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Jedi Order
Basic Information

Character name:
Neya Senara
-- Aliases: N/A
Homeworld: Glee Anselm, Jalor System, Jalor Sector
Species: Nautolan
Age: 36
Gender: Female

Faction: The Jedi Order
-- Rank/position/title: Jedi Master

Personality and appearance

Neya is a young female Nautolan in her late 30's, she stands at 5' 8" and 140 Ib. She has a slender frame with green skin and beautiful purple eyes. Neya is a kind but fierce Jedi Master, she is a sensible and calm Jedi, and is known for her levelheadedness.

Personality traits
[+] Pilot - Neya had always loved flying, whether it was because of her aquatic homeward restricting her, or something else.
[+] Kindness - Neya has always been kind, her old Padawan had loved her for it.
[+] Levelheaded - She could always think clearly in any situation, whether she be in danger or someone else.
[-] Under thinking - The Nautolan rarely under thought details of a mission or tactical decisions, but when she did it had consequences.
[-] Pride - She was prideful, and always stuck to her plans to the end, occasionally it led to ruin.

Story so far...

On a distant planet in the Mid Rim, there is Glee Anselm, a aquatic planet in Jalor System, home to the Nautolans. Of those Nautolans, one was born, and not just any Nautolan, a force sensitive by the name of Neya, Neya Senara. She grew up on the aquatic world for quite some time, before she was discovered as a force sensitive, she was then brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by Kit Fisto. She trained day and night, becoming the top of her class almost immediately. She was a kind and hardworking, and developed many friends in the order. One of which was a young Cassus Valorous, who was 4 years younger then her, Cassus had developed a bond to Neya, and she felt responsible for him, their bond was put to a hold though, when Neya eventually passed her initiate trials.

When Neya turned to the age of 12, she had her initiate trials, young Cassus was devastated that she had to go, but he understood. Neya aced her trials, and became the Jedi Padawan of Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. A renowned Jedi Master. She continued training in the ways of the force, and joined her master on many missions. She was believed to be a very powerful Padawan, and she proved it through countless battles and trials.

Suddenly, it was time. Her Jedi Trials were here. The Trials of Knighthood, it was a series of trials to test if a Padawan was ready for knighthood, and her master made sure she was ready. The trials were a struggle, but she passed. She had become a Knight of the Jedi Order. She fought countless battles, and earned the respect of the Jedi Council, she had become a renowned Jedi Knight, and years later, a renowned Jedi Master. Once becoming a Master, she took on a apprentice by the name of Rai Covi, a young male. She vowed to train him to the best of her abilities, and so he did. Rai and Neya's bond was strong, they battled valiantly in battle, and Rai was an expert learner. Little did Neya know the tragedy that awaited, during the battle of Kashyyk, Neya and Rai were sent to aid the Republic forces, when they were ambushed, and Rai took a fatal shot to the chest. The new later came, that the young Jedi Padawan, was dead. Neya never fully recovered from her death, but now, she had decided to take in a new Padawan, and not make the same mistake.

The Force

Force Sensitive:
Lightsaber form: Form IV: Ataru (Expert)
Force Powers:
Core Powers

  • Control
    -- Tutaminis (Absorbtion of Energy) - Learner
    -- Curato Salva (Self-Healing) - Expert
    -- Altus Sopor (Masking ones presence with the Force) - Expert
  • Sense
    -- Prima Vitae (Detection of Life) - Expert
    -- Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others) - Expert
    -- Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions, trace information from objects and areas) - Expert
    -- Telepathy (Reading minds, mentally communicating) - Expert
    -- Precognition (also known as "Sense Danger") -Expert
  • Alter
    -- Telekenisis (Ability to manipulate physical matter) - Expert
Universal Powers
  • Force Wave - Expert
Light Side Powers
  • Electric Judgement - Expert


-Attachable commlink
-Portable holo map
-Blue lightsaber

Personal ship:

ETA-2 Class Light-Interceptor
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