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Captain Osiss Drale

Basic Information

Character name: Osiss Drale
-- Aliases: NA
Homeworld: Vontor
Species: Human
Age: 30 (born 49 BBY)
Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire
-- Rank/position/title: Captain of the Krakenguard, Captain of the Line, Imperial Navy

Personality and appearance

Appearance: Osiss is rarely seen outside of his officers uniform this is due to his desire to maintain his "law and order" appearance as well as his desire to firmly remain in his leadership position. Osiss has maintained a physically fit stature in which he works on a regular basis and emphasizes his fitness. Osiss stands roughly 6'2'' tall and weighs around 260 pounds. He has dark brown hair, that is usually kept high and tight.
Personality traits
[+] "The Great Planner"
- Despite his impetuous behavior, Drale was viewed during his time at the Republic War College as the "Great Planner" his attention to detail and planning "all" possible outcomes earned him the nickname.
[+] Well connected - The Drale family on Vontor was well connected to both Republic sources and other sources (i.e. the Hutts, criminal underground) and a combination of ambition, connections and merit landed the Drale family, notably Osiss, in the position to have influence.
[-] Impetuous commander - Despite the monkier of the "Great Planner" when plans tend to slip from his control or planning Drale tends to over correct.
[-] Dogmatic - Perhaps not a bad thing in the eyes of the fanatical followers of the Galactic Empire, Drale and the Drale family have taken a very loving zeal towards the Galactic Empire and most of its central tenants.

The Force

Force Sensitive: No


Possessions: Imperial Navy uniform (Captain of the Line), x1 DD6 blaster pistol, x1 Imperial issue datapad.
Personal ship: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Krakenguard
-- Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Deceptor (formerly the Krakenguard)
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