Abandoned Delila Castillon

Basic Information

Name: Your characters name.
-- Alias(s): Is your character known by another name or names?
Homeworld: Where is your character from?
Species: What species is your character?
Age: How old is your character?
Gender: What gender is your character?

Faction: What faction/organization/group does your character belong to?
-- Rank/position/title: What rank/position/title does your character have?

Appearance: You can either describe your character or link an image to what your character looks like.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Describe your character. What is he/she like? How does your character respond to particular situations? What is its ideologies? Would they sacrifice themselves for another specimen--family or otherwise?

Strengths: What are your character's strengths?
Weaknesses: What are your character's weaknesses? Perhaps, one of its strengths are also its greatest weakness?

The Force

Force Sensitive: YES/NO
Force Alignment:
Dark Side, Light Side, Grey, Other force alignment (Dathomiri Witch, Potentium, etc.)

Lightsaber form(s): What Lightsaber form or forms does your character practice?

Force powers: What force powers does your character have?
Core Powers
  • Control
    -- Force Concealment - Novice
    -- Force Speed - Novice
  • Sense
    -- Telepathy - Novice
    -- Force sight - Novice
    -- Farseeing - Novice
    -- Force empathy - Novice
  • Alter
    -- Telekensis (includes Force Jump, Force Push and Force Pull) - Novice
Universal Powers
Those trained in the force may take 1 Universal power in addition to their core powers and either 1 Dark Side or 1 Light Side power.
Light Side Powers
Those affiliated with the Light Side may pick 1 Light Side power in addition to their 1 Universal power but may not take a Dark Side power from the start.
Dark Side Powers
Those affiliated with the Dark Side may pick 1 Dark Side power in addition to their 1 Universal power but may not take a Light Side power from the start.


History: Tell us about your character, from birth till its current situation. And if you're feeling really bold, don't leave out any important details!

Possessions, equipment and appearance

Equipment: Please list any notable equipment that your character might possess.
Weapon(s): What weapon(s) does your character use?

Personal Ship: Does your character have a personal starship? If so, describe the ship in moderate detail (i.e. what it is capable of, what it looks like, where it came from, what type of engines it has, what types of weapons it is equipped with, etc). Reference to the starship's existence should be given in your character's history.

Droids: Does your character have a droid? If so, describe it in moderate detail (i.e. its capabilities, appearance). Reference to the construction/discovery of the droid should be given in your character history.

Other notable possessions/equipment: Does your character have any other notable possessions/equipment?

Writer Information

Pen Name: What do you go by on the internet?
Roleplaying Experience: How many years have you been creatively writing, and with what medium?

You and the Force: How long have you been in touch with your Star Wars side? How much knowledge do you have of Star Wars?

How Did You Find Us? How did you get to SW:G? Are you an old player? Did you use Google? Perhaps, you found our Affiliate sign on another site?

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Please note that your character has been moved to the Abandoned/Denied Characters section. We hope that you will look to revive your character and participate in the future!