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D-Canon Information

Star Wars: Galaxy is largely an alternative universe (AU) Legends-based play-by-post roleplay, however some of the newer canon (or D-Canon) has some interesting things. This post will serve as a list to include things that we have recognized from D-Canon as apart of our overall lore universe. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and if any questions remain please as a member of the Community Team. Please note that while certain pieces of technology, species, planets or locations might be on this list or authorized to be used, that does not mean that they exist within the site's own fanon.

Please note that some articles exist both in D-Canon and Legends, my recommendation is that if something has more information contained in one article, use that article unless there are glaring discrepancies.

Ships and vehicles

Weapons and equipment

Species, planets and locations

Corporations, organizations and entities

  • Monlitzer (Weapons manufacturer)
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