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Head Admin/Webmaster: @Duke
  • Responsible for the overall operations of the site and community
  • Oversees and supports the Staff Team
  • Ensures and promotes a strong community-centric vision for SW:G
  • Handles high-level member disputes/appeals
  • Handles any issues related to staff
  • Maintain own activity on SW:G
Community Team - Lead Admins: @Aeaolen Kicka, @DMG
Moderators: @Kylar Thrane @Sharkk
  • Supports the welfare of the community as it relates to the roleplaying and member environment (i.e. plot, character creation, user-created content)
  • Ensures a positive SW:G Experience for all writers
  • Ensures the community remains active and engaged
  • Actively engages in member recruitment and retention
  • Moderates the community
  • Uphold and enforce site rules
  • Handles member disputes
  • Maintain own activity on SW:G
Technical Team - Lead Admins: @Fallini @DMG
  • Supports the back-end of the server and website
  • Handles technical issues experienced by users
  • Coordinates any scheduled downtime with the Admin Team
  • Maintain own activity on SW:G and awareness of new technical innovations
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