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Lore Overview
The Sepan Civil War has been raging for several centuries, with the galaxy in such a shattered state and the Galactic Alliance unable to hold onto the fragile peace, the Dimoks and the Ripoblus have begun to feud again. The Dimoks, traditionally aligned with the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic and its successor governments have taken keenly to the new, upstart Galactic Alliance. This has angered the Ripoblus, traditionally more autocratic and at one point the dominant human species in the Sepan Sector and the system itself. The Ripoblus have petitioned the Galactic Empire for aid, believing themselves to be the victim of aggression by the Galactic Alliance. Members of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps have been dispatched and an Imperial Prefecture has been established as relations with the Ripoblus' government have begun; this has furthered the Galactic Alliance's mission on Dimok, the near-human species that inhabits Dimok. While the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Alliance officially have a truce and it has held true over the past several years, the fragile peace might become shattered when the Sepan Civil War potentially brings the galaxy to the forefront of conflict once again.

While the galactic powers squabble for the control over the Sepan Sector, other forces are at work. The New Jedi Order watches with careful eyes as the small, fledgling Jedi Order dispatches Jedi to attempt to reach a peace settlement. Mercenaries, bounty hunters and other undesirables are sent due to the close proximity of Hutt Space and the Hutt clans watch and feed both sides, hoping solely to profit. Others suspect more nefarious and dark powers are work, but those rumors are squashed and noted as babble and scare tactics.

SW:G Overview
This idea was proposed by @Sanjuro and I hope that he comes back to be involved. Essentially this is one of the few things in Star Wars history that has continued for several time periods. Essentially we have two human/near-human species (from what I gathered, this can be changed) feuding over control of their system and sector. It was the center of a few Star Wars games and I'd like to have this be a spot where players can jump into the action without the kind of "Uh, what do I do now?" With that being said, it's likely that this would not be an outright conflict but more or less a battle of small, proxy wars with each side trying to help the other and no direct conflict...yet.

Galactic Alliance
Dimok - Popularly elected government headed by the First Secretary who is popularly elected and assisted by the Dimok Secretariat which is a unicameral legislature of 250 elected Secretaries. Generally aligned with the dominant Republic/Alliance government and staunchly opposed to the Empire and other autocratic governments.

Galactic Empire
Ripoblus - Ruled by an autocratic government known as the "Ripoblus Council" which is comprised of wealthy nobles, military and security officers and businessmen and women. Generally aligned with Imperial interest for several centuries.

Gerbaud 2 - Industrial world, controlled by the Board of Industrial Claims which seats 6 Board Members who are interested in profits and business alone over anything else.
Kuthard - Agriworld that is considered to be the "bread basket" of the Sepan Sector and is responsible for feeding 47% of the entire sector. It lacks a central government but is broken up into large agricultural communities that meet annually known as the "Kuthard Land Conclave" that settle issues, each agricultural community sends a representative to the Kuthard Land Conclave.
Sepan 8 - The only Sepan-named planet that is partially habitable, it is classified as a Type II planet which requires breath masks but it is known for its mineral wealth and resources, both the Dimoks and the Ripoblus have mining operations on the world and it has largely been spared the conflict between the two as it is vital to the success of the system.