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CT-2309 "Farsun"


Basic Information

Character name: TK-2309, CT-2309 (formerly)
-- Aliases: "Farsun" (Common) or "Two Three"
Homeworld: Kamino
Species: Human (Kamino Clone)
Age: 7 Years
Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire, Grand Army of the Republic (Former), Galactic Republic (Former)
-- Rank/position/title: Captain (Imperial Stormtrooper Corps), Clone Captain (Former)

Personality and appearance

Appearance: Captain Farsun previously wore Phase II Clone Trooper armor, and during ceremonial processions with the Galactic Republic he would add a kama skirt. Since the foundation of the Galactic Empire and his induction into the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps he now wears the Black and Gold armor of an Imperial Novatrooper, he continues to maintain his rank appropriate kama shoulder pad.

Captain Farsun wears standard Phase II Clone Trooper armor, for ceremonial purposes he will add the kama skirt and the kama shoulder pad but largely forgoes at least the kama skirt in battle.
Personality traits
[+] Kamino Trained
- Clone Troopers in comparison to most other forces throughout the Galaxy are considered to be top tier when it comes to their basic training and conditioning.
[+] Advanced Training - Captain Farsun as a Clone Shock Trooper underwent additional training in VIP protection, diplomatic protocols, urban warfare.
[-] Unique Personality - Farsun is "gifted" with a unique, sometimes "independent" spirit while he has no issues following orders he has developed his personality certainly over the past several years of the Clone Wars.
[-] Just Following Orders! - Farsun, like many other clones, are bred to follow a number of "Orders" that are pre-programed into them. When the revelation came regarding former Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, the "orders" were removed and the chips removed.


Possessions: x1 E-11 Blaster rifle
-- x1 DC-15a Blaster Rifle, x1 DC-15s Blaster Carbine (Privately possessed, in storage)
Personal ship: NA
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