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Community Rules

Despite what you're about to read, remember the most important rule: this is just a game. Yes, we are a family and, yes, we are here for you, but when it stops being fun for you, that's when you need to take a step back and consider if you are staying within the limits of these rules.

  • 1. General
  • 2. Graphics
  • 3. Character
  • 4. Roleplay
  • 4A. Banned Force Powers & Technology
  • 4B. Banned Species
1. General
  • Site Rating: Our community has certain standards that are upheld for everyone's enjoyment.
    • Language: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.
    • Sexual Content: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts. Cyber-sexual interaction is prohibited.
    • Violence: Graphic is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration of violence is allowed.
  • Member Age: Members must be 18 years or older to join SW:G. There is a certain level of maturity required of each member. The only exception is written consent by a parent/guardian in accordance with the COPPA.
  • Accounts: Only one account per writer. Account usernames should be appropriate and understandable.
  • Official Language: English is the Board's official language. Any post content using other languages should be accompanied by an English translation.
  • Accountability: Each writer is responsible for their own posts and for all content within those posts. All content is subject to these rules. New to this medium or not, we trust you to be a mature individual who takes responsibility for themselves and can cope in an atmosphere of independent like-minded Star Wars lovers. These rules have been established to cultivate an environment in which your intellectual creativity and growth as a writer can shine the brightest.
  • Respect - Give It to Get It: This is our bedrock principle at SW:G. You have a responsibility as a mature writer to respect your fellow writers, even when they aren't respecting you. This includes being the bigger person and preventing drama from spilling into the community. When the situation goes beyond your control, you know who to call (the Staff Team).
  • Common Sense: For the sake of everyone's sanity, please use it! This is the one guideline that will get you far here; use your senses to avoid the Staff from needing to use punishment. Act like the mature, responsible writers you are presumed to be.
  • Drama: It will not and cannot happen here. Resolve your differences via Private Message, Discord or some other platform. If unresolvable, avoid further conflict by seeking the assistance of a staff member. The Staff's goal is to mediate - to help - your situation, and not to impose discipline (unless absolutely necessary). Don't fight a battle when there need be none, especially if it can threaten the stable environment for your fellow writers.
  • Absences: If you need time away for any reason, please let us know in the Intros/Farewell forum before you take off! It's important for the community to be notified when you plan on being absent, in case a member, faction leader or staff member needs you for anything.
  • Advertising: Refrain from any form of advertising, unless you are posting in our guest-friendly Ads & Affiliates forum.
  • Chatbox/Discord Chat: All of these rules apply to both the Chatbox and Galaxy's official Discord Group Chat.
2. Graphics
  • Images: No image on the board may exceed 700 pixels (width) x 700 pixels (height).
  • Avatars:
    • An avatar may be no less than 20 pixels (width) x 20 pixels (height) and no more than 250 pixels (width) x 250 pixels (height).
    • The image must be a portrayal of a public figure or copyright-permitted drawing (e.g. celebrity, anime); it may not be a portrayal of yourself or anyone whose identity is not a public figure.
  • Signatures:
    • A signature, including any images or lines of text within the signature, may not exceed 600 pixels (width) x 200 pixels (height).
    • Lines of text within a signature may not exceed the normal size (12p or 100%) font or 255 characters.
    • A signature may have no more than 5 links.
3. Character
  • Character Profiles: - Read the How-To: Character Creation for a jumpstart on what's what in the SW: Galaxy and where to begin.
  • Character Approval: The process is outlined in the Character Creation Guide. The Staff will always tell you the reason why a character cannot be accepted, and you will always be given the opportunity to make your case. Should you raise a valid point, the Staff can compromise. However, please understand that the Staff makes the final decision, and, should it come to that, the necessary corrections must be made.
  • Minimum Character Age: Characters must be a minimum of 21 years old.
  • Canon Bloodlines: Not permitted without administrative approval.
  • Leading Multiple Factions: While writers can create characters in any faction of their choice, a character may not hold a significant leadership role in multiple factions all at once (e.g. The Galactic Emperor may not be the Jedi Grandmaster).
  • Character Death: Under normal circumstances, a character may not be killed without the expressed permission of the character's writer. However, if a character is in a position that leaves no realistic opportunity for escape, the character may be killed. The manner of death should be discussed and agreed upon by the writers involved beforehand.
  • Character Revival: A character may not be revived without the Staff's permission. One isn't merely revived out of the dead daily, you know. The only exception to this rule is if the character has the necessary Force abilities or equipment to do so.
4. Roleplay
  • Realism: Be as realistic as one can be within the Star Wars genre. Stay crafty and creative, but keep natural limits in mind.
    • DO NOT: My character is injured here and can barely hold himself, but a fired blast comes at him. So, he miraculously does a backflip out of the way and bounces off the wall, retaliating at said enemy with full ferocity. On basic premise, it is ridiculous to even attempt that.
    • DO: Own up and take the punches.
  • Poor Roleplay Behaviour:
    • No Powerplaying/Godmodding: Powerplaying/Godmodding specifically includes controlling another writer's character without permission, or engaging in unrealistic actions that give your character an advantage in a situation (e.g. using the Force to fire a turbolaser at a Star Destroyer, or using interpretive dance to clear wrecked Destroyers from the path of your crashing frigate). Describe your own character's actions, not the way others will react.
    • No Metagaming: Metagaming is giving your character knowledge of out-of-character information to give them an advantage in roleplay. Essentially, your character assumes to know something that only you as a player could know. Mixing OOC with IC can unfairly alter the course of events and is one of the most frowned upon and forbidden manipulations of roleplay. What your character knows is separate from your knowledge.
      • Foreseeing the Future: Unless the outcome of the storyline has been predetermined, a character cannot possess the ability to predict the future of "real-time" topics/posts. Otherwise, this falls under metagaming.
  • Locations in Topic Titles: Please add the location of a roleplay to a topic title, if the roleplay's location doesn't have its own forum (e.g. [Naboo] Assault on Naboo).
  • One Character, One Battle: Your character can be at multiple places at any one time, but cannot be at multiple different battles at any one time.
  • Inactive Battles: After one (1) week of inactivity in a battle thread, the Staff will rule in favour of whoever has the upper hand in the battle. Factors include:
    • which party is not responding (attack or defence);
    • superior forces (attack or defence); and
    • miscellaneous circumstances (gravity wells, reinforcements, etc.)
    • If an involved party gives advance notice of their absence, additional time will be granted, pending their return. However, please understand that factions must progress and we cannot wait months for your response.
4A. Restricted Force Powers & Technology
The world of Star Wars contains an overwhelming amount of Force abilities and extremely powerful technology. The following list is a grouping of Force abilities and types of technology that are disallowed for fairness and playability.
  • Banned/Restricted Force Powers:
    • Sith Alchemy (May not be used to create or modify an existing creature)
    • Thought Bomb
    • Morichro
    • Malacia
    • Force Storm (Worm Hole)
    • Battle Meditation/Force Meld (requires administrative approval for use)
    • Force Stasis
    • Deadly Sight
    • Transfer Essence (requires administrative approval for use)
    • Midi-chlorian Manipulation (requires administrative approval for use)
  • Banned Technology:
    • Superweapons (Super laser, Suncrusher, etc)
    • Biological weapons (any type of weaponized biological weapon of mass destruction: Brainrot Plague, Project Blackwing, etc)
4B. Restricted Species
  • The following species are currently unplayable due to the detrimental impact they have had and/or may have within Galaxy's open and free creative writing environment:
Note: The Community Team reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time. Changes will be noted in the Staff Announcements forum. Where a rule comes into dispute on the basis of application, ambiguity or misconception, it falls upon the administrative team to issue a ruling providing clarification to the written intent of the rule.
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Community Rules (07/17/2015)

Please note changes to the Community Rules:

- "Additional Guidelines" has been added to address rules previously uncovered as well as recommendations strongly encouraged by the Staff Team


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Community Rules (01/07/2016)

Banned/Restricted Force Powers and Restricted Species have been updated. Reasons are now given for why species are restricted. Those reasons may not be the only reasons, but are certainly the most prominent.
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