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At Galaxy, we do our best not to make our players feel discriminated against or uncomfortable in what is meant to be a friendly, energetic, writing environment. The PRG's character reviews are key in our core values, as it encourages players to improve their characters to the best of their ability without potentially feeling unwanted or publicly embarrassed. All reviews should be crafted to meet these standards: competent, reasonable, and friendly.

Review/ Process Process:
1. After the player has confirmed that their character is ready for approval, the Lead Reviewer posts that the PRG is looking at their app.
2. The Lead Reviewer then posts a copy of the app in this forum.
3. App Reviewers have exactly 24 hours (1 day) to submit their concerns (even if it's just to say that you have none in the first place) with the app.
4. The Lead Reviewer compiles these concerns into a formal review and posts it in the application thread.
5. Once the necessary corrections are made to the profile, the Lead Reviewer posts that the PRG certifies its [1/2] approval.
6. If you give the second half of approval, notify an Admin/Mod about the app so they can move it to the approved section & assign the player to their new faction usergroup.

Review Requirements:
1. A review must be sent to the player within 24 hours from the time the character profile was posted and stood ready for review.


The Lead Reviewer should add this to the first post of the review thread with a copy of the application itself.
[quote][b]Character:[/b] [url=(LINK HERE)](CHARACTER NAME HERE)[/url] 
[b]Faction Group:[/b] (Jedi? Sith? Fringe? Empire? Mandalorian?)
[b]Date of Ready Application:[/b] (Date on which the application was ready for review)
[b]Date Reviewed:[/b] (Date on which you PM'ed the review to the player) 
[b]Noted Concerns:[/b] [list]
[*] Briefly list points
[*] Separate by section (general info, personality, history, force powers, lightsaber styles, etc.)