Approved - Mandalorians Cato Fett

Cato Fett

Mandalorian Clans
[ C A T O – F E T T ]

Age: Late 20s

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 1.8 Metres // 5 Feet 11 Inches

Weight: 79.3 Kg // 175 Pounds

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Green

Skin Colour: Fair

Force Sensitive: N/A

Rank: Warrior

Faction: Mandalorian // Fringe

Birthplace: Tatooine

Home: Terminus

Known Aliases: Zhilin // Tsurugi

Parents: Unknown

“~The Way of the Warrior is found in Death~”

-Author Unknown//Attributed Apprx. 3900s BBY

Sun & Moon

In vague dreams and broken recollections, Cato’s parents appear as unremembered shadows, greyed over and haunted with sun-seared eyes bright with animal needs. He was born on a dirtied roll-up mattress in a filthy Mos Espa bolthole, the son of street urchins that produced him out of desperate want for company and coupling. His earliest memories are dominated by inky shadows and heat-baked courtyards, wandering between limestone and ferrocrete hab-blocks bleached white by the twin suns. Daily food was kitchen scraps left out behind local cantinas and bodegas, viciously fought over against other local vermin. Water was simple condensation licked or collected from exposed plumbing found in wretched basements and crawlspaces. What little presence his parents had soon vanished and by his fifth birthday, Cato was little better than a dirty mongrel hunting through Mos Espa at dawn and dusk.

He was starved and virtually feral when he was found by off-worlders. A Mandalorian warband, pausing to restock provisions on-site, encountered Cato when he tried to thieve them. Like a magpie, he couldn’t resist the primeval allure of a set of handsomely chrome-chased pistols and attempted a brazen mid-day robbery. He was naturally and easily apprehended, scrabbling to free himself in a one-sided brawl, raking dirty nails against any exposed skin and nipping teeth wherever he saw a throat. The boy was a gaunt and bone-skinny thing then, with hunger apparent in wide, unblinking eyes.

The Mandalorians were Adamant Company. A collection of some two-score Keldabe mercenaries commanded by Guenyvhar and Yuna’sif, blood-sisters of Clan Fett out to make their fortunes bounty-killing across the Outer Rim. Between themselves, they debated over the predicament presented by little Cato. Abandonment back into Mos Espa’s crannies, a mercy killing to spare him, or simple adoption. The company ultimately rallied behind the boy and bristled at anything short of rescue, calling any other option a black mark on their honour. The sisters acquiesced, with Guen taking him into her personal custody and giving him the first of many things he’d lacked or been denied: she christened him Cato.

Dragon & Tiger

Turning a raw brute of a child into an able, ‘civilized’ ward was a mean feat in of itself. Guen had adopted into her care an unruly and misbehaving boy, whose only cares were food, water, and dark safe places to sleep. Adamant Company took it upon themselves to reverse him out of his feral state, at times forced to hard measures that broke down animal barriers shielding Cato’s inner frailty. Piece by piece, through familiarity, through familiarity into language, into understanding and custom, they rebuilt him. Celebration was had when Cato one day perked up and, at last, knew himself.

From there on, he was taught simple responsibilities. Food preparation and the basics of helping maintain a nomadic camp, inculcating integral skills that meshed well with his already sharply honed survival instincts. Cato became something of a shared page, standing always at someone’s side, watching before learning with his hands. His evenings belonged to Guen as she impressed and regaled him on tales of the Mando’ade. Their great victories and defeats, their heroes, villains, weaving an oral tapestry that drew their long history as warriors. Things that he would have to embody as a Mandalorian himself. With her aid, she promised, he would know strength and fearlessness.

Shortly before his eighth birthday (or as best they could guess), Adamant Company ventured into the Kathol Sector. Their quarry: an aged criminal fleeing deeper through the Outback. Encountering pirates, rival mercenary bands, hostile environs and equally lethal fauna, the Mandalorians hacked and blasted their way into the maze of the Kathol Rift. Motivated as much by the honour of the hunt as the prize of claiming the advertised bounty. Somehow, through the sheer wills of both Guenyvhar and Yuna’sif, they conquered the Rift and cornered their prey at Demonsgate. But a man Cato would soon know as Kharnak waited.

The master of his own cannibalized fortress, Kharnak had lured Adamant Company into ambush. Through combinations of shock assaults and grinding, relentless attrition, the Mandalorians whittled down one by one. Kharnak taunted them across comm channels as he cited longstanding feuds, revealing himself as Mando’ade, of Clan Garo out to avenge old wrongs committed in decades prior. Eventually, Kharnak himself waded into combat, bringing down a terrifying personal arsenal that decimated the best of the Adamants. Guenyvhar herself died confronting him, Cato witnessing her cut down by an eviscerating hail-fire. Only Cato and Yuna’sif survived of the original company, forced into a long, difficult retreat back through the Rift.

Kharnak’s onslaught left Cato traumatized. Free of the Rift, limping back to the Colony rim, Yuna’sif attempted beginning his tutelage in required combat training. Each try met broken defiance, Cato refusing her admonishments and returning Yuna’sif’s angry frustration with tearful rage and grief. He wouldn’t be like his mother’s murderer, he declared, promising he’d one day to put Kharnak to death with his own bare hands like the warriors of Guenyvhar’s favourite stories. After further refusals to so much even touch a blaster, Yuna’sif bore down on her charge with a long, weighted stare. Until, finally, reluctantly, she assented.

Taking a little used hyperlane outbound from Thyferra, they ventured together into the dark of the Unknown Regions. Journeying to where Cato would receive the training he needed. A place where, as Yuna’sif put it, ‘the Dragonflies gather’.

Heaven & Earth

As the first of the great Clone War battles began raging, Cato re-emerged. Now a young man, grown into the office of a trained warrior, and forced to rapidly acclimate to a galaxy on fire. Pieces of rumour began quietly circulating cantina tables as he retraced back down the Rimma hyperlane for the Outback, describing a fighter in Mandalorian battle-plate, armed only with sword and bow. At Demonsgate, the bleached and oxidized remains of the once formidable Adamant Company were put to rest, as Cato pieced together clues leading to Kharnak’s scattered trail. His enemy had long since gone abroad, leaving hints and marks of calculated brutality. The war, however, helped screen Kharnak’s movements and descriptions of a powerful mercenary did little to sift him from the chaff.

From Atraken to Sullust, across Jabiim into Merson and New Holstice, Cato stalked and fought through Republic and CIS battle lines before scouring Hutt space. Politics were meaningless for a time; Kharnak and the Slaughter of Demonsgate haunted his dreams and fed his want for vendetta. Yet time and again, leads and rumours led Cato astray, dwindling his meagre resources until he began resorting to bounty killing to fund his searches. Political and ideological divisions, criminal opportunism, sheer chaos, and even divides within the Mando’ade muddied the effort more. Against rage, despair, and doubts, Cato continued sharpening his blades and restringing his fighting bow as needed, finding solace into the simplicity of his mission. In time, he grasped a thread leading him to his foe.

For a second time, midst the Battle of Commenor, Cato and Kharnak encountered each other. While Cato’s arsenal consisted of his blades and martial arts, age and wounds had Kharnak relying on cybernetics, implants, and upgraded Beskar’gam. The outcome proved inconclusive. Though both drew blood, neither warrior was able to land that decisive killing stroke. And also for a second time, Cato was forced to watch Kharnak disappear amidst fire and smoke, again losing his trail as the Republic war machine crushed the CIS army and began their charge for Kashyyyk. And though later events in the year saw leadership change hands on either side of the great Clone War, Cato’s quest remained unchanged. He took whetstones to his blades, fletched new arrows, and brooded over old, bloody memories.

[C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S]

(+)Wrath of Heaven: Cato is a martial fighter and swordsman. With his preference for the longsword and hand-to-hand combat, he is a lethal if archaic warrior when in close killing range.

(+)Dha Werda Verda Despite his precepts of honour, Cato isn’t totally naïve. In addition to his fighting skills, he practices a wide selection of auxiliary skills pertaining to secrecy, intelligence gathering, and survival. Including urban and rural gymnastics, woodsmanship, rudimentary chemistry, and infiltration.

(+)Physical Sciences: Cato’s approach to combat depends heavily on physical prowess over firepower and technology. He trains rigorously to retain his fighting edge and health in preparation for the day he finally takes Kharnak Garo’s head, employing both rational and noetic techniques.

(+)Canons of Honour: While subscribing to the Resol’nare, Cato simultaneously applies a stringent personal code to his own conduct. Emphasizing courage, fidelity, justice, chivalry, and guardianship.

(-)Anachronic: Modern warfare is conducted through advances in firepower and technology. Cato’s adherence to the ancient ways forces him to fight in extreme close-quarters, making him vulnerable to fire from virtually any range as well as a host of implements designed to keep combatants like him at bay.

(-)Veil of Tears: It’s a difficult life and Cato’s attitudes towards combat and honour don’t warm him to many. Most Mando’ade he’s encountered see him as quaint, misguided, and at worst a fool. His conscience often draws him into aruetii troubles, wasteful struggles involving long odds that usually end in violence and bedlam.

[A P P E A R A N C E]

Lean, athletic, trim, as strong and supple as a sword, with green eyes beneath a slash of dark hair. Slivers and pockmarks of old scar tissue line and crater his frame, despite bacta and kolto treatments. He keeps clean shaven when possible and deters whiskers, citing distracting irritation when wearing facial shielding for prolonged periods. Outside of combat, he prefers a loose cotton wardrobe consisting of trousers, jacket, gaiters, and moderate under-armour. In battle, he dons a modified set of Mandalorian duraplast plate, adapted with an emphasis on speed and maneuverability over weight and bulky protection.

[P R O P E R T Y]

Beskar’gam: Cato’s personal set of Mandalorian armour. Instantly recognizable with its iconic T-Bar visor and Concord Dawn colourization. It’s customization veers somewhat from standard mercenary templates, featuring a laminar plate design with treated and reinforced under-armour fitted for maximum range and speed of movement. While not as hardy as legendary beskar, its duraplast plating allows a modicum of reliable protection.

Arsenal: Eschewing modern firearms, Cato relies on a collection of melee weaponry. Chief of these are his blades, comprising of a longsword, a shortsword, and an accompanying long knife. Further augmenting his on-person armory are numerous throwing knives, a well stocked quiver, and a once traditional hunting bow modified for combat use.

Rainfall: A stock Wayfarer-class Kuati transport, with a modified cargo bay remodelled to house Cato’s personal training grounds. Neither nimble nor ferocious, the Rainfall is regardless an able workhorse, providing ample living and work space supporting Cato’s fighting exercises and bounty career.