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Imperial Intelligence Agency

The Imperial Intelligence Agency also known as the Agency or the IIA is headed by the shadowy Director of Imperial Intelligence. The Imperial Intelligence Agency is charged with the "foreign" aspect of the Galactic Empire. It is responsible for acts of espionage, counter-intelligence, assassination, destabilization as well as working with foreign intelligence operatives and agencies. The Imperial Intelligence Agency often comes into conflict with COMPNOR's Imperial Security Bureau.

The Imperial Inquisition also known as Inquisitorius is technically a branch of Imperial Intelligence; however it operates independently of Imperial Intelligence a majority of the time.


The Imperial Intelligence Agency is led by the Ubiqtorate, the Ubiqtorate is the highest bureau of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, it is responsible for the central planning and dissemination of all information gathered from the other bureaus. The Ubiqtorate is headquartered on Eriadu with major offices throughout the Empire, of all the bureaus of the IIA, the Ubiqtorate is the most secretive and elusive. Members of the Ubiqtorate are considered the elite of the IIA and their identities are hidden unless surrounded by high-ranking members of the Ubiqtorate.

The Director of Imperial Intelligence is the face of the organization and is responsible for the public facings of the entire IIA, the Director is appointed by the Emperor and serves at his will. The IIA has limited formal organization, at the base level are the Imperial Intelligence Operatives and Imperial Intelligence Agents. II Operatives are assigned field operations duties, they are responsible for many of the intelligence operations throughout the galaxy that are carried out regarding HUMINT. II Agents are assigned to a varied of different positions that are not considered to be field operations, they are the more "intelligence" related agents. Above operatives and agents are Section Directors, who are responsible for management of one of the sections of the IIA, "case" officers who are senior field operatives who are links between sections and the field operatives and station chiefs who are responsible for "stations" throughout the galaxy.

Relations with the Imperial military

The Imperial Intelligence Agency maintains the Army Intelligence Agency and the Navy Intelligence Agency which provide intelligence officers directly attached to military formations and pass information to the IIA. While the AIA and NIA operate relatively independently they are directly underneath the auspices of the Imperial Intelligence Agency and more importantly the Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Death Troopers

Under agreement with the Imperial Stormtrooper Command of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, they train and supply "Death Troopers", elite trained Imperial Stormtroopers that are assigned and attached directly underneath the command of the Director of Imperial Intelligence, they are operationally underneath the control of Ubiqtorate. Death Troopers are highly trained operatives that undergo further training then normal Imperial Stormtroopers and are more akin to Imperial Storm Commandos. Limited information is known about their numbers but they operate in small teams and are incredibly skilled and dangerous.

Death Troopers remain separate of the normal Imperial Intelligence Agency hierarchy and use Imperial Stormtrooper Corps titles and organization. Death Trooper officers wear their distinctive black uniforms of normal ISC officers but sometimes include symbols of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, notably a red-colored Imperial symbol on the right and left shoulder.

Death Troopers, similar to Novatroopers, are often dispatched to protect members of the Imperial Intelligence Agency or the Imperial Security Bureau due to their training and purpose. The Imperial Intelligence Agency will sometimes be directed to assign them by the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps.

Internal Security Branch

The Internal Security Branch (IntSec) are the largest component of visible members of the Imperial Intelligence Agency. They provide uniformed guards to locations and while they wear the distinctive red uniform, they generally use Imperial Army ranks and provide law enforcement and military support to IIA locations throughout the galaxy. Similar to the Imperial Army or the Imperial Navy Troopers they possesses a wide array of diverse training combined with basic Imperial Army training and access to wide number of weapons and equipment. They are equipped with field armor but generally forgo the field armor helmets in favor of the more formal standard issue hat.

Organization and ranks


  • Ubiqtorate
    • Office of the Director of Imperial Intelligence
    • Office of the Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence
    • Ubiqtorate Operations Section
  • Adjustments Bureau
  • Internal Organization Bureau
    • Internal Security Branch
    • Internal Counter-Intelligence Branch
      • Analysis Section
      • Operations Section
      • Intelligence Section
  • Analysis Bureau
    • Media Section
    • Signal Section
    • Cryptanalysis Section
    • Tech Section
    • Interrogation Section
    • Imperial Information Office Liaison Section
  • Intelligence Bureau
    • Sedition Branch
    • Crisis Branch
    • Sector Branch
    • External Communications Branch
  • Operations Bureau
    • Surveillance Branch
    • Renik Branch
    • Diplomatic Service Branch
    • Infiltration Branch
    • Destabilization Branch
    • Assassination Branch
  • ComLink Bureau
  • Sector Plexus Bureau
  • Imperial Inquisition

Rank and uniform

The Imperial Intelligence Agency doesn't use "ranks" in the traditional sense of the word. The agency uses a variety of positions and titles that function in a basic hierarchy. The agency classifies its employees as either "Field" employees or "Operations" employees. Field employees, if they can be called that, are Imperial Intelligence Agents and Operatives; the titles can be used somewhat interchangeably and "Case" Officers who are more veteran, senior agents or operatives who manage agency agents and operatives in the field. Imperial Intelligence Station Chiefs are assigned to various "stations" throughout the Galaxy and can range from planet, system to whole sector authority. Station Chiefs, whatever area they control, have ultimate authority within a region of the Galaxy and report directly to Ubiqtorate, the epicenter of Imperial Intelligence.

The position of "Ubiqtorate Operations Officer" (UBO) is a member of the IIA who is assigned directly to the Ubiqtorate; a highly classified and secretive component which manages the entirety of Imperial Intelligence's operations. UBOs will work together, mostly on Coruscant or the few Ubiqtorate sub-headquarters throughout the Galaxy but will not know each other names and are assigned designations starting with "UBO" and followed by a series of numbers. UBOs can be from any rank in theory, but in practice they are generally well performing Intelligence officials whom assist in the development and deployment of the agency's operations.

Agency members who possess specific skills or abilities are often assigned the "rank" of Intelligence Analyst or Senior Intelligence Analyst and are classified as "Specialized Skill Officers" (SSO); they are classified as "Operations" members, not field.

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