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Basic Information

Name: Varus Panteer
-- Alias(s): N/a
Homeworld: Alderaan
Species: Alderaanian
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Republic [Values]
Galactic Empire
Alderaan [Above all else]
Dark Side/Sith [Philosophies]
-- Rank/position/title:
Associate Planetary Representative - Bail Organa's "Advisor"[Galactic Republic]
Associate Planetary Representative [Galactic Empire]
"Acolyte" [Dark Side]

Appearance: Out and about clothing, Alderaan noble attire usually, as well as his new Imperial get up for Senate business.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Varus is like most nobles, though of the sect that isn't condescending to commoners or poorer folk. In this he is kind, warm, and open to all of those around him. A diplomat being molded to become the next Senator in the Republic for Aldeeran, he is deeply seeded/rooted into politics and though his overall focus is on the galaxy as a whole he keeps his homeworld as his priority above all else. Family and friends are plenty in number and he is willing to give them as much of his life, sacrificing himself if need be, as they give to him. Varus' closest friend and ally though should be noted as his battle droid companion, Gizmo.

Despite all of this it is noteworthy that some of Varus' personality has been changed after his Sith/Dark Side training as well as his Sith history studies. As such he now believes that while the Republic does a lot of things right, in the end it is a stagnate machine, following more in the philosophies of the Sith instead. Varus' has even begun to think that another potential powerhouse faction/group must rise to fill it's shoes. He has also become notably less forgiving, though this is more towards non-Alderaan natives, being considerably more sinister in certain situations even.

Since the realization of the Galactic Empire Varus' was swift in swapping alliances, giving all of his favor to the Imperials and plans/hopes he can sway Alderaan to do the same. In this he also hopes to gain more prestige on his homeworld, hoping that the Organas can be usurped so that the Panteers might regain the Monarchy they so rightfully deserved and were owed. Varus has also continued to keep his Dark Side training hidden, at least for now.

  • Intelligence; Varus' sharpest tool is his wit. Raised by a politician as well as a scientist it was pushed onto him from a very young age that he should put focus into studies. Being swayed to his Father's political side he was nonetheless amused by the world of science, namely biology and the like. As such while he has grown into a Senator he is still versed in other areas as well, something boosted by the fact that he is an avid book/datapad log reader. Finally his Sith studies have also been quite beneficial to his mental growth.
  • Level Headed; Always proven to be a calmer individual than most, or rather level headed. He likes to believe he can see through the fog even when consumed by it, speaking of harnessing his emotions rather than falling victim to them in the rare chance that they do become overwhelming.
  • Agility & Speed; Due to his lithe and light frame he is swift on his feet, either standing in place or pacing about. This often blends in awkward movements/positioning of one's limbs or overall body in acts of dodging or out maneuvering others.
  • Endurance/Stamina; Varus has an a notable gas tank, being both a natural element as well as his focused breathing technique which both allow for him to go at it physically for longer than he normally should be able to. Despite this he still capable of being exhausted via fatigue toxins like any other normal Human.
  • The Force; Though his training in the ways of The Force is limited time wise, he has shown truly exceptional skill. Picking up on an assortment of abilities in just several weeks as well as honing most of them to the level of those training upward towards a year to multiple, Varus has shown that given time he will shine in this department.

  • Raw Power/Strength; Due to his thinner frame he produces less raw power than other sturdier or stockier males of his age and size. When it comes to lifting or holding onto things he often supplements this weakness by using his joints or frame for leverage.
  • Warped Mind; Having dived head first into his Sith/Dark Side training for several weeks his views and mind as a whole have been warped, though this shouldn't be called a weakness entirely, more of a hindrance. This is due to his potential to grow as an individual and such, but for now he remains fixated on the Sith History book he still studies day in and day out, believing that it is a guide to whom he should be, rather than taking the knowledge and adding it to his pool while becoming his own person.
  • Loyalty to his People; Be it any Alderaani, especially his friends or family, Varus's die hard loyalty to his people leaves him vulnerable for extortion, blackmail, etc.
  • Diabetes; Varus has been a Type-1 Diabetic since birth, first requiring insulin shots to manage before now/present day reliance on a replacement pancreas.
  • OCD; He also suffers from OCD, often having to do things in multiples, such as saying goodbye more than once, but in different ways or wiping his mouth after every bite of food. Though this has become more controlled over the years, anxiety and stress can trigger these to become more severe thus making it more difficult for Varus to combat them.
  • Gizmo; It goes without saying that Varus's closest confidant is his childhood friend, his security droid Gizmo. Should harm ever come to them he would lose his senses, or should their safety be threatened he'd go to the ends of the Galaxy to ensure that they were never hurt.

The Force

Force Sensitive: YES
Force Alignment:
Dark Side

Lightsaber form(s):
Form VI; Niman - [Very defensive stylized];

Force powers:
Core Powers

  • Control
    -- Tutaminis (Absorption of Energy) - Learner
    -- Altus Sopor (Masking one's presence with the Force) - Practitioner
  • Sense
    -- Prima Vitae (Detection of Life) - Practitioner
    -- Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others) - Learner
    -- Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions, trace information from objects and areas) - Learner
    -- Telepathy (Reading minds, mentally communicating) -Learner
    -- Precognition (also known as "Sense Danger") - Practitioner
  • Alter
    -- Telekinesis (Ability to manipulate physical matter) - Practitioner
  • Universal Powers
    -- Phase - Learner
  • Dark Side Powers
    -- Force Shadow - Practitioner

    Possessions, equipment, and appearance

    Equipment: Lots of money and stuff.
    House Panteer Noble Cane-sword
    • Modified-Lightsaber hilt now replaces original sword hilt, making it a potential dual-bladed weapon, energy beam is [Red]
    • Modified-Lightsaber hilt appears as very and merely an ornate pommel to the cane, not outright appearing as the legendary/fabled weapon it is
    • Three foot, seven inch blade sheathed inside of a hollow cane, both have a Cortosis-weave [better suited for glancing blows, but can sustain some prolonged exposure as well]
  • x1 Modified-SonoMax 75 [Sonic Pistol]
    - Hair trigger [Increased firing rate], Can fire cones or bolts of sound, Mandalorian Chamber [Allows for deadly + stun settings at the same time]

    Personal Ship: Lethisk-class freighter
    • Refurbished for him upon becoming Crown Prince
    • Improved shielding, quicker/faster as well [lighter hull/armor allows for such changes]
    • x2 dual-light repeating laser cannons [replaces x2 heavy laser cannons]
    • x1 concussion missile launcher

  • Droids: Gizmo [501-Z police droid "Zed"]
    • Equipped with;
      Full body-personal shield, energy-defense [Gold], Heavy Lightning
      Rifle, San-Ni staff

    • Other notable possessions/equipment:
      • Old Sith Holocron [Where Lightsaber hilt and Sith Book were found]
        • Belonged to a non-famous Sith self-titled Darth Revelance from 2,000+ years in the past
      • Sith History Book
        • Explains some key points in Sith, both species and factions, until around 5,800 BBY
        • Notes that one should not devote themselves to one Sith faction, but rather ensure that the Sith philosophies and Dark Side continue in some form or shape
        • Notes that one should never trust another Sith or Dark Sider whole-heartedly
        • Makes mention that one can overcome the Dark Side if they could harness both it and the Jedi's Light Side, but at the sacrifice of personal power
        • Contains two chapters on Form II; Makashi
        • Contains several chapters on Force Shadow
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  • Birth / Childhood; Varus is born into House Panteer, a royal family of Alderaan once known as the leading House of the family now presently a title owned by the Organas. A rivalry that Varus was both born with as well as instilled within him by his family. He never knew want nor was he a needy child, however anything and everything was given to him. Feeding and honing his mind he'd prove to be a rather intelligent kid, already beginning to reach "grade levels" in Math, Science, etc. while still a toddler.
  • Childhood / Preteen; Continuing his studies and overall schooling Varus would never be the kind of kid found out and about, running freely. Around his fifth birthday he was gifted a Security Droid, one he'd affectionately name "Gizmo". Though he did enjoy some free time he wasn't really interested in "having fun". It was also around the latter portion of this time that Varus chose to train so that he might eventually become Alderaan's Senator himself. All in all he lived a typical rich kid life, privileged albeit he was never really snarky about it, he had no ill will to those lesser than him. Even as a preteen he was wise, aspiring to be a people's champion at all costs.
  • Teenager / Young Adult; Living a privileged life also generally meant an uneventful one. Nonetheless at one point during a routine, too obvious of one apparently, venture to the wilderness while Gizmo was in the shop for maintenance Varus and other Alderaan youths as well as their Guide/Teacher would be kidnapped by a band of rogue force that opposed the traditional society and nobility of Alderaan. Kidnapped and held hostage they'd find this to be their undoing as once Varus' Parents recovered Gizmo and released the droid, he'd hunt down his Master to slay their captors. And he'd do just that, Gizmo was able to locate Varus through a small chip implant in the boy's hand and he had enough equipment to take out the entire group of bandits. He'd do so while leading a squad of other security droids while Alderaan military forces awaited in the distance to ensure no mortal lives on their side were lost. Rescued in timely fashion Varus' would praise Gizmo's unconditional protection, claiming it to be love. Once the dust of this event settled Varus would begin to push for working with any radicals as opposed to outright killing them, if possible.

    It was shortly after this that Varus would become a sort of assistant learner to Bail Organa, the planet's Senator and the Husband to the Queen. Proving to be more than capable even as the Clone Wars broke out. However it would be during a return visit home to Alderaan that Varus was approached by a hidden cult of Dark Siders, though they lacked raw power or talent they were wise from their studies. Pulled into their fold in hopes of obtaining Varus' favor should he acquire the Monarchy for House Panteer from House Organa, the cult would allow the youth to dive deep into their pool of knowledge. In this he would obtain a Sith Holocron that held a book as well as a lightsaber, the latter he'd even learn to blend into his cane sword. Using the book Varus would learn much of the Dark Side, albeit one estranged Sith's ideals. Diligently studying when and where he could his knowledge would increase as his power in The Force did in kind. All the while he kept this a secret from everyone.....
  • Young Adult / Adult; Proving himself to be not only a beneficial factor for his people on Alderaan, Varus would also begin to work toward shining a positive light on other planets in their sector and going out from there. His goal was to increase relationships or forge new/better ones if able, again he sought to be a people's champion. Besides Alderaan he didn't want to focus on aiding notable planets, ones like Naboo and the like got too much focus, the Republic was stretching herself too thin and forgetting about everyone in her fold. It was during the second year of the Clone Wars that Varus began to question the Republic for what she had really become in recent decades. Nonetheless he remained loyal, even becoming a Junior Senator along the way.

    Around the time the Galactic Empire had formed and the Republic had captured a supposed Sith in the former Supreme Chancellor before moving to continue the war with the CIS Varus would lose even more faith in the government. The Republic needed to be reborn and this Galactic Empire seemed to share these ideals, so in due time the Alderaani would throw his hat in with the Imperials aiming to gain their favor and use it to rise to the top of Alderaan. House Organa was to be crushed beneath House Panteer's boot heel. All the while he continues to keep his Sith teachings/knowledge an unknown factor from those around him.
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Finishing up the concept, rewriting him as Bail's assistant, removing the Prince stuff since Bail is married to Alderaan's Monarch, going to phase him into the Empire as someone trying to overthrow Aldeeran's current reigning Queen and royal family to bring his family back to the limelight of Alderaan. Should be done this week sometime!


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edited and ready for review, edited the second post to go from "fin" to be Varus' history.

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I'm going to chat with the Community Team as I had originally thought it was on the list of restricted powers but "Sever Force" has always been a sort've hot-button topic, mostly due to the fact that it can be used to negatively impact opposing player characters. I'll ask their opinions and move on from there.

Also, am I reading correctly that House Panteer is affiliating themselves with the new Galactic Empire while attempting to ferment rebellion against House Organa as the ruling house?


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Ok that's fine Ill wait on answers.

And basically. His hope is that if he proves himself useful to the Empire that they'll help House Panteer become the Monarchy of Alderaan once more.

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In regards to Sever Force, for now, replace the power with something else. We're having some internal Community Team discussions on how we want to approach the power and I don't feel its best to approve it while we discuss it and our handling of it.

Once that's edited I think you're good to go.