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Eskan Okaar

Basic Information:
Character Name
: Eskan Okarr
-- Aliases: N/A
Homeworld: Naboo
Species: Human
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Faction: Jedi Order
-- Rank/Position/Title: Jedi Master

Personality, Appearance & History:



Talia Horn's Appearance:


Personality Traits:

[+] Military Minded -
Has a sound grasp of military strategy and knows how to apply them well.
[+] Patient - Through his years of experience, he has learned the value of being truly patient in all things.
[+] Charismatic - Has a natural charisma about him, evident to his subordinates, peers, and superiors alike.
[+] Empathetic - Through the Force, he has developed a strong connection to those around him through his shared experience of their emotions.

[-] Detail Obsessed - Knowing what needs to be done and knowing how it should be carried out has led Eskan to obsess over various details he believes need to be perfect to achieve victory.
[-] Prone to Becoming Frustrated - When battle plans don't go his way, Eskan struggles with inward frustration. Though he tries to keep it from showing, although at times he fails.
[-] Struggles with Loss - Developing close ties with those he serves with, Eskan struggles badly with loss. Struggling especially with those he orders into combat.
[-] Unwilling to Teach - After having lost his apprentice on a mission against the leader of a dark side cult, Eskan is regularly at odds with the Jedi High Council on the subject of taking on another apprentice.


[+] Highly Potent Melee Combatant - From the time he was a temple youngling, Eskan has focused on his skill with a lightsaber.
[+] Highly Skilled Fighter Pilot - Due to the unknown courses missions have the possibility of taking, Eskan took it upon himself to become adeptly familiar with all manner of current starfighter makes and models along with their operation and appropriate tactics.
[+] Strong in the Force - From the time he was a boy, Eskan has shown an aptitude with the Force that very few else have shown in recent record.
[+] Brilliant Tactician - Although the Jedi are peacekeepers and not warriors, he has studied military tactics with keen interest throughout most of his teen and adult life. This interest in military tactics has sometimes been the difference between a mission being successful and a failed mission.


[-] Not Apt with Technology - Eskan doesn't make it a point to become familiar with a lot of the newer tech that has come out.
[-] Unskilled with Ranged Weaponry - Master Okarr believes that a Jedi should never lower themselves to needing to use a blaster or any other ranged weapon. A Jedi should only need to rely on the Force and his or her saber to protect themselves or others.
[-] Quietly Struggles with Anger - One of the issues Eskan has quietly struggled with throughout his life has been anger. The struggle only increased with the murder of his padawan. He isn't prone to losing his temper, but if a situation gets him to the point of anger, woe to those that stand in his way.
[-] Impatient with Droids - Eskan is typically impatient when it comes to droids in general, whether it be an astromech, a protocol droid, or even a simple street vendor droid selling its master's wares.


From the time he was young, people have always said that Eskan Okaar would amount to great things. This was only amplified by the fact that he was the son of a well-known politician from Naboo and was found to be exceptionally strong in the Force shortly after arriving at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. As Eskan grew older, he found comfort in the training he received from the temple masters and quickly found that he enjoyed his saber lessons more than any of his others. Many of his other lessons, those involving techniques in controlling the Force particularly, tended to aggravate the young Jedi. Frustration and aggravation were two things Eskan would struggle with for most of his youth and adolescence - much to the disappointment of the temple masters assigned to teach him. Like many hundreds of young Jedi before him, the one Jedi to help him overcome much of his hindrances was Master Yoda.

As Eskan neared his teen years, he started to understand more of the Force and grew to respect it. The Force was his friend and ally, one that deserved more of his attention. Over time, the temple masters noticed that Eskan began to devote more of his time to studying the Force and many of the techniques that frustrated him throughout his youth began to come to him more easily. Eskan still devoted much of his time to his saber training, but he began to truly delve into his deep connection to the Force. Eventually, without his knowledge, his dedication to the blade would bring about the attention of whom would become his Master.

As the time drew nearer to where a Jedi Knight or Master would decide to either take him on as an apprentice or not, Eskan would grow concerned for his fate. He knew that if he did not become an apprentice, his fate would be that of a failed Jedi and he would need to learn to accept that his fate would take a different path with the Order. During the many months of observations of his training sessions, he would see many potential masters come and go. Though it went against his teachings, Eskan couldn't help but feel hopeful that the one who kept showing up to his training sessions truly had an interest in taking him on.

After several more months of observations, the day arrived where one of the potential masters would decide to spar with him themselves. This master was the one that had been present for ever sessions since the beginning - Jedi Master Kara Dane. Master Dane was known for her swordsmanship as well as her strong connection to the Force. She would find Eskan Okaar to be the pupil she would devote the time to train. Over the next several years, the pair would grow to become very close. The young Jedi would view her almost as a sister. While learning from her, he continued to deal with his anger and predisposition towards becoming frustrated at himself at what he perceived as his failings. However, throughout his time as Master Dane's student, he would learn many ways to handle his insecurities through trusting in the Force.

Being a renowned swordsman, Master Dane and her padawan would usually be sent on missions to capture dark side users and other dangerous threats. Because of this, she would only increase the difficulty of the various training regimens Eskan would complete on a regular basis. However, Master Kara Dane was also known for her excellent command of the Force. She would consistently stress the importance of having a strong command of the Force, focusing on gaining a masterful command of the core disciplines of the Jedi. Master Dane, due to the combat heavy nature of their missions, taught him to channel the Force through techniques known as Force Valor and Assist so as to ensure he would make the most of his strongest ally in his defense and the defense of others. Eventually, their time as master and student came to an end. The Jedi High Council agreed with his master and granted Eskan Okaar the rank of Jedi Knight after proving himself during his Trials.

Over next fifteen years, Eskan would be tasked with the same types of missions that he undertook with his master years before. By his hand, he either captured or was forced to eliminate many dark side users and would-be Sith cultists that refused to surrender and fought to the death. On one such mission near the beginning of his Knighthood, he rescued a small child from the clutches of a dangerous cult - the Cult of Y'gora. It hadn't taken long for Eskan to sense the Force's presence within the child and so took her with him back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for evaluation and training. During the trip back to the Jedi Temple, the young girl told him her name was Talia Horn. He had been concerned that the Council may have felt she was too old to enter the Order at the age of five, but was pleased to find that his concerns were unfounded. Eskan would continue his service as a bulwark against the ever lingering presence of dark siders and especially that of the Cult of Y'gora.

Eskan paid very close attention to Talia as she progressed through her initial training in the Temple. He found that she struggled with some of the same issues he struggled with when he went through his Temple lessons. He helped her in the best ways that he could while respecting the distance needed by the Temple masters. It didn't take long for him to start to feel as if he were helping a daughter overcome challenges she faced in life. Before long, the time came for the long awaited observations. Eskan saw the same potential in her as his master saw in him and made it known to the Council that he wished to take her on as his apprentice. They approved and their relationship as master and padawan began.

Over the next couple years, the two went on many missions together and he guided her along her journey to better understanding the Force. She grew to become a truly gifted young woman and became quite powerful with her blade as well as with the Force. However, with her steady grasp of her own ability, overconfidence began to set in. He struggled with her for some time trying to help her overcome it and find balance as he himself eventually did with the help of his master. She would try to heed his lessons, but she would never be able to curb her overconfidence. On one fateful mission, against the very cult that brought them together, Talia's overconfidence would prove to be fatal.

The pair had driven the Cult of Y'gora leadership back to their home planet of Nadaal IV. The two had become separated during their advance through the cult's headquarters and Eskan arrived onto the roof of the building to find his apprentice locked into a brutal duel with the cult leader and his chief lieutenant. She fought valiantly against two superior fighters and managed to separate the two, causing the lieutenant to fall back and engage Eskan when he tried to escape. Eskan quickly dispatched the lieutenant and joined in the battle against the cult leader himself.

The two fought in perfect unison together. One would attack high while the other attacked low, they would alternate without needing to communicate. This went on for some time before the cult leader demolished a large section of the roof to create a distance between himself and his opponents, stopping the battle to allow himself to regain his bearings and catch a breath. During this time he taunted the two Jedi, eventually recognizing the young padawan as the girl that was stolen from the cult so many years ago. He began to taught her with questions about her past, eventually telling her everything the cult did to her and what they did to her family. This caused Talia to lose her composure and she used the Force to leap over the obstacles to re-engage the cult leader by herself, ignoring her master's warning to not engage without him.

During the rekindled battle, the cult leader made it difficult for Eskan to rejoin the fray. Eventually he was able to, but when he reached the battle, it was soon too late. When he arrived, he saw the cult leader look at him and smile evilly. With that, the dark sider ended his bout with the little Jedi with a quick motion and drove his blade through Talia's stomach, causing her to drop to the ground in a heap.

In a flash of anger, Eskan harnessed the Force and leapt to where the cultist stood. In a display of masterful blade work fueled by rage, Talia's master quickly turned the tables on his opponent and cut him down. Moments later he was at Talia's side as she clutched for her last moments. After several heartbreaking moments, Talia was dead. She had such a short life and it was taken from her at just seventeen years old. He had failed her. Now that the cult was dismantled, Eskan took the body of his fallen apprentice back to the Jedi Temple where a funeral was held for her. Several weeks after the events that took place on Nadaal IV, the Jed Council granted him the rank of Master for his actions against the Cult of Y'gora.

In the following years, Eskan never forgotten how he failed Talia. He has never taken another apprentice, even when the Jedi High Council has insisted. This has led to some tension between him and they, for they truly feel he must teach again so he may truly heal and use his experience to better the Order.

Called to service once more, Jedi Master Eskan Okaar would be asked to serve as a Jedi general in the greatest conflict the galaxy had seen in over a thousand years. The Clone Wars had begun...

The Force -

Force Sensitive:
Yes - Light Side

Lightsaber Form:
Form VI - Expert
Form III - Expert

Force Powers -

Core Powers:

- Telekinesis: Expert
- Force Persuasion (Mind Trick, Illusion, Confusion): Expert
- Precognition: Practitioner
- Force Barrier: Practitioner
- Force Vision: Practitioner
- Force Deflection: Expert
- Doppelganger: Practitioner

Light Side Powers:
- Force Valor: Expert
- Force Assist: Expert
- Ionize: Practitioner

Possessions & Equipment -

Lightsaber (Blue), armored robes, encrypted comlink, encrypted datapad, credit chip (funds supplied by the Order).

Personal ship:
- Red/black Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor (Upgraded - Engines and Shields)
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[B]Core Powers[/B]
-- Tutaminis (Absorption of Energy) - Practioner
-- Curato Salva (Self-Healing) - Practioner
-- Altus Sopor (Masking ones presence with the Force) - Practioner
-- Prima Vitae (Detection of Life) - Practioner
-- Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others) - Practioner
-- Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions, trace information from objects and areas) - Practioner
-- Telepathy (Reading minds, mentally communicating) - Practioner
-- Telekenisis (Ability to manipulate physical matter) - Practioner
[B]Universal Powers[/B]
[*]Those trained in the force may take 1 [URL='']Universal[/URL] power in addition to their core powers and 1 Light Side power at the rank of Learner.[/LIST]
[B]Light Side Powers[/B]
[*]Those affiliated with the Light Side may pick 1 [URL='']Light Side[/URL] power in addition to their 1 Universal power at the rank of Learner.[/LIST]