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Confederacy of Independent Systems

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  • Faction leader: General Grevious (Head of State and Supreme Marital Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies; NPC)
  • Leadership organizations:
    -- Executive Separatist Council (Separatist Council)
    ---- General Grevious (Head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies; NPC)
    ---- Nute Gunray (Viceroy of the Trade Federation)
    ---- Poggle the Lesser (Archduke of Geonosis)
    ---- Wat Tambor (Foreman of the Techno Union)
    ---- San Hill (Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan)
    ---- Shu Mai (Presidente of the Commerce Guild)
    ---- Passel Argente (Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance)
    ---- Po Nudo (Leader of the Hyper-Communications Cartel)
    ---- Tikkes (Leader of the Quarren Isolation League)

    -- Separatist Parliament (also called the Separatist Senate or Separatist Congress)
    ---- Speaker of the Separatist Parliament Bec Lawise (Mileva)
  • Capital: Raxus Secundus
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Confederacy Defense Forces

The Confederacy Defense Forces or Separatist military is comprised primarily of droid forces from across a variety of corporate members in the Confederacy. The Confederacy lacks the centralized elements of the Grand Army of the Republic but makes up for it in sheer numbers due to the near limitless number of droids. The Confederacy also contains a number of planetary, sentient (non-droid) units which fight across the galaxy for the confederate cause. Officially General Grevious is the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies and holds ultimate command authority over the "unified" droid armies.

OOC Note: Please note that SW:G is not a game of numbers, this is here to provide an overview for writers to gain an idea of relative strengths and ideas.

Writers interested in the Confederacy can belong to a number of different sub-factions within the CIS.
Writers interested in playing a sentient member, can use one of the various sentient units within the CIS. Please note that these units and formations are few and far between, they are rare and should used as a sort of "special forces" compared to droid units.
  • Morgukai Shadow Army - Despite the Siege of Saleucami, some Nikto continued to serve the Confederacy within the Morgukai secret society and were deadly Jedi hunters. Morgukai were known to mirror the Jedi in some respects. They were notably equipped with Cortosis staves.
  • Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion - Used exclusively as guards for high-ranking Neimoidian officials (and the Trade Federation) some units of the Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion were deployed for their skills related to protection of important sites and VIPs.
  • Nimbus Commandos - Based out of their homeworld of Jabiim, the Nimbus Commandos are feared and elite mercenaries (and defenders of Jabiim) that aligned with the Confederacy and continue to operate as a special forces unit for the CIS.
  • Koorivar Fusiliers - The Koorivar Fusiliers were experts in siege warfare, maintained their own distinct order of battle and were known for being advisors and present during important sieges of neutral or Galactic Republic worlds.
  • Neimoidian Home Defense Legion - Based primarily on the Neimoidian worlds, the NHDL was known to operate where notable Neimoidian commanders or officials were present as a sort of "home guard".
  • Umbaran Militia - The planetary defense force of Umbara provided a number of highly skilled, sentinent units to the Confederacy. The Umbaran's have proved to be a formidable force bolstering the Confederacy's strength.
  • Iotran Guard - Serving as the protectors and enforcers of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, the Iotran Guard was located primarily on Muunilist but was seen elsewhere on the fields of battle of the Clone Wars.
  • Gossam Commandos - Elite, special forces body guards of the Commerce Guild and skilled combatants on the field of battle.

Separatist Navy
Separatist Army (Generic)
Vice AdmiralLieutenant General
Rear AdmiralMajor General
CaptainLieutenant Colonel

Specialty ranks and titles

  • Commander - The title/rank of Commander is most similar to that of an Imperial Moff or a "Warlord of the Empire" in that it is a political-military rank. Its rank holders were tasked with serving multiple roles, such as fleet and troop command, overseeing tactical squads and coordinating surgical strikes, while simultaneously dealing with both logistics and the politics of the Confederacy. These commanders were required to adapt to both their enemies and allies.

Separatist Navy

  • Fleet - 3 Task Groups, roughly 200 to 4,000 vessels. Fleets are commanded by Admirals.
  • Task Force - 2 Task Groups, roughly 72 to 1,280 vessels. Task Forces are commanded by Vice Admirals.
  • Task Group - 3 to 10 Squadrons, roughly 36 to 640 vessels. Task Groups are commanded by Rear Admirals.
  • Squadron - 3 to 4 Flights, roughly 12 to 64 vessels. Squadrons are commanded by Commodores.
  • Flight - 2 to 4 Sections, roughly 4 to 16 vessels. Flights were commanded by a Commodore or a Captain.
  • Section - 2 to 4 vessels. Sections were commanded by a Captain and contained all maintenance and support vessels.

Separatist Army (and associated ground forces)

  • Army - 2 Corps and based aboard a Luchrehulk-class battleship. Armys were commanded by the ships captain or an appointed General and it comprised 218,400 droids as well as necessary support droids.
  • Corps - 5 Divisions and based aboard a squadron of 25 C-9979 landing crafting. Corps were commanded by command droids or by a sentient Lieutenant General.
  • Division - 5 Regiments and based aboard 5 C-9979 landing craft. Divisions were commanded by command droids or by a sentient Major General.
  • Regiment - 4 Battalions and 1 Vanguard and based aboard 1 C-9979 landing craft. Regiments were commanded by command droids or by a sentient Colonel.
  • Vanguard - 11 MTT Companies and 18 AATs and were supported by 1,232 droids in addition to support droids. Vanguards were commanded by command droids or by a sentient Colonel.
  • Battalion - 7 MTT or Troop Carrier companies including 24 AATs. Battalions comprised 784 droids and necessary support droids. Battalions were commanded by a command droid or by a sentient Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Company - 2 Platoons which were transported in an MTT or a Troop Carrier. Companies comprised 112 droids and necessary support droids. Companies were commanded by a command droid, a Captain or a Major.
  • Platoon - 7 Squads which contained 56 droids. Platoons were commanded by B1 Command Droids with the rank of Lieutenant.
  • Squad - 8 droids, commanded by a B1 Command Droid with the rank of Sergeant (in the absence of a higher commanding officer)
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Dark Acolytes

The Dark Acolytes formed as a group of Fallen and Dark Jedi around the former Jedi Master and secret apprentice to Darth Sidious, Darth Tyranus also known as Count Dooku. When Count Dooku was killed aboard the Invisible Hand in 19 BBY the leadership of the Dark Acolytes floundered and no one assumed the role of leadership within the Dark Acolytes; a number of the former leaders of the Dark Acolytes were killed in a series of fierce battles that came following the revelation that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Dark Acolytes possess no known coherent ideology or purpose aside from the destruction of the New Republic (formerly the Galactic Republic) and combat with the Jedi Order; many of them being former and fallen Jedi. The Dark Acolytes primary training facility is on Jabiim.

Known Dark Acolytes

  • Azael Leandre (Considered to be a known, "leading Dark Acolyte)
  • Cerra Casteel
  • Erit Lori
  • Castin Saper
  • Winslow Killswitch (Considered to be a known, "leading" Dark Acolyte)
  • Sebastian Ivar Kade (Considered to be a known, "leading" Dark Acolyte)
  • Sata Torean
  • Alexei Valvane (Considered to be a known, "leading" Dark Acolyte)
  • Malcharion Zharost (Believed to be a Dark Acolyte, unknown to be an Imperial Inquisitor)
  • Artel Darc (NPC)
  • Asajj Ventress (Missing, believed to be dead; NPC)
  • Kadrian Sey (KIA)
  • Karoc (KIA)
  • Saato (Grievously wounded battling Anakin Skywalker but remains in service; NPC)
  • Sev'rance Tann (KIA)
  • Sora Bulq (KIA)
  • Tol Skorr (KIA)
  • Trenox (KIA)
  • Vilnoc (KIA)


Various Ranks & Positions

  • Remus Kelbor [High-ranking Separatist whom is well connected; Commander]
  • Zero [ST-series Super Tactical Droid]
  • EG-9 [Known as a "Jedi Slayer; Assassin Droid]
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