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As of 3:35 AM EST on October 24th 2018, I declare a new age of SW:G, an age where we have officially switched to the lovable and far more adaptive XenForo platform. You have questions, and we got answers so let's get to it.

I can't access my account. What do I do?

The passwords might not have been imported into the new software due to encryption measures. Simply reset your password and you're good to go.

The layout is so different!

Yes, it is. Take time to explore the site and its new features before diving right in. XenForo isn't a new platform, so I'm betting some of you may already be accustomed to the new look and feel.

What's happening with sub-accounts?

The new rule is one account per writer/user and sub-accounts for all of your characters. You may also choose to use your 'writer account' for one of your characters - that's ultimately your choice. Get started with sub-accounts here:

The skin is...bold.

As part of the move, you'll encounter many Beta features. Consider the skin one of them. We're working on a better, more organized and innovative look, so stay tuned.

I want my username coloured. How do I join a faction group?

In your UCP, you're now able to view a list of available faction groups and apply to join one of them. You'll then be approved into the faction by the respective faction leader (which, for now, are staff-moderated). Get started with faction groups here:

What about XYZ?

Folks, we're here all day. Reply below with your questions and we'd be happy to address them!