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Meko Allden

Meko Allden​

Basic Information

Name:Meko Allden

-- Alias(s): He has no current alias

Homeworld: Dantooine

Species: Echani



Faction: Fringe

-- Rank/position/title: He has no rank as he is currently with no real faction

Appearance: 16He stands about 5’9 and weighs 160lbs.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Meko is soft spoken in most situations. He is also constantly observing others, seeing what their weak points might be. He is also very polite to others, always trying to be his best in every situation he is in. He is also willing to try new fighting techniques, so he can better himself.

Strengths: Fighting in hand to hand combat. Learning things quickly. Openness, though he knows he must be wary of some people. Vibroblades are his weapon specialties.

Weaknesses: Sometimes being to open with people can come back to hurt him. He can be a bit cocky in his ability, which if he gets that way then fights tend to not go the way he wants them to.

The Force

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force Alignment: No alignment, he’s just sensitive to the Force, but has never truly tapped into his ability of it.

Lightsaber form(s): He doesn’t use a Lightsaber, so non at the moment.

Force powers: None currently.

Core Powers

  • Control

    -- Force Concealment - Novice

    -- Force Speed - Novice
  • Sense

    -- Telepathy - Novice

    -- Force sight - Novice

    -- Farseeing - Novice

    -- Force empathy - Novice
  • Alter

    -- Telekensis (includes Force Jump, Force Push and Force Pull) - Novice
Universal Powers

Those trained in the force may take 1 Universal power in addition to their core powers and either 1 Dark Side or 1 Light Side power.

Light Side Powers

Those affiliated with the Light Side may pick 1 Light Side power in addition to their 1 Universal power but may not take a Dark Side power from the start.

Dark Side Powers

Those affiliated with the Dark Side may pick 1 Dark Side power in addition to their 1 Universal power but may not take a Light Side power from the start.


History: Meko was born on the planet of Dantooine by 2 Echani parents a year after the Yuuzhan Vong War. They raised him in the ways of the Echani, and they had started his training at an early age so he could become a mature fighter at an early age. He rarely interacted with the kids his age, as his parents kept him on a strict training schedule; though he did find time every so often.

At the age of 10 around the time the Second Galactic Civil War started, they had left Dantooine and fled to more remote areas of space where the war would not reach them. He started hearing about different ways of the Force from random travelers Meko would encounter, he found it all to be strange; but oh so fascinating nonetheless. His training continued on, and it continued to get more and more difficult; but he was always someone who enjoyed a good challenge.

At around the age of 21, Meko started venturing out on his own as his training was finally complete with his parents... who granted him leave, so he can experience the galaxy properly. Meko would truly start to grow and realize that the galaxy was a lot more complicated than he had previously realized, but like was stated before... Meko was always uo for a challenge, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Possessions, equipment and appearance

Equipment: Light clothes that are good for fighting, nothing to constricting. A pad to write down things on.B]

Weapon(s): 2 Engraved Vibroblades.

Personal Ship: He has no ship of his own as of yet.

Droids: No Droids.

Other notable possessions/equipment: Has a few Echani writings, but nothing much else.

Writer Information

Pen Name: My name is Eric.

Roleplaying Experience: At least 14 years.

You and the Force: I have been a fan since 1997, with fhe Special Editions releasing.

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