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Jedi Order

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  • Faction leader: Jedi Grandmaster Bela Khess (@Duke)
  • Leadership organization: Jedi High Council
    -- Jedi High Council
    -- Council of First Knowledge
    -- Council of Reconciliation
    -- Council of Reassignment

Ranks of the Jedi Order

  • Jedi Grandmaster
  • Master of the Order
  • Jedi Council Member
  • Jedi Master
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Padawan
  • Jedi Initiate

Roster of the Jedi Order

  • Grandmaster: Bela Khess
    -- Formerly Yoda (NPC) [presumed dead]
  • Jedi High Council
    -- Saesee Tiin (NPC)
    -- Depa Billaba (NPC)
    -- Ki-Adi-Mundi (NPC)
    -- Stass Allie (NPC)
    -- Coleman Kcaj (NPC)

Table of Contents
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Rank Progression: The Jedi Trials

The life of a Jedi is one of continuous learning, development, and growth. Jedi are expected to invest time into their training to hone their craft and, with humility, ascend the Order's ranks and seal their note in history. After fulfilling the below requirements, otherwise known as the "Jedi Trials," a Jedi may apply to the Council for rank elevation. The application form (link here) will be reviewed by the Staff Faction Leader (@Duke) and your character will be given an audience with the Jedi High Council (an RP ceremony with Council Player Characters/Non-Playable Characters). The audience is for the Council to ask further questions of you and/or confer your new rank.

NOTE: Quality is valued over quantity! This is a guide meant to help writers know the quality (rather than quantity) of character development that is expected for rank progression.

Padawan to Knight
"A disciplined Padawan who completes the Knight Trials becomes a Knight, able to take on a padawan, free to specialize in a branch of Knighthood, and may wander the galaxy on missions as a sword of the Order."

Focus areas: Leadership (Battle Readiness), Force, Lightsaber

- 1 storyline demonstrating Force training
- 1 storyline demonstrating leadership skills and/or battle readiness, including a Plot Event
- 1 storyline demonstrating lightsaber training

Knight to Master
"A trained and learned Knight who completes the Mastery Trials, shows great understanding of the Force, combat prowess, and successfully trains a Padawan into a Knight, preserving the legacy of the Order."

Focus areas: Leadership (Mentorship and Command), Force, Lightsaber

- 2 storylines demonstrating Force training
- 2 storylines demonstrating leadership through mentoring a Padawan(s) to the rank of Jedi Knight
- 2 storylines demonstrating leadership through military command, including a Plot Event
- 2 storylines demonstrating lightsaber training

Master to Jedi High Council Member
"An exclusive few of the wisest, experienced masters rise to the High Council. 12 may be chosen at a time (4 for life, 4 for long-term, and 4 for short-term)."

Focus areas: Leadership (Mentorship and Teamwork), Wisdom
1 storyline demonstrating leadership through: (a) supporting other Jedi in combat or in an interpersonal conflict; (b) mentoring/training other Jedi (formally as Padawans or informally as Knights); OR (c) discovering and unlocking a rare holocron, other Force-imbued objects, or ancient relic of the Order
- 1 storyline demonstrating wisdom through a "test of wills" with the Jedi Grand Master or other Jedi High Council member
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