Star Wars: Galaxy - The Plot Overview

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Star Wars: Galaxy

A Shattered Galaxy

3800 BBY

The Galactic Republic and their Jedi allies stood firm as the raging tide of the Sith Empire broke itself across their bulwarks. Its remnants hunted down and destroyed, the Sith have finally been eradicated from the Galaxy. The Galactic Republic has declared absolute victory. Urged on by expansionist Corellian Chancellor Risa Penin, the Republic has begun to expand. The Jedi Order, still reeling from the death of Grandmaster Kel Sedaya, struggles to elect a new leader. Meanwhile, Jedi watchmen scour the galaxy, eager to swell their ranks with force-sensitive youngsters.​

Concurrently, the Mandalorians have become restless. Despite claims of peace and cooperation with the Galactic Republic, the recently proclaimed Mandalore aspires to the expansion of Mandalorian culture and influence. Known as Mandalore the Crusader, he is eager to extend the clans’ reach. While another war with the Mandalorians seems likely, the Galactic Republic remains blissfully unaware of a new threat, one lurking beyond the fringes of known space.​

The One Sith, led by a mysterious Dark Lord, have risen to fill the void left behind by the Sith Empire. Strongly adhering to the Rule of One, they stand prepared to strike at the heart of the Galactic Republic and seek to hold dominion over all in the name of their Dark Lord.​

Aeaolen Kicka

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Faction Leader Overview

Major Factions

  • One Sith - Dark Lord of the Sith (NPC)
  • Galactic Republic - Supreme Chancellor Risa Penin, Senator, Corellia (NPC)
  • Jedi Order - Acting Jedi Grandmaster and Master of the Order Sint Maiss (NPC)
  • Mandalorian Clans - Mandalore the Crusader (NPC)

Notable minor factions

  • Czerka Corporation - President Anson Lavar
  • Exchange - Trig Jago
  • Grand Hutt Council - Hoskih Desilijic Dinnar, Proweek Besadii Khec, Qaqesh Qunaalac Dezz, Wilnec Bareesh Zonjeeth, Leutti Gorensla Chenn, Chopparg Kajidier Speemdrer, Zaskhoejur Jiramma Grek, Bwuagrubsuzz Vanderijar Sheybor, Ajo Vosadii Guc
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