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Redar Brenau


Basic Information

Character name: Redar Brenau
-- Aliases: NA
Homeworld: Kuat
Species: Kuati (Human)
Age: 50
Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic (former)
-- Rank/position/title: Grand Moff of the Javin Oversector, Member of the Imperial Ruling Council, Moff of the Kuat Sector (former), Senator of Kuat (former)

Personality and appearance

Appearance: See attached image.
Personality traits
[+/-] Kuati Interest - Redar has Kuat at the central heart of his goals in the Senate. Sometimes they align with the Republic, sometimes they don't.
[+] Politically connected - He didn't become the Senator of Kuat by anything else then sheer political prowess.
[-] Xenophobic - While not overtly xenophobic, he does holds beliefs that are not favorable towards those of non-Human or near-Human stock.

The Force

Force Sensitive: NO


Possessions: Nothing significant for a Senator.
Personal ship: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Interrogator
Theta-class T-2c shuttle Pride of Kuat
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