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Galactic Empire

Gallus Volke


Basic Information

Character name: Gallus Sion Volke
-- Aliases: The Butcher
Homeworld: Coruscant
Species: Pau'an
Age: 78
Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire
-- Rank/position/title: Lieutenant (Imperial Security Bureau)

Personality, appearance and history

Appearance: Gallus Volke
Volke is 2.03m tall and weighs 87kg. Like most of his race he wears ear coverings due to his species' hypersensitive hearing. He has black eyes, furrowed ashen white skin and long, pointed teeth.

Personality traits
[+] Ruthless Efficiency - Volke is a firm believer in the principle that: "if an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared". This makes him a cold-hearted killer that does what must be done to ensure the destruction of his enemies.
[+] Fiercely Loyal - Volke believes the authoritarian enforcement of the Empire is a necessary means to an end for galactic peace.
[+] Bullseye - Much of Volke's luxurious childhood was spent hunting exotic game on jungle planets. He developed a keen eye and deadly accuracy with a blaster pistol, aided by his X-8 Night Sniper's thermal scope.
[+] Intimidating Presence - Unlike the usual contrast between the amicable nature and menacing appearance of Pau'ans, Volke's behaviour and actions live up to his frightening demeanour, striking fear into enemies - a particularly useful trait for interrogation.
[-] Lack of Morality - Due to his ruthlessness and extreme ideologies, Volke sees the units under his command as an expendable force, and that heavy sacrifices may be needed to ensure victory. Due to this, Volke had a track record of high casualties, and came under scrutiny from other officers.
[-] Weak Hand-Hand Combatant - Volke is fit and healthy but lacks physical strength and competence in close combat.
[-] Radical - Volke's radical tactics make him feared among the people of planets under Imperial occupation, however, in Volke's eyes, this is a positive as he believes being feared is much safer than being loved.
[-] Non-Human - As a Pau'an, Volke is often discriminated against due to the High Human culture introduced by the Empire. This somewhat impedes his growth in the ISB.

Gallus Sion Volke was born on Coruscant to a Utapaun senator and lived an upbringing full of privilege and opulence. He spent his early life studying politics and going on hunting trips with his family. On one such trip, the Volke family were hunting grinjer on the backwater planet of Sorgan when they were ambushed by a small group of pirates. Jumping to action, Gallus and his father gunned down the raiders but not before his mother was fatally wounded by blasterfire. Volke's shell of privilege was shattered and, as his mother's breath waned, he made a vow to rid the galaxy of scum and villainy.

Volke enlisted with the Republic Security Force, serving as a Sector Ranger in the Thanium sector. After a few years he was promoted to Special Enforcement Officer, however, this position was short-lived, as the Clone Wars began and the Judicial Department was demilitarised. Despite Utapau's neutrality in the war, Volke continued to serve the Galactic Republic and migrated from the Republic Security Force to the Galactic Republic Navy, granted the rank of Captain.

During the first year of the Clone Wars, Captain Volke often served alongside the 41st Elite Corps on notable occasions such as the second battle of Geonosis, where he provided orbital support from an Acclamator-class cruiser. By the final year of the Clone Wars, Volke had proven his capability in the Republic Navy and was promoted to Commander, taking command of a Venator-class Star Destroyer. He provided support in multiple battles with the 41st Elite Corps but received warnings on several occasions due to his lack of morality during battle. However, Volke saw the morality of the Republic as a flaw that held them back from achieving peace.

Commander Volke helped drive away the Confederacy's fleet above Kashyyyk and once only the CIS's ground forces remained, he was ordered to provide support in the Battle of Coruscant that had just begun. Volke's ruthless tactics led to the destruction of three CIS captial ships, however, this was at the cost of hundreds of starfighters that Volke deemed a necessary sacrifice for victory. Commander Volke was discharged from the Republic Navy for his immorality and stripped of all military rank.

When Palpatine's plot was revealed and Regent Tarkin formed the Galactic Empire, Volke saw its potential to be what the Republic could not. The Empire ignored his discharge as they realised his loyalty and ruthlessness could be greatly advantageous in ruling the galaxy with fear. Volke enlisted in the Imperial Security Bureau to continue his oath of ridding the galaxy's worlds of crime by any means necessary, and was given the rank of Liuetenant due to his service for the Republic in the Clone Wars, brought down by his identity as a non-human.

The Force

Force Sensitive: No


Possessions: X-8 Night Sniper, concealable vibro-knife, holoprojector comlink, datapad
Personal ship: TIE/ln starfighter


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Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy, let me clear up somethings:

(1) The TIE/ad isn’t out in our timeline, so that’s going to have to be changed at best to a TIE/ln or perhaps something from the former Galactic Republic;

(2) A Vigil-class likely isn’t going to fly for an ISB Officer;

(3) Human high culture is in full effect within the Empire in our timeline, notably in COMPNOR and it’s spawn the ISB, it’s unlikely at this point you’d have ascended to a Lieutenant Colonel nor do I think that the rank would be wise to start out from an OOC perspective because it hampers character development.

I’m Aeaolen on the Discord (Farsun is the username) you’re welcome to reach out as I’m the Imperial staff faction leader.

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