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Galard Thane

Basic Information:

Character Name: Galard Thane
-- Aliases: N/A
Homeworld: Coruscant
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34

Faction: Galactic Empire
-- Rank: Senior Captain

Personality, Appearance and History:



Personality Traits:

• Emphatic Imperial:
- Due to the growing uncertainty of the galaxy, Captain Thane is determined to see the Empire bring balance back to a struggling galaxy and is willing to go to almost any lengths to see its ends realized.
• Aggressive:
- With the seemingly endless Clone War still burning throughout the galaxy as well as the growing Mandalorian threat, Captain Thane will do all that is within his power to win the day for his Empire. Victory is the only path to peace.
• Perfectionist:
- Captain Thane must follow orders from the highest echelons of Imperial Command to the letter. Any objective left unachieved or failed and Captain Galard Thane struggles with thoughts of ineptitude or thoughts revolving around the shortcomings of his underlings or, in dire circumstances, his superiors.
• Ambitious:
- Feeling that he is typically the best man for any task his Empire requires completed, Captain Thane will often try, in varying degrees, to undermine his superiors so as to be on a short-list of potential promotion candidates.


Having been raised on Coruscant his entire life, Galard Thane grew up with a deeply engrained sense of patriotism. By the time he was 17 Thane had already gained entrance into the Republic Naval War College on Anaxes after receiving early sponsorship from Skor Kalpana, the Supreme Chancellor of the time. Earning the respect of his family, more importantly his father - a long-standing, high-ranking Republic officer - Thane knew he would serve his Republic well. After a hard four years Galard Thane graduated with honors and was given the assignment of his choice along with the rank of lieutenant.

Enjoying the naval career he hoped he would, Galard Thane quickly found himself on the fast promotion track. After three years as a lieutenant, Thane was promoted to captain after his performance during a terrorist incursion into Naboo space. It was after this incursion that Captain Thane garnered the attention of the senator of Naboo, Sheeve Palpatine. He was publicly thanked by the senator during a senate session following the arrest of the terrorist leadership.

Eventually, the Separatist Crisis engulfed the Republic and the galaxy in uncertainty. The ensuing Clone War that erupted from the political unrest permeated the galaxy in a whirlwind of fire and death, one of which Captain Thane could not abide. His career became all the more important to him because he felt that his skills were needed more than ever before. Though the war didn't go how he planned. The Supreme Chancellor, Sheeve Palpatine, was outlandishly branded a Sith Lord and arrested by the traitorous Jedi Order and their supporters. Thane was beyond relieved when word came down from Admiral Tarkin himself that the true loyalists of the Republic would be seceding from the poor excuse of government it had become and would form a new system of government - the Galactic Empire.

In dire need of experienced naval officers, the Empire quickly recognized the certain skillset Galard Thane possessed and promoted him to the rank of Senior Captain. Galard quickly proved worthy of the recognition by leading the defense of Bannistar Station, a key Imperial fueling station in the Mid Rim, against a significant Republic extremist attack conducted by enraged civilians. The attack was crushed, and the attackers made an example of by Thane's brutally efficient tactics. Senior Captain Galard Thane strives to complete the next objective his Empire demands of him.

The Force:

Force Sensitive: No


• Senior Officer uniform, encrypted code cylinders, sporting blaster pistol (hair trigger), Imperial protocol droid.

Personal Ship:

Command Ship: Victory-1 Class Star Destroyer, The Nemesis.
Personal Shuttle: Aboard the Nemesis.
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