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Mithric Tor

Basic Information

Character name: Mithric Tor
-- Aliases: NA
Homeworld: Eriadu
Species: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire
-- Rank/position/title: Death Trooper (Team Leader; Imperial Intelligence Agency), Imperial Intelligence Agency (Operative; former)

Personality and appearance

Appearance: Mithric Tor (Imperial uniform)
Personality traits
[+] Politically connected
- The Tor family has served the Galactic Republic and the new Galactic Empire for several decades, the Tor family has deep political and business connections to others on Eriadu and within the Core Worlds.
[+] Selfless - Mithric believes in the message that the Galactic Empire wants to spread peace, security and stability and believes that achieving those ends, however it is done, is righteous and that all soldiers of the Galactic Empire should be willing to give their lives for Imperial citizens.
[-] Manipulative - Perhaps a positive in the eyes of the Imperial Intelligence Agency but a negative on a societal scale has been Mithric's ability to manipulate people and the ever changing game of manipulation, half-truths and spinning that he is capable of.
[-] Fanatical - While Mithric's devotion to the citizens of the Empire and the New Order are indeed selfless, they are not without detraction. Mithric is not above war crimes and doing what he feels must be done for the New Order and the Empire to continue.

The Force

Force Sensitive: No.


Possessions: Similar to other Imperial soldiers, he is issued standard equipment for a "Death Trooper", notably state-of-the-art Death Trooper armor and an E-11D blaster.
Personal ship: Deployed on an as-needed basis.
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