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Hawke Carid



Basic Information

Character name: Jaron Carid
-- Aliases: Hawke
Homeworld: Dxun
Species: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Faction: True Mandalrian Union
-- Rank/position/title: Magistrate (Kaelta System)

Personality, appearance and history

Appearance: Link
Personality traits
+ Fearless under Pressure
+ Good Administration Skills
- Low Skill with High Technology
- Tends to Jump The Gun

History: Jaron was born on the moon Dxun within the Onderon System, his father left the sacred homeworld after the movement of the 'Peaceful Mandalorians' and while his father went to fight with Jaster Mereel his mother raised him within the harsh moon's jungle within a former Mandalorian camp. On such a harsh moon, Jaron learned to survive from an early age as was the mandalorian way. Things would go on in this manner with Jaron learning to hunt the many wild and dangerous creatures of the moon until the camp was raided by a group of criminals turned pirates.

These pirates had been unable to pilfer Onderon and had so come to the moon, to discover if the Mandalorians had left behind any technology or weapons more than thousands of years ago. Jaron's mother Jessti was without her armor when the criminals landed near the camp, and was able to suppress the landing party while her son Jaron, sixteen by now, donned his armor. Jaron left his tent to watch his mother gunned down by the criminals, and in a fit of rage, blew their shuttle out of the sky and killed every last man and woman.

Afterwards, Jaron received the news that his father had been slain in campaign with Manda'lor and that their leader the Manda'lor himself had been downed. The remaining warriors called for all able bodies, and so Jaron joined Basilisk Company. He fought alongside Mandalore's son Zaun until the final battle when the company was told to flee. He joined Zaun who found a new home within the Cholganna system, and became indispensable in the three years of rebuilding not only as a fierce combatant but also as an administrator having been taught such skills by his mother.

The Force

Force Sensitive: No


Possessions: Beskargam, Helmet Package (Infared Sensors, Holonet Antennae, 240* View), A-280 'C' Blaster Rifle, Scatter Rifle (Slugthrower), Mini Rocket Launcher (Right Wrist), Two-Handed Beskad
Personal ship: MMS Munin


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