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The Battle of Kashyyyk has been wildly successful and popular so far, so dukes up to all you fine writers!

The following will apply to the current site-wide event, the Battle of Kashyyyk, and all future site-wide events and other faction conflicts:

At times, war will breakout between the factions of the galaxy. The outcome of these battles have real, lasting consequences in the landscape of the SW: Galaxy. You can invade, conquer, or even stir a rebellion within a planet. We value creative freedom for our writers, so the possibilities in galactic warfare are endless. That said, we have rules to promote fair play and a healthy cooperative yet competitive environment.

(1) All participating forces must be prearranged or pre-approved by the relevant faction leaders/story leads, or receive the consent of faction leaders/story leads.

(2) Only ships, weapons, vehicles, etc. that are approved, or exist, at the time the battle begins can participate in the battle. Ships that are approved in The Forge during the battle may not be introduced to the conflict.

As the Battle of Kashyyyk comes to an end in the coming weeks, the Staff Team will be reviewing the good, bad, and ugly, and see how we can add onto or improve any rules going forward. Always open to suggestions, so feel free to shoot me or the @CommunityTeam a PM (or DM on Discord) if anything comes to mind.

Good hunting, troopers.
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