Ready for Review Tarif Alani (NPC)


Jedi Order
Basic Information

Character name:
Tarif Alani
-- Aliases: N/A
Homeworld: Mandalore
Species: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male

Faction: True Mandalorian Union
-- Rank/position/title: Fleet Admiral

Personality and appearance

Tarif was a well built male in his 30's. He had blond hair and fair skin, often donning his naval officer uniform or battle armour,

Personality traits
[+] Strategist
[+] Leadership
[+] Martial Practices
[-] Pride
[-] Arrogant

Story so far...

Mandalore, home to the Mandalorian society. Tarif Alani, son of Krisha Alani and Tas Kriss, a wealthy Mandalorian family who had provided the means to make his career in the Navy possible. Tarif had grown up with the proper teachings and qualities a Mandalorian should have, loyalty, discipline, and respect. He had trained all his life to take command of his own ship, and it all seemed possible, until Jaster Mereel, Mandalor, was assassinated. Death Watch overran Mandalore, killing everyone, and so the great Mandalorian armies fled, many went into hiding, as did Tarif with his company of men. They stayed in hiding for quite a time, until it came the time to answer Mandalor's call once again.

Months later Tarif and his company heard news of Mandalor's son, Zaun Mereel. They heard he had united the remaining forces of the great Mandalorian army, and more were coming each day. With this bright news they quickly headed to the armies location, and introduced themselves. Tarif was then reinstated as a Commodore of the 2nd Fleet, also known as Battlegroup Kel'born, led by Rear Admiral Nux Rau. They went through much in their time as Fleet command, soon enough they laid siege to Quermia, a CIS world, and conquered it. Soon after the battle, Rear Admiral Nux Rau was promoted to Dehr, due to his responsibilities as a sectors Dehr, he needed a commander for his Fleet, to take charge when he wasn't there, and though it wasnt standard procedure, he could not thing of anyone else to be his Fleet Admiral then Tarif, and so Tarif Alani was promoted to Fleet Admiral.

The Force

Force Sensitive:
Lightsaber form: N/A
Force Powers:
Core Powers

  • Control
    -- N/A
  • Sense
    -- N/A
  • Alter
    -- N/A
Universal Powers
  • N/A
Light Side Powers
  • N/A



-Dual WESTAR-35 blaster pistols
-Vibro knife
-Attachable commlink
-Portable holo map
-Code cylinder
-Thermal Detonator
-Ceremonial Beskar'gam
-Naval Fleet Admiral uniform

Mandalorian vambraces (On armour)
-Concealed blaster attachment
-Sonic attachment (Fires sonic blast)
-Mini rocket launcher
-Grapple hook

Personal ship:
-Adjucator-Class Heavy Cruisers "Krel"
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