: E-11 Blaster Rifle, 2x EC-17 Hold Out Blaster Pistols, Thermal Detonators, Comlink Antennae in Helmet, Rangefinder in Helmet Visor, Multipurpose Backpack

Personal ship: N/A

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