Fringe Neutral and Fringe Overview

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Fringe and Neutral Overview

Table of Contents

  1. Fringe and neutral overview
  2. Minor galactic powers
    1. Corporate Sector Authority
    2. Hapes Consortium
    3. Other minor galactic powers
  3. Prominent criminal powers
    1. Hutt Cartels/New Hutt Empire
    2. Black Sun
    3. Pyke Syndicate
    4. Hsskor Dominion
  4. Other neutral and fringe groups
Neutral, called "Fringe" here on Star Wars: Galaxy make up the "rest" of the Galaxy outside of the major Galactic factions and players. We encourage all members to explore the groups outside of the veil of the major factions and ask that they find themselves a known group within existing Star Wars lore to utilize. Fringe and neutral characters provide a lot of options for people who might otherwise struggle with existing within a normal faction or want the option to faction-hop without being tied to a major faction.

As it stands in the story right now, the Black Sun and the Hutts (and their fledgling criminal empire), are two prominent neutral/fringe groups.

Other prominent neutral and fringe factions

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of pirate, criminal and minor factions that a player can take part in within the Galaxy. As a note from the Community Team we recommend that people try to affiliate themselves with one of the "major" neutral or fringe factions (notably the Black Sun or the Hutts) or a freelancer working for one of the mainstay major factions (Republic, Confederacy, Mandalorians or Empire).

Sector, system and planetary factions

  1. Corellian Sector

Galactic-wide and "legitimate" organizations

Pirates, criminal gangs and others

Force and religious independent organizations

  • Dark Veil Order (believed to be notably religious and fanatical Nightsisters or Singing Mountain Clan members in Dathomir space)
  • Blackguard (active on Mustafar)
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Minor Galactic powers

Throughout the Galaxy outside of the New Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Mandalorian Clans and the Galactic Empire are minor enclaves of galactic power. These are considered to be minor factions and players might find themselves in the employ of one of these minor powers.

Corporate Sector Authority

The Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) sometimes shortened to be "CorpSec" is based out of the Corporate Sector in the Outer Rim Territories; it is a corporatocracy. The Corporate Sector was originally founded in 490 BBY due to disputes between the Galactic Republic and some of the galaxy's largest corporations. While the laws in the Corporate Sector are lax, those laws that are on the books are brutally enforced by the Security Police of the Corporate Sector Authority.

The Corporate Sector is based out of its headquarters and capital, Etti IV. At the very top of the food chain of the CSA is the ExO, currently held by Kyp Rollan a feared businessman and a former member of the Security Division.

The CSA maintains the "Security Division" which contained several branches: Locational Enforcement which provided physical security to facilities of the Corporate Sector; Situational Enforcement which analyzed crime patterns throughout the Corporate Sector; the Ground Forces which provided law enforcement and ground defense throughout the Corporate Sector; the Picket Fleet which is the naval arm of the Security Division and the Detention Taskforce which was charged with providing correctional facilities and services for the Corporate Sector.

The Corporate Sector's Security Police or "Espos" were a feared component of the Ground Forces which provided law enforcement services within the Corporate Sector.

Hapes Consortium

Other minor galactic powers

Atrisian Commonwealth

The Atrisian Commonwealth is officially an Allied Region of the New Republic, however the Atrisian Commonwealth has two camps within the Atrisian Parliament: the Imperial-aligned New Atrisian Party and the Republic-aligned Rally for the Atrisian Commonwealth. As of 18 BBY, the Rally for Atrisian Commonwealth has a firm hold on the majority of the Atrisian Parliament and their representative has the PRime Minister of the Atrisian Commonwealth and Steward of the Atrisian Empire.
  • Botor Enclave - Allied Region of the New Republic
  • Daupherm Planet States - Allied Region of the New Republic
  • Herglic Space - Allied Region of the New Republic
  • Ktilac Regions - Allied Region of the New Republic
  • Nouane - Allied Region of the New Republic
  • Paqwepori - Satrap of the Confederacy of Independent Systems
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Prominent criminal powers

New Hutt Empire

The "New Hutt Empire", at least called that within Hutt Space and the surrounding areas is a result of an increasingly aggressive and shadowy Grand Hutt Council. While the "New Hutt Empire" is confined to Hutt Space is has near total dominance over Hutt Space and some of its surrounding areas. In reality the Hutts have influence throughout the Galaxy due to their criminal connections and leadership of the Galactic underworld. While the Grand Hutt Council might appear to be unified, they are anything but. Those Hutts from the Clans of the Ancients were only permitted to sit on the Grand Hutt Council, others were prohibited.

Grand Hutt Council

The members of the Grand Hutt Council as of 16 BBY are as follows:
  • Jabba Desilijic Tiure (claims himself to be the Magnificent Superior High Lord, Almighty One, His Excellency, the Supreme Mogul and Sovereign Magnate of the New Hutt Empire)
  • Marlo Qunaalac
  • Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo
  • Arok Besadii
  • Oruba Gorensla

Hutt Clans

  • Desilijic
  • Besadii (Considered the second most powerful Kajidic and fierce rival of the Desilijic kajidic)
  • Qunaalac (Maintained considerable control over the Hutt military forces and operations)
  • Bareesh
  • Gorensla (Noted Black Marketeers that control a vast majority of the Galaxy's black market)
  • Kajidier
  • Jiramma (Has served as conduit for the Galactic Empire to negotiate with the New Hutt Empire, allied with the Vanderijar kajidic)
  • Vanderijar
  • Vosdaii

Organization of the New Hutt Empire

The New Hutt Empire has organized some of its lost power in the wake of the Clone Wars and apparent weakening of the Galaxy's institutional orders. In accordance with the wishes of the Hutt Grand Council the Hutt's have formed the Hutt Expeditionary Forces and recruited a number of mercenaries and scoundrels to serve as a probing mechanism to wider expansion; in reality they are nothing more than hired enforcers and muscles. These are often lead by Clan-General's of various kajidics and include powerful Hutt Counselor's, non-Hutts who serve as functionaries for the Hutts criminal enterprises.

The various Hutt kajidics, wherever their influences, have taken to appointing "Master of the Hutt Clan"'s wherever they have significant influence, often appointing several "Master of the Hutt Clan" for the same star systems. In the same token several Hutts from various kajidics have been appointed "Archon's" who are to be the judges and carriers of ancient Hutt tradition and practices. The Hutt Grand Council has also formed the Hutt Guardsman's Guild to function as a formation for handling bodyguards of various Hutts.

Black Sun

The Black Sun organization is, similar to the Hutts and their criminal enterprises, one of the most prominent criminal organizations in the Galaxy. The Black Sun is lead by the Underlord, the overall head of the Black Sun and sometimes a shadowy figure that only rumors and whispers are spoken about.

Organization of the Black Sun

The Underlord is the overall head of the Black Sun organization and is generally the "strongest", most influential within the organization and either overthrows the former Overlord through their machinations and support of the Vigos or through an outright coup. Underneath the Underlord are the nine Vigos, the nine Vigos are the direct lieutenants of the Underlord in some ways and others are wholly independent leaders of the Black Sun which oversee nine sectors of the Galaxy.

Underneath the Vigo(s) was the Subvigo(s); these were the appointed "made men" of the Black Sun and were largely dependent on their Vigo's continued patronage to allow them to continue. A Subvigo generally came from a sub-group or family that operated within their respective regions. Underneath the Subvigo's were two other titles: the Black Sun Sector Chief was a title utilized by those members of the organization that were assigned either a specific sector of space, system or planet and reported directly back to the Underlord. The other title, "Lieutenant" was more common and reported directly to the Subvigo and the Vigo of local importance.

  • Underlord
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Hutt Space)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Western Reaches)
    • Claimant: Jozu Dratrac (NPC, Male, Falleen) - Jozu leads "House Dratrac" based out of Gannaria and is a prominent spice runner and holds a significant pirate force of Black Sun's to back up his claim.
    • Claimant: Sirius Ombra (Male, Defel)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Trailing Sectors)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: The Slice, excluding Hutt Space)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Trans-Hydian Borderlands)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: New Territories)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Northern Dependencies and The Negs)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Southern Core)
  • Vigo (Sphere of influence: Arrowhead)
The Black Sun, similar to other criminal ventures, possessed a degree of military power. Prominent among the Black Sun were the presence of the "Black Sun Guard" led by an appointed Captain of the Guard and consisted of a mostly Falleen paramilitary force. These guards were largely underneath the command of the Underlord and served as a bodyguard and as a military force should it be necessary. The Black Sun Squadron was an elite starfighter formation that operated directly for the Underlord and was considered, by the late Galactic Republic and the New Republic as a formidable fighting force.

The Black Sun also employed a more common paramilitary force that was primarily comprised of humans wearing multi-color "Black Sun armor", sometimes called "Bounty Hunter armor". These we often centrally hired through the Black Sun organization itself.

Pyke Syndicate

The Pyke Syndicate is primarily a spice-running operation that has deep roots in the spice game; their planet Oba Diah is located close to Kessel where the Pyke Syndicate mines spice in addition to other minerals. While the Pyke Syndicate lacks some of the other criminal enterprises that the Hutt's and Black Sun do, they are ruthlessly efficient and organized and are responsible for the vast majority of spice trade throughout the Galaxy. The Pyke Syndicate is well funded, well equipped and should one dare to challenge them, they're certain to face the Pyke's sending their own enforcers out or getting someone to do their dirty work.

Hsskor Dominion

The Trandoshan world of Trandosha is formally apart of the polity known as the "Hsskor Dominion" and claims control of three primary worlds: Trandosha, Akoshissss and Wasskah. They also claim suzerainty over a vast majority of the "Kashyyyk system" which they referred to as the Hsskassi System but in reality that control over the system was mainly done through fear, slavery and slaving agreements with the Confederacy, sometimes the Hutt's and other nefarious powers.

The Trandoshans have a number of clans, notably among them is the Blackscale Clan, and the Zssik Clan. The Blackscale Clan is the primary slaver on Kashyyk and has major contracts with hundreds of business partners. The Blackscale are lead by Lord Cyssc Blackscale who oversees slaving operations aboard the Avatar Platform, an orbital facility built within an asteroid orbiting Kashyyyk. The Blackscale Clan maintains a paramilitary hierarchy that is generally outside the internal clan structure.

Blackscale Watch Commander-
-Blackscale Warden
Blackscale Enforcer/Pathfinder-
Blackscale GuardBlackscale Jailer
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