Galactic Republic - Faction Overview

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Galactic Republic

The Galactic Republic is the dominant galactic government and has been for centuries. Coming off a victory over the last vestiges of the Sith in 3951 BBY the Galactic Republic has continued its dominance of the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim. The Galactic Republic is lead by the Galactic Republic Senate and its elected leader, the Supreme Chancellor. The last Chancellery election was held in 3801 BBY in which popular Corellian Senator Risa Penin won by a landslide. Supreme Chancellor Penin declared that the Sith had been totally eradicated and that the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic would walk hand-in-hand into the unknown areas of the galaxy and would explore, build and bring peace to the Galactic Republic.

The Galactic Republic operates as a democratic republic, its leader, the Supreme Chancellor, is elected by the Senators of the Galactic Republic Senate. The Galactic Republic Senate is made up of Senators who represent strategic worlds, sectors, planetary systems, etc. Underneath its current state, the Galactic Republic Senate is dominated by the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim worlds. The Vice-Chair of the Senate assists the Supreme Chancellor and is widely seen as the "successor" in the event of the incapacitation of the Supreme Chancellor. The Galactic Republic loosely resembles a federalist government in that is has purview and authority in certain areas whereas others rest with individual planets and systems.

The Galactic Republic maintains a standing armed force comprised of the Galactic Republic Navy or the "Republic Navy" and the Galactic Republic Army or the "Republic Army". The Republic military is assisted by the Jedi Order, the Knights of the Old Republic. The Republic military is largely decentralized and lacks a unifying command authority outside of the Supreme Chancellor and the Galactic Senate; causing issues in both the Republic military and the Galactic Senate.

Overview of the Galactic Republic Government

  • Office of the Supreme Chancellor - Supreme Chancellor
  • Galactic Senate - Supreme Chancellor via the President of the Republic and leadership of the Senatorial Council; assisted by the Vice-Chair of the Senate
  • General Ministry - General Minister
  • Ministry of Defense - Minister of Defense
  • Ministry of Commerce - Minister of Commerce
  • Ministry of Education - Minister of Education
  • Ministry of Finance - Minister of Finance
  • Ministry of Licenses and Permits - Minister of Licenses and Permits
  • Ministry of Public Information - Minister of Public Information
  • Ministry of Science - Minister of Science
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Overview of the Republic Military

The Republic military sometimes called the Republic Armed Forces, is the combat operations branch of the Galactic Republic. It is officially lead by the Supreme Chancellor and the Galactic Senate sharing supreme command authority. The Republic military following the defeat of the Sith have scaled back military spending and defense spending as a whole and have relied heavily on local systems to maintain peace and order. The Republic military lacks any centralized command authority within itself and is thus very disjointed. The maintenance and management of the Republic military falls to the Ministry of Defense and the Minister of Defense. The Ministry of Defense is responsible for the administration versus the command of the Republic military; despite this, the Ministry of Defense does issue orders to the various Corps throughout the galaxy in a confusing display of limited command authority.

Branches of the Republic Military

  • Republic Navy
  • Republic Army
  • Republic Intelligence Service

Ranks of the Republic Military

Republic NavyRepublic ArmyRepublic Intelligence Service
Rear AdmiralBrigadier GeneralDeputy Director
CaptainColonelAssistant Director
CommanderLieutenant ColonelSupervisory Agent
Lieutenant CommanderMajor-
LieutenantCaptainSenior Agent
Petty OfficerSergeantAgent
Senior SpacerCorporal-

Organization of the Republic Army

  • Squad - 8 to 12 infantry, commanded by a Sergeant and a Corporal;
  • Platoon - 25 to 40 infantry, commanded by a Lieutenant;
  • Company - 80 to 250 infantry, commanded by a Captain or a Major;
  • Battalion - 300 to 1200 infantry, commanded by a Colonel;
  • Brigade - 1,000 to 5,000 infantry, commanded by a Brigadier General;
  • Corps - All forces present in a specific region/system and named after the planet in which their headquarters was from. Commanded by a General.

Uniforms of the Galactic Republic military

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