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Grand Army of the Republic and the Republic Navy

For the longest time the Galactic Republic did not possess any centralized military, the Judicial Forces were responsible for the protection of the Galactic Republic. The crisis created by the Trade Federation on Naboo prompted some within the Galactic Republic to call for greater expansion of a "Republic military" and not rely so much on the planetary and sector defense forces. A series of events eventually culminated in the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic, the largely clone army of the Republic and the formation of a proper Republic Navy.

OOC Note: Please note that SW:G is not a game of numbers, this is here to provide an overview for writers to gain an idea of relative strengths and ideas.

Grand Army of the RepublicRepublic NavyRepublic Starfighter Corp
High Jedi General--
Senior Jedi General--
Clone Marshal Commander
Jedi General
Fleet Admiral-
Clone Senior Commander
Brigadier General (NC)
Clone Regimental Commander
Jedi Commander
Vice AdmiralFlight General (Group)
Clone Battalion CommanderRear AdmiralFlight Commander (Wing)
Clone MajorCaptainFlight Major (Squadron)
Clone CaptainCommanderFlight Captain (Flight)
Clone LieutenantLieutenantFlight Lieutenant (Section)
Clone Sergeant Major--
Clone Sergeant--
Clone Corporal--
Clone Private--
Clone Cadet--

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)

  • Systems Army - 2 Sector Armies (294,912 troopers) led by a High Jedi General.
  • Sector Army - 4 Corps (147,456 troopers) led by a Senior Jedi General.
  • Corps or Division - 4 Legions (36,864) led by a Clone Marshal Commander and a Jedi General.
  • Legion or Brigade - 4 Regiments (9,216 troopers) led by a Clone Senior Commander and a Jedi General.
  • Regiment - 4 Battalions (2,304 troopers) led by a Clone Regimental Commander and a Jedi Commander.
  • Battalion - 4 Companies (576 troopers) led by a Clone Battalion Commander, Major and a Jedi Commander.
  • Company - 4 Platoons (144 troopers) led by a Captain.
  • Platoon - 4 Squads (36 troopers) led by a Lieutenant and Sergeant-Major.
  • Squad - 9 troopers led by a Sergeant and Corporal.

Republic Navy

  • Armada - Administrative formation of all forces within a theater of war, it numbered from 1,000 to 5,000 vessels plus support ships. It was commanded by a High Jedi General.
  • Fleet - 3 to 6 Battle Groups, roughly 100 to 300 vessels plus support units. Fleets are commanded by Fleet Admirals.
  • Battle Group - 2 to 4 Squadrons, roughly 48 to 72 vessels plus support units. Battle Groups are commanded by an Admiral or a Jedi General.
  • Squadron - 3 to 4 Sections, roughly 12 to 36 vessels plus support units. Squadrons are commanded by a Vice Admiral, a Rear Admiral or a Commodore.
  • Section - Sections containing larger vessels were known as "Lines" and sections containing smaller vessels were known as "Flotillas". A Section was commanded by the most senior Captain unless a Jedi General was present.
  • Element - A single ship, each ship was commanded by a Captain.

Republic Starfighter Corps

  • Group - 2 Wings, roughly 72 to 640 starfighters plus ground crews. Groups are commanded by a Clone Commander and a Senior Jedi General.
  • Wing - 3 to 10 Squadrons, roughly 36 to 320 starfighters plus ground crews. Wings are commanded by a Clone Commander or Jedi General.
  • Squadron - 3 to 4 Flights, roughly 12 to 32 starfighters plus ground crews. Squadrons are commanded by a Major or Jedi Commander.
  • Flight - 2 Sections, roughly 4 to 8 starfighters plus ground crews. Flights are commanded by a Captain.
  • Section - 2 to 4 starfighters. Sections are commanded by a Lieutenant.
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Notable formations of the Republic

Open Circle Armada (Assigned to the Outer Rim)
  • Astral Squadron - The Astral Squadron is a Squadron of the Republic Navy centered around 2 Venator-class Star Destroyers and a number of support ships. The two Venator-class Star Destroyers are the Astral and the Mythic. The Astral Squadron is involved in a number of skirmishes mostly on the southern portion of the Outer Rim.
  • Eidolon Squadron - Eidolon Squadron is considered to be one of the most prominent squadrons in the Open Circle Armada and is largely in the thick of the fighting across the Outer Rim. The Venator-class Star Destroyer the Eidolon is the flagship of the squadron.
  • Nova Squadron - Nova Squadron is a support squadron of the Open Circle Armada based around planetary assault ships known as the Acclamators, they are often found in support of planetary landing operations. The flagship of the Nova Squadron is a Venator-class Star Destroyer the Nova.
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