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Major Evers

Greetings, Galaxiers!

We on the team are thinking up ideas on how to encourage new writers to hop in and join the fun. One thought that we're passing around the table is the idea of making a rolling topic in each faction's Headquarters that portrays a common space where characters can be debuted and socialize without pressure or consequence.

We recognize that there is a certain pressure of having to initiate your own thread or to approach perfect strangers or even groups that might look cliquey. We hope that by offering these living threads we can give everyone places to write whether they're new to the forum or coming back from their third plot event.

Where would y'all like them to be and what should they include? We need a setting for the Republic and Jedi Order, one for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and one for Fringe and Independent characters.

Let us know where y'all think would make the most sense below!


New Republic
As a new member, I've been in 4-5 rp forums yet this is exactly how I feel every time. Bless the community team.
For Republic and Jedi faction, maybe Republic Military Base or Coruscant in general works as every member of the faction could technically be there? For the setting, I think of something like post-mission briefing or meeting. It would be perfect for recounting missions, major battle event, clones and jedi messing around and/or introducing new additions.

Bruce Malcom

Jedi Order
Is there some special base near or on Coruscant for the Republic? Jedi Temple? The CIS...they seem a little disjointed, but they do have a capital. Fringe...a Cantina. ;)

Aeaolen Kicka

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Community Team
My idea was a Grand Army of the Republic staging area for the Republic. It would permit mostly every new Republic character to become involved.

The concept I had for the CIS was using Count Dooku's Palace on Serenno as the staging area for the CIS. The other idea is using Raxus Secundus, the site of the Separatist Parliament. I prefer that idea as its a little "different" from Serenno.

Mandalorians, obviously depending on the faction, could easily meet in their respective areas. Fringe would be a cantina likely on Nar Shaddaa.


Sith Confederacy
Could be a great way to introduce new characters while talking IC, indeed!

I'm not a SW expert, so I'll leave the details to the masters of the lore. Both the Republic and the CIS have headquarters and big reasons for a gathering (it's war!). The Fringe can indeed, probably do with a cantina. One big enough for many people to be passing by.

Amara Desal

Jedi Order
I know I said this in Discord, but I will formalize my response here. I fully endorse this idea. A great way to centralize starting points for new players and to take small steps in joining the larger galactic events happening around. I might also add that with CANNON NPCs (specifically Jedi Order) there could be lists of tasks created which new players could sign up for so to speak. So if they are too late to join Kashyyyk or some other thread there are pre-made story starters to get them going.