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Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy! It's one of the oldest running Star Wars forum-based RP sites to date; we're really happy to see that you're a new member or a returning member. Please feel free to post an introduction within this forum and introduce yourself, here you might find some of the most commonly asked questions, ideas and comments. Welcome to the greatest saga ever told...yours!

Frequently Asked Questions
(1) What is Star Wars: Galaxy?
Star Wars: Galaxy is a forum-based, play-by-post RP site that originally started on InvisionFree (IF) way back in the day. Star Wars: Galaxy, often abbreviated SWG or SW:G, continues till this day with a literal decade of history and members.

(2) How do I get started?
The first thing that we recommend is that you join the Star Wars: Galaxy Official Discord located HERE!!

(3) Okay, I've joined the Discord, now what?
Well if you're reading this you've probably decided that joining up as a part of the Star Wars: Galaxy community is for you. You can find the Community Rules located HERE. It's an important first step to familiarize yourself with the general rules and regulations of the site.

Next, we recommend that you read through the Star Wars: Galaxy "plot", better known as the "Setting" which can be found HERE. Please note that there is an attached timeline with events that have happened on the site.

(4) Right. I'm into this. How do I make a character?
Now that you've read through the rules and familiarized yourself with the plot you can start HERE and review the Character Creation rules, guidelines and templates.
  • Place to discuss RP? - Located HERE
  • Create ships, weapons, armor, etc? - Located HERE
Please if you have any questions please reach out on Discord but you can also message us on the board here! Feel free to reach out to any of the Staff Team: @Duke @Aeaolen Kicka @Kylar Thrane @Sharkk
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