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Force Power Information

Force Powers

When trying to describe the level of your Force powers, we ask that you use these levels.
  • Learner - The "Learner" category comes from "Padawan Learner" and is generally considered to be at the power level of a Jedi Padawan or a Sith Acolyte. You've gained either formal training or the ability to use the power more or less at whim and maintain or exert some level of control over the power. While not particularly skilled, you have the ability to use the power as you see fit.
  • Practitioner - Practitioner's are generally advanced level Padawan's who are prepared to become Jedi Knights or Sith Acolyte who are prepared to ascend to Sith Apprentice. Practitioner's are skilled in the use of their respective power and can exert even further control over the power itself. You grow either more adept with the power or you can begin to enhance its abilities beyond that of someone less your skill.
  • Expert - As Jedi Knights advanced and some become Jedi Masters' their understanding and connection with the Force depends likewise Sith Masters and lower ranking Sith Lords (the equivalent to a Jedi Master) begin to exert even further influence over the Dark Side. Those who focus on a handful of specific powers might find themselves with a more complex and deeper understanding of the Force surrounding the usage of the ability.
  • Master - Those that ascend to the prestigious ranks of the Jedi High Council or the Sith Council can find themselves with access to tomes and holocrons that are off limits to lesser members of their order. Ranking Jedi Masters and Sith Lords who obtain such knowledge often jealously guard it or share little of it. The influence and control that is possessed over this specific power or ability comes at a cost, the focus and dedication to arrive at the level of understanding and control.

Universal Force Powers

Light Side Force Powers

Dark Side Force Powers

  • Dark transfer
    -- Knowledge level: Sith Lord and Dark Lord of the Sith
    -- Difficulty to learn: Extremely difficult
    -- Dark Transfer was a Dark Side power that allowed a user who was steeped in the Dark Side to "revive" another person. It is considered to be one of the more rare, difficult Dark Side powers and only those deeply embedded with the Dark Side could even begin to attempt to think about this power.
  • Darksight
  • Deadly Sight
    -- Knowledge level: Untrained Dark Sider and above
    -- Difficulty to learn: Low
    -- Deadly Sight was a Dark Side Force power that allowed the user to inflict pain simply by focusing their anger, rage, aggression onto a target. The power was indiscriminate and could harm allies, friends and innocents. Advanced levels of Deadly Sight could cause the victims skin to blister and boil and eventually evaporate.
  • Drain Knowledge
    -- Knowledge level: Sith Apprentice and above
    -- Difficulty to learn: Medium
    -- Drain Knowledge was an intrusive and violent Dark Side Force power that allowed the user to pry into the victims mind with the Force and steal information of various sorts from within the memories of the victim. The power could have a noticeable impact on the victim and permanently scar them psychologically.
  • Force Destruction
    -- Knowledge level: Untrained Dark Sider and above
    -- Difficulty to learn: Moderate
    -- Force Destruction is an advanced form of Telekinesis, while most Force users can manipulate their environment those who have fallen to the Dark Side are capable of channeling their telekinesis into rage and anger, causing a large, wide-scale outburst of Force energy. Powerful users could destroy or even pulverize large swathes of persons, property or otherwise. Those who utilize Force Destruction will find themselves exhausted and tired after using such a power; user beware.
  • Force drain
    -- Knowledge level: Sith Acolyte and above
    -- Difficulty to learn: Moderate to Extremely Difficult
    -- Sub-Powers: Death/Deadly Field (Sith Lord)
    -- Force Drain is considered to be the Dark Side counter-part to Force Healing; where the Light Side power focused on the helping of an individual, Force Drain focuses on stealing from another. While the power could in theory be learned by any Dark Sider, the ability is largely used by those practiced in the Dark Side and those who have the ability to tap into the Dark Side to do their bidding. Early stage users of the power would find themselves merely diminishing the vitality and stamina of their victim, while advanced users could cause swathes of enemies to wither away. While Force Drain can be largely used to revitalize a user, heal wounds or cuts, Force Drain also can feed on the Force of a victim. This is dangerous and could lead to serious ramification such as a sort of "hunger" and drive to use Force Drain.
  • Force Fear
    -- Knowledge level: Untrained Dark Sider and above
    -- Difficulty to learn: Low
    -- Sub-Powers: Force Horror (Sith Apprentice), Force Insanity (Sith Master), Dominate Mind (Various), Force Corrupt (Sith Master), Mind Twist (Sith Apprentice)
    -- Jedi are commonly known to use "Jedi Mind Tricks" to suite their needs, the Dark Side of the Force is no different. While the New Jedi Order permits the usage of Jedi to use minds tricks to fulfill their duties, the Dark Side grants its users power to sow fear into the minds of their enemies. Force Fear is a broad power that covers many sub-branches. Advanced users of Force Fear could force their users into greater stages of horror and insanity, they could dominate the minds of lesser beings and bend them to do their will while others could corrupt victims into serving them without question. A largely underutilized form of Force Fear was used to twist ones perception to fit the Dark Side users own agendas and goals.
  • Force lightning
    -- Knowledge level: Untrained Dark Sider and above
    -- Difficulty to learn: Low
    -- Sub-Powers: Force Storm (Sith Master), Force Tempest (Sith Apprentice)
    -- Force Lighting is one of the most iconic powers of any Dark Sider. Lightning can be done from the lowest, untrained user of the Dark Side to masterful displays of awesome terror with Force Storms or more advanced forms of Force Lightning. While Force Lightning is considered to be a tenant of the Dark Side when it comes to offensive Dark Side powers, continued exposure to Force Lightning can cause severe damage to the user, as evidenced by Darth Sidious.
  • Force phantom
  • Force rage
  • Force scream
  • Force Slow
  • Force Sphere
  • Force wound
  • Force grip
  • Force choke
  • Force crush
  • Kinetite
  • Mechu-deru
  • Mind Control
  • Spear of midnight black
  • Spirit Transference

Restricted Force Powers

  • Sith Alchemy
  • Thought Bomb
  • Morichro (cannot be used to the point of death unless consent is given)
  • Malacia
  • Force Storm (worm hole)
  • Battle Meditation/Force Meld (requires Staff approval for use)
  • Force Stasis (cannot be used without consent by opposing player)

Sith Magic and Sith Alchemy

Note: Sith Magic and Sith Alchemy at this point is a near total lost, or very ancient art. Sith Magic and Sith Alchemy is counted separately from Dark Side Force powers due to the inherit difficulty that magic/alchemy and the need for in-depth character development to learn the skills. Sith Magic and Sith Alchemy are considered to be extremely difficult to learn and are generally restricted to the upper echelon of the Sith and Dark Jedi.
  • Dwomutsiqsa
    -- Knowledge Level: Sith Lord/Upper tier Dark Jedi
    -- Difficulty to learn: Extremely difficult
    Dwomutsiqsa or "Summon Demon" in the Sith language allowed the Sith Sorcerer to summon a smoke demon which took the form of the victims worst nightmare. Dwomutsiqsa is a written incantation and the Sith Sorcerer who is preparing the scroll must work to write and furnish the scroll.
  • Aura/Shadow of Uneasiness
    -- Knowledge Level: Sith Lord/Upper tier Dark Jedi
    -- Difficulty to learn: Extremely difficult
    A Sith Sorcerer/Sorceress could project a feeling of uneasiness around them, this impacted both sentient and non-sentient beings. The conjurer would make those around them confused, uneasy and generally uncomfortable to be around them.
  • Qâzoi Kyantuska
    -- Knowledge Level: Sith Lord/Upper tier Dark Jedi
    -- Difficulty to learn: Extremely difficult
    Qâzoi Kyantuska, or "Suppress Thought" in Basic, was an advanced Sith magic technique that functioned similar to Jedi/Sith Mind Tricks with the Force. While it functioned similar, Qâzoi Kyantuska was incredibly powerful and could be used on a single being or multiple beings. Qâzoi Kyantuska was more difficult to "break" or "shake off" from and could be indefinite on weaker willed persons.
  • Corpse Vision
    -- Knowledge Level: Sith Lord/Upper tier Dark Jedi
    -- Difficulty to learn: Extremely difficult
    Corpse Vision allowed the Sith Sorcerer to invoke the spirits of deceased Dark Lords and Sith Lords to produce images of loved ones who have passed to the victim. This was often used to tempt or lure those into madness or seduce them to the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Dark Energy Trap
    -- Knowledge Level: Sith Lord/Upper tier Dark Jedi
    -- Difficulty to learn: Extremely difficult
    Dark Energy Traps were powerful manifestations of Dark Side magic that were near transparent in the air except for a faint mist of purple that could place anyone, including Force users in a immobilized state for a period of time.

Important notes

Telekinesis refers to a grouping of Force powers. For the purpose of clarification, a character equipped with Telekinesis has the sole ability to move objects and use Force Push/Pull. Telekinesis does not entitle your character to use any of the other Force powers categorized under the broader 'Telekinesis' term.
Force Lightning, made very popular in KoToR and KoToR II, is not just another force power as many see it to be. Force Lightning is one of the most difficult powers to master as it takes much strength to master a holding of dark side energy in one's body. Mastering Force Lighting is restricted to Sith Lords and the Dark Lord/Lady themselves. There are repercussions to using the power if you cannot control it (see Palpatine's face).
Telepathy is not a communication power, meaning it isn't like instant messaging. You can't just sent entire conversations over thinking, Telepathy is allowed when 2 people have a strong bond, a love for each other, and they can only send about 4 to 5 words, not entire conversations.
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Lightsaber Combat

Lightsaber Forms

Form I: Shii-Cho
Form II: Makashi
Form III: Soresu
Form IV: Ataru
Form V: Shien / Djem So
Form VI: Niman

Mastery Levels

When describing Lightsaber Forms in your profile, please use the following ranks:

  • Learner - One of the most basic tenants of both the New Jedi Academy and the Brotherhood of the Sith academies is basic lightsaber combat and usage. Learners of a particular form are skilled enough to use and defend themselves but might find themselves in dire straits with a proficient swordsman or a more advanced Jedi or Sith. Traditionally Jedi Padawan and Sith Acolytes find themselves as the "Learner" level.
  • Practitioner - Following continued training or exposure to conflict with a particular form, one will ascend to a practitioner of a lightsaber form. While the user, usually a upper level Jedi Padawan or Sith Acolyte, though usually a Jedi Knight or a Sith Apprentice, possess far greater abilities with the Force and lightsaber combat, they should be weary of overextending themselves by too many enemies or greater swordsman.
  • Expert - Achieving a high level of study or continued conflict and violence, one will grow into a noted expert on a particular lightsaber form. While there have been known Jedi Knights and Sith Apprentices who rank as "experts", most do not obtain the stature of expert until achieving the ranks of Jedi Masters or Sith Lord.
  • Master - While some dedicate themselves to the Force and its study, some dedicate themselves to the study and ritualistic complexes of combat. Ranking Jedi Masters and Sith Lords who, through choice or fetish, dedicate themselves to lightsaber combat can be noted in the hallowed halls of "Masters" through years of conflict, study and practice of a particular lightsaber form.
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