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  • Faction leader (de jure): Galactic Emperor Palpatine (Captive | NPC)
  • Faction leader (de facto):Regent of the Galactic Empire Wilhulf Tarkin (NPC)
    • Imperial Ruling Council
      • Grand Vizier Sate Pestage (NPC)
      • Vizier Mas Amedda (NPC)
      • Grand Moff Redar Brenau (Grand Moff of the Javin Oversector; "Dark Saber Command")

Organizations and structure

Table of Contents

  1. Imperial Military
  2. Astrography
  3. Imperial Roster
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Imperial Military

Officer ranks


Enlisted ranks


Imperial Army

  • Sector Army - Sector Armies are commanded by a General with the positional title of Surface Marshal. While the Imperial Army makes note of Sector Armies in the order of battle the Sector Army is ultimately underneath the command of the local regional governor, known as a Moff. The Sector Army comprises all Imperial Army assets within any given Sector, therefore composition and numbering of combatant soldiers are difficult to place.
  • Systems Army - 6 Armies, 1,228,800 men. Commanded by a General with the positional title of High General.
  • Army - 4 Corps, 204,800 men. Commanded by a General.
  • Corps - 4 Battlegroups/Divisions, 51,200 men. Commanded by a Major General.
  • Battle Group/Division - 4 Regiments, 12,800 men. Commanded by a High Colonel, sometimes a Major General.
  • Regiment - 5 Battalions, 3,200 men. Commanded by a Colonel.
  • Battalion - 4 Companies, 640 men. Commanded by a Major.
  • Company - 4 Platoons, 160 men. Commanded by a Captain.
  • Platoon - 4 squads, 40 men. Commanded by a Lieutenant.
  • Squad - The basic unit of the Imperial Army, comprised of 10 troopers. Commanded by a Sergeant.
Active Imperial Army specializations/variants: AT-AT Pilot (Imperial Army troopers assigned to AT-AT operations), AT-ST Pilot (Imperial Army troopers assigned to AT-ST operations), Combat Assault Tank Pilot (Imperial Army troopers assigned to armored warfare operations), CompForce Assault Trooper (Imperial Army trained soldiers assigned to COMPNOR), Imperial Special Missions Trooper (Elite, special forces Imperial Army soldiers, highly trained),

Enviromental Imperial Army armor/speciality designations: Wet Weather Imperial Army armor, Imperial Combat Operator (Up armored variant of the AT-ST pilot)

Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

See Imperial Stormtrooper Corps for more information.
  • Stormtrooper Squad – 10 Stormtroopers (including 1 Field Trooper, 1 Sergeant)
  • Stormtrooper Platoon - 50 Stormtroopers (5 squads (50 Stormtroopers) including 1 Lieutenant and 1 Stormtrooper Commander)
  • Stormtrooper Company - 200 Stormtroopers (4 Platoons (200 Stormtroopers) including 1 Captain)
  • Stormtrooper Battalion - 800 Stormtroopers (4 Companies (800 Stormtroopers) including 1 Major)
  • Stormtrooper Regiment - 3,200 Stormtroopers (4 Battalions (3,200 Stormtroopers) including 1 Lieutenant Colonel)
  • Stormtrooper Legion - 12,800 Stormtroopers (4 Regiments (12,800 Stormtrooper) including 1 Colonel or High Colonel)
Active Stormtrooper specializations/variants: Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, Purge Trooper (Extremely rare/limited, assigned to the Imperial Inquisition), Death Trooper (Extremely rare/limited, assigned to Imperial intelligence), Imperial Shock Trooper (Rare/limited, assigned to protecting Imperial Capital, Sector Capitals and other prominent locations), Incinerator Trooper (Rare/limited), Jumptrooper (Rare/limited), Patrol Stormtrooper (Conscripted Stormtroopers temporarily assigned duties on highly civilized human worlds loyal to the Empire), Scout Trooper (A specialized division of the ISC dedicated to to scouting, recon and intelligence), Shadow Trooper (Extremely rare/limited, assigned to Imperial Intelligence), Storm Commandos (Extremely rare/limited, assigned as the de facto Special Forces unit of the ISC). Novatroopers (Extremely rare/limited, assigned to protect high-level dignitaries of the Galactic Empire), Artillery Stormtrooper (Stormtroopers assigned to handle field ordnance of the ISC), Assault Trooper (Stormtroopers trained and designated to handle speciality heavy weapons, demolition equipment)

Special Stormtrooper designations: Stormmedic (Stormtroopers who provide medical services within a Stormtrooper unit), Stormsurgeons (Stormtroopers who provide rescue efforts for other Stormtroopers and Imperial Army personnel, highly trained medical units), Stormsniper (Stormtroopers who are designated marksmen within a Stormtrooper unit), Stormrifle (Stormtroopers who are designed to handle heavy weapons within a Stormtrooper unit)

Environmental Stormtrooper armor/speciality designations: Coastal Defense Stormtrooper "Shoretrooper" (Stormtroopers assigned to tropical or otherwise hot-wet weather environments), Sandtrooper (Stormtroopers assigned to desert or hot weather environments), Magma Trooper (Stormtroopers assigned to volcanic or extreme hot weather environments), Range Trooper (Stormtrooper assigned to extreme cold or mountain weather environments), Spacetrooper (Stormtroopers assigned to zero-g environments or space stations), Riot Control Stormtrooper (Stormtroopers assigned to riot control units), Cold Weather Assault Stormtrooper "Snowtrooper" (Stormtroopers assigned to snowy or cold-weather environments), Wet Weather Stormtrooper "Swamptroopers" (Stormtroopers assigned to highly wet or rainy environments)

Imperial Navy positions

  • Captain - Any Imperial Navy officer assigned as the commanding officer of any naval vessel is called "Captain", this is different from the rank of Senior Captain of Captain of the Line.
  • Commander - Any Imperial Navy officer assigned as the commanding officer of any force smaller than a Squadron is assigned the position of "Commander".
  • Squadron Commander - Any rate of Admiral assigned as the commander of an Imperial Squadron will be assigned the position of "Squadron Commander".
  • Systems Admiral - Any rate of Admiral assigned as the commander of a System Force will be assigned the position of "Systems Admiral" or in some systems or families can be called "Commodore".
  • Fleet Admiral - The position of Fleet Admiral is assigned to either a Vice Admiral or Admiral that is assigned as the commander of an Imperial Navy Fleet.
  • High Admiral - The position of High Admiral is assigned to any rate of Admiral that is assigned as the commander of a Sector Group. Traditionally full rate Admiral's held this position.
Active Imperial Navy specializations/variants: Imperial Navy Troopers (Imperial Navy personnel trained by the Imperial Army to provide security for the Imperial Navy), Imperial Weapons Technician (Imperial Navy enlisted assigned to weapons/ordnance operations aboard Imperial Navy vessels), Imperial Deck Technicians (Imperial Navy personnel assigned to surface operations to assist with space/air to ground operations), Imperial Navy Commando (Imperial Navy personnel selected by the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps for training and assigned as elite shock/assault units within the Imperial Navy), Imperial Navy Technician/Engineers, Specialist

Imperial Starfighter Corps

  • Wing - 72 starfighters in 2 Groups, commanded by a Wing Commander (Colonel)
  • Group - 36 starfighters in 3 Squadrons, commanded by a Group Captain (Commander)
  • Squadron - 12 starfighters in 3 Flights, commanded by a Squadron Leader (Flight Captain)
  • Flight - 4 starfighters in 2 Elements, commanded by a Flight Lieutenant
  • Element - 2 starfighters, Element Leader and Wingmate
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Expansion Region

  • Epsi Collective (Expasion Region) - Vandelhelm (Sector Capital; Imperial shipyards), Asturias (Junk world), Epsi Nadir (Specialized manufacturing world), Old Barag

Outer Rim Territories (North)

  • Pfresbelt Sector (Outer Rim Territories) - Prefsbelt IV (Imperial Naval Academy), Yaga Minor (Major shipyard), Borosk, Yorgraxx (Secret Sith/Dark Jedi shrine world), Bid'jerma (Imperial prison planet), Khonji Seven, Carlac, Comra, Domgrin, Kareas, Marquarra (Imperial Intelligence outpost), Ord Mynock (Major communications outpost), Ompersan (Imperial Navy records location)

Outer Rim Territories (South)

  • Trilon Sector - Gannaria (Sector capital, Illicit spice production world and crime world), Batuu (Imperial trading post), Rattatak, Zaddja
  • Pacanth Reach Sectors - Bunduki (Sector capital, Teras Kasi training center), Panatha, Fornow, Sorimow, Fornow, Ravaath
  • Bakura Sector - Bakura (Sector capital), Bakura Imperial Prison (Prison space station, recently constructed), Gymelo, Timora
  • Zuma Sector
    • Outer Zuma Region: Fusai (Fusai Subsector, Subsector capital), Nibiru (Kakani Subsector, Subsector capital), Firrerre (Sugai Subsector, Subsector capital), Houche (Sugai Subsector), Rodis (Sugai Subsector), Shalm, (Ikenomin Subsector, Subsector capital)
    • Inner Zuma Region: Moddell Subsector, Spar Subsector and Ablajeck Subsector
  • Stensen Sector - Caaraz, Ghothia, Magar's World (Gladiatorial tourist location), Sareet, Stensen's Colony, Trenwyth, Verkuyl (Imperial Bacta production world), Dakuyl (Imperial Bacta production world)
  • Bri'ahl Sector - Bri'ahl (Sector capital), Kalzeron, Lanteeb
  • Wazta Sector - Cuthbern (Weapons production), Dorriella, Hassaria, Karinda, Lotho Minor (Junk world), Oko E, Remitik (Imperial ship repair yards), Ryoone, Slotern, Greyman's Planet (Imperial industrial world), Vassek (former Confederacy world), Wazta (Sector capital)
  • Koradin Sector - Abridon (Sector Capital; Abridon shipyards; starfighters), Brint-Wo, Coveway, Keskin, Kobal's World, Kovor, Lipsec, Ostor, Port Jerrell, Pulassas Minor, Sump, Tancon, Tegrat, Varlinaar, Virgillia, Virgillia 7
  • Tunka Sector - Absit, Borlov, Niran, Rivoria, Thakwaa, Usean II, Veccacopia
  • Varada Sector - Barraken, Baralou (Mineral world), Masalou (Barren world), Yaralou (Water world), Tanalou (Ice world), Bestal Three, Kadal Asteroid Field (Mining colony), Benon, Romm, Da'nor, Delantine, Dyspeth (Restricted Imperial world), Skye, Rhamalai (Agriworld), Varada Five
  • Rayter Sector - Abrihom, Bancar, Dahvil, Gastrula, Karra (Mining colony), Laim system (HoloNet relay), Lurr, Najarka (Ice world), Narg (TransGalMeg Industries, Inc offices), Pako Ramoon (TransGalMeg Industries, Inc headquarters), Salteract, Seven Flames, Shimmer (Ice world), Solem (Ice world), Verdi
  • Kriz Sector - Berrol's Donn, Karthrexia, Plavonia, R'terleD'er (Hunting world), Taul (Mining colony), Tureen VI, Banvhar Station (Mining colony)
  • Greater Javin (contains Javin, Anoat and Yarith sectors)
    • Javin Sector - Javin (Sector capital, headquarters of the "Dark Saber Command" and the Javin Oversector), Aztubek (Corporate world), High Chunah (Speeder manufacturing world), Kumru
    • Anoat Sector - Allyuen (Mining world), Anoat (Death world), Deyer (Ocean world), Gentres (Volcanic world), Belsus (Secret Imperial research world), Vinza, Kyood's World (Volcanic world), Pujool (Gas giant; contains secret Imperial prison "The Crypt"), Bavva, Bendeluum (Underworld planet), Miser (Mining colony), Orin (Volcanic planet), Bespin (Mining colony, gas giant; headquarters of Bespin Motors), H'gaard (Ice planet, near Bespin), Drudonna (Ice planet, near Bespin), Burnin Konn (Mining world), Council (Homeworld of the Nothoiin people), Darlyn Boda (Underworld planet; shadowport), Delphon (Underworld planet), Ertegas (Agriworld), Gerrenthum (Ecumenopolis), Hoth (Ice world), Shron (Volcanic world), Biosh (Barren world), Nushk, Jhas (Gas giant), Jhas Krill (Moon of Jhas, swamp planet), Ordaj (Gas giant), Ordaj Besh (Moon of Ordaj, pirate moon)
    • Yarith Sector - Anantapar (Tropical planet), Bettel asteroid drift (Imperial Navy refueling and resupply depot), Indellian (Manufacturing world), Isde Naha (Sector capital), Lutrillia, Orn Kios (Ocean world), Shuldene (Ocean world), Shuxl system (Navigation buoy for Corellian Trade Spine), Togominda, Yarith
  • Seitia Sector - Barkhesh (Agriworld), Bendii, Doxxen, Fanha (Pirate world; Iska pirates), Gal Milnor, Manphra, Olabria, Seitia Prime, Sil'Lume asteroid belt (Mining colonies), Tol Ado (Imperial prison site)
  • Sijo Sector - Spee, Anto's Star, Cantros (AKA Cantros 7), Drup I (Volcanic planet), Drup II (Gas giant), Drup III (Volcanic planet), Faldos (Underworld planet), Relkass, Saijo (Fortress world of the Nagai species)
  • Tungra, Jjannex, Dalicron, Subterrel, Kallea, Cegul, Steniplis, Bozhnee, Videnda, Brema, Mayagil, Danjar, Tarabba, Elrood, Minos, Kathol, Rseik, Tarabba
  • Grumani, Garis, Bon'nyuw-Luq, Sanbra, Toblain, Tamarin, Svivreni, Juris, Hook, Parmel, Quence, Sujimis, Samix, Merel, Skine, Torch, Thuris, Dail, Portmoak, Cur'ric, Astal, Cadavine, Kiblini, Lol, Karthakk, Savareen, Dalchon, Pelgrin, Gaulus, Hunnovers, Grohl, Ferra, Instrop, Bitrose, Herios, Sevetta, Abrion, Quiberon
  • Arkanis Sector (Outer Rim Territories) - A-Foroon, Andooweel, Arkanis, B-Foroon, C-Foroon, Cirus II (Mining world), Cranan 12 (Mining world), Najiba, Gedi 4 (Mining world), Geonosis (Manufacturing world), Gorno (Imperial special projects world), Heffrin, Huldamun, Kemal (Mining world), Khubeaie, Melnea's World, Mika (Imperial prison planet), New Ator (Agricultural world), Ooo-temiuk, Pii system (Luxury lumber harvesting), Piroket, Sirpar (Imperial training world), Tarnoonga, Tatooine, Trulalis, Issor, Cadezia, Utaruun, Vactooine, Vasch, Vor Deo, Vuzsa (Imperial military refueling depot)
  • Atravis Sector (Outer Rim Territories) - Ather, Atravis, Atterol, Buruunin, Carreras Major, Carreras Minor (Imperial mining world), Dorlo, Gon Tiek, Gorbah, Heriston (Imperial refueling and resupply depot), Mustafar (Restricted Sith/Dark Jedi shrine world), Nur (Secret Inquisitiorius base), Ogoth Tiir, Pursin, Rutan, Shumavar, Siluria III, Tosste (Restricted Imperial world), ZXK-1000346.6a (Restricted Imperial world), Uru, Vale, Vanan, Yugami
  • Seswenna Sector (Outer Rim Territories) - Adras, Agomar, Averam, Brintooin, Dzass IV (Imperial medical research world), Eczar, Kelliadu, Muntiadu, Jaroona, Erinar, Tarastra, Eriadu (Imperial throneworld), Luptoom, Parwa, Hockaleg (Imperial research world), Phelarion, Uvena II, Uvena III, Uvena Prime, Seswenna, Spuma
  • Sluis Sector (Outer Rim Territories) - Agora, Bpfassh, Canoliss IV, Dagobah, Denab, Innton II, Kalab, Kerest, Malo VI, Orto, Praesitlyn, Sluis Van (Major shipyards)

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Imperial Roster

Political, security and intelligence


Imperial Navy

Imperial Stormtrooper Corps (or specialty branches)

  • Yehven Kazymyr - Captain (Imperial Navy Commandos) assigned as the CO of the Imperial Navy Commando Company aboard the V1SD Nemesis (written by @Muru)
  • TK-2309 "Captain Farsun" - Captain, Commanding Officer of Executor Company (Novatroopers) (written by Aeaolen Kicka)
  • Mithric Tor - Sergeant (Death Trooper), former Imperial Intelligence Agent (DeStab Branch) (written by Aeaolen Kicka)

Imperial Army

  • Jerec Korr - Lieutenant, Commanding Officer of the 103rd Special Missions Platoon (11th Special Missions Company, 73rd Special Missions Battalion) (written by Aeaolen Kicka)

Force sensitive

  • Aeaolen Kicka - High Inquisitor (Inquisitorius) (written by Aeaolen)
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