Staff Next Chapter - SW:G Resurgence


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Happy Thursday, SW:Gers!

Today marks the next chapter in the SW: Galaxy saga, code-named Resurgence. Yes, we've heard your cries from the deepest, darkest depths of the Galaxy, howling out for the new plot to dawn upon your beautiful faces. We're excited to finally introduce it to you, along with some other site-wide changes!

The year is 19 BBY, and the Clone Wars is upon us. Republic, Jedi, Separatists, Mandalorians, and all the criminal and fringe elements in between---we got them all and more. Explore an AU version of the famed Clone Wars, where you can write the destiny of factions, worlds, and forge new legends in the galaxy. Hop into the story HERE.


(1) Remember to update your characters to align with the new plot. We'll give all characters a 7-day grace period before archiving and/or returning them to unapproved status. If your character is archived and you'd like them back, reach out to the Community Team.

(2) We want to make it as easy as possible for new/current writers to hop into the story. So, depending on the rank of your character, you'll now either create a Standard App (does not require character history) or Advanced App (requires character history). Then, only one staff member's approval is required. Check out more HERE!

Finally, thank you! You, our family, is what makes the community at SW:G so special. This story is yours. So embrace it, invite friends to join you, and never hesitate to raise your concerns and ideas with the Community Team.

This is Resurgence. The new saga begins now....