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Eriadu Security Forces


The Eriadu Security Forces are the planetary defense force of Eriadu and the entire Seswenna Sector. The Eriadu Security Forces are lead by the Supreme Commander of the Eriadu Security Forces, who is appointed by the Governor of Eriadu. Despite being a member of the Galactic Alliance, Eriadu has maintained a very pro-sovereignty stance, including two of its representatives to the Galactic Alliance Senate, Senators Magus Keel and Deimos Speigel who are considered to be political heavyweights in the "Populist" political group in the Alliance Senate. Eriadu maintains much of its sovereignty as it did prior to the Galactic Empire, moreso now, even when Grand Moff Tarkin was one of the top tier military and political leaders under Emperor Palpatine's regime.

The Eriadu Security Forces are comprised of three main components, the Eriadu Security Fleet, one of the largest planetary defense fleets in the galaxy and one of the reserve components of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet. The Eriadu Security Ground Forces which make up the army and marine component of the Eriadu Security Forces, it is the largest branch with millions of soldiers across the entire Seswenna Sector. The final component is Eriadu Customs and Immigration which is responsible for all matters related to customs and immigration. The ECI is a paramilitary but civilian focused agency, it works closely with Eriadu Judicial Forces, the civilian police and judicial enforcers of Eriadu. Eriadu's ECI is a shared component between the Ministry of Security and the Eriadu Security Forces due to the overlap with the Eriadu Security Fleet, but it is primarily a civilian agency. The Eriadu Security Forces are comprised of mostly Imperial equipment and older Imperial warships, including a sizeable fleet of Victory I and Victory II-class Star Destroyers.

Branches of the ESF

  • Eriadu Security Fleet
  • Eriadu Security Ground Forces
  • Eriadu Customs and Immigration

Ranks of the Eriadu Security Forces

Eriadu Security Fleet​
Eriadu Security Ground ForcesEriadu Customs and Immigration
Vice AdmiralLieutenant GeneralDeputy Director
Rear AdmiralMajor GeneralChief
CommodoreBrigadier GeneralDeputy Chief
CaptainColonelAssistant Chief
CommanderLt. ColonelInspector
Lieutenant CommanderMajorNA
Lieutenant, 1st ClassLieutenant,1st ClassLieutenant
Lieutenant, 2nd ClassLieutenant, 2nd ClassNA
EnsignWarrant OfficerNA
Cadet (Eriadu Military Academy)Cadet (Eriadu Military Academy)Cadet (Eriadu Military Academy)
Enlisted Sergeant MajorSergeant MajorNA
Enlisted Sergeant, 1st ClassSergeant, 1st ClassSergeant, 1st Class
Enlisted SergeantSergeantSergeant
Enlisted, 1st ClassCorporalOfficer
EnlistedPrivateProbationary Officer