Public Campaign - "For the Soul of JanFathal"


Here and there the Dark Acolyte would find himself clashing with opposing pilots from the enemy's side of things and while some were real dog fights, most squabbles were short lived. This was not due to Sebastian's piloting skill, but was more than likely due to the fact that the Republic's pilots this late in the war were usually ground troops given crash courses in flying before being sent out into combat. Beyond this his ship of choice and it's size, plus speed allowed him a slight edge in the aforementioned skirmishes.

Honestly though if it weren't for The Force guiding him subconsciously then the lad would've been shot down minutes prior. But, fate would press him, challenging the Dark Acolyte by throwing some proper pilots at him soon enough which was evident by their maneuvers as well as the fact that their shots were zooming by much closer. The sight of two Vultures being blasted down in quick succession however would press Sebastian to tap into the Vulture's comms.

Well, ladeedaah! C'mon Vultures!

There's only ten of them, however many more of you...Focus on the ARCs, hunt them down one by one, swarm them, overwhelm them with two on one tactics, go!

I want any remaining Hyena-class bombers to hit the enemy's side of the bridge, we hit them when they grouped up, now lets keep them back for a bit and let our forces fortify the city! We can't let them push in!

Any droids with the capable equipment and aren't immediately tasked with something else, you're too open fire on the enemies in the sky! Droids around the parliament building are to open suppressive fire while a score proceed inside to assault the clones in hiding!

It was unusual for him to give orders, he felt almost sick doing it, on top of this he was not very good as tactical efforts. Nonetheless while the droids did as ordered so would Sebastian act, singling out the nearby enemy interceptor with the assumption that they were some sort of leader.


Zipping after them while rotating like a thrown spear Sebastian would have his Orb-wing open fire, it's light twin repeating blasters opening up with rapid fire.

Blarg Spartan 999

Jedi Order
Rowan Calterra
Around the Parliament Building
"PvP" Time

Rowan kept relatively low to the rooftops as he and his ARC-170 compatriots engaged the enemy around the Parliament building. He swerved around a tall roof, which shook when a vulture droid's lasers hit it. One of the ARC fighters took it down with a well-placed shot to its wing, sending it spiraling out of control to crash on the street.

“If possible, try to kite these Vultures south to where our AA guns can hit them,” he said over coms. Radar noted the orb-wing had singled him out to tail and attack. He rolled sideways to avoid the first barrage of fire. “I'll handle their squadron leader in the meantime.” Well, he assumed it was the leader.

Hopefully that orb-wing pilot wasn't highly skilled. Rowan himself wasn't the best at dogfights, but he had picked up some tricks. He attempted to shake the orb-wing by diving lower into the crumbling city, now flying lower than most of the surrounding rooftops and darting around buildings at intersections. That would provide some cover and potentially force the other pilot to join him in the cramped space between buildings and above the street.
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Kylar's Squadrons - Over the City
The battle raged in the skies and among the city's streets. Kylar honed his mental focus thru the Force, as it took all his willpower to quickly respond the vast amount of comm chatter while still blasting CIS aircraft from the skies. He was currently banking his squadron south to engage a flight of Hyena bombers and HMP Gunships enroute to attack his allied forces at the spaceport and bridges that spanned the river. "Alright boys, look alive, I want that enemy formation turned to slag before the reach the river", he leaned over to key his comm back to ground forces to check on the infantry drops. "Tarek, Jori, I need a sit-rep on deployments........" his voice trailed off as Rupture Squad came in:

"we won't be able to clear LZ's near Parliament -- it's too hot over here. You'll either need to clear the skies or drop in some back-up so we can get those LZ's cleared for you......" The transmission ended abruptly followed by the thunder of artillery. Looking back north, Kylar could see smoke trails of ballistic rounds that were raining in on the Parliament Building. "Jori, no time to loose! They have that building zero'd, and I won't risk loosing its position nor Rupture Squad, get in there now!! Once you are on the roof, pinpoint that CIS artillery!" Kylar rolled his ship up and hard to port, bringing him into a 45 degree attack vector above the CIS bomber/gunship formation. With a quick flick of his thumb, he initiated target locks on the lead gunships, and once the lock-tone filled the cockpit, four (4) missiles streaked away into the engines of enemy crafts. His ship thundered forward, heavy laser cannons barking lethal bursts into the enemy. He was nearly unaware of his actions, as his hands nimbly guided his ship to dance thru the slow moving gunships, barreling back and forth as he ripped his foes apart, sending their metal hulks screeching down into the river and city streets below. It was upon him now........the swordsong......the battle fever, as his father had called it. Its intensity heightened his focus, while its dire peril filled him with resolve. He was elated, yet grim in his duty. And his passion for battle surged him on. They must bring victory here.........he must.

His ARC-170 wingmen had no hesitation and waited for no orders. They knew their commander well. All around him the air filled with missiles and laser fire as his squadron torn into the enemy, with the droids realizing only too late how quickly their destruction was at hand. As only two enemy bombers remained of the entire enemy wing, he keyed his comms, "Rangers, hunt down those last two and then turn your attention to the enemy fighters. This space is far too crowded, and I want air superiority over our men starting from the Parliament building and all the way south." One of his pilots keyed in, "Sir, that's.....that's a 30km battle line......with our limited numbers....." But Kylar was assured of his men's skill, "......with our current numbers we need to do more fighting than talking. Break into flights! Sweep the skies! When engaging full formations, join back up into squadrons and hit them hard! The droids only know their programing and targeting. But you all have courage of a thousand men! Let it shine this day. Look out for one another, and make sure you don't stray over the line into their AA range."

Kylar doubled back then towards the thickest fighting in the center of the city, downing three (3) more Vulture droids as he went, and quickly issuing orders over the constantly shifting battlefield.

Cpt. Jori's Paratroopers - Parliament Building
As the 44th Umbra company dove out on to the battlefield, the ARC trooper Cpt. Jori took moment as fresh intel came in. He signaled to delay his drop of the 58th alongside the 44th south of Parliament, as he listened to Rupture Squad's warning suddenly fill his headset - "we won't be able to clear LZ's near Parliament -- it's too hot over here. You'll either need to clear the skies or drop in some back-up so we can get those LZ's cleared for you......" Jori keyed his comm, "Not for the 58th! Tell your men we're comin in hot, hang-on Rupture!" After affirming the 44th disembarked successfully, he turned to his pilot of the C-70, "Get us some altitude, and angle your climb directly over Parliament. I'll take the rest of our men and we'll drop straight in. A little ground fire has never stopped us before." He paused to glance at the battle map noting the drop points of the 58th, 44th, and Nova Corps so far. "Send word to the other Chargers: I want one (1) C-70s to air-drop their men over the university grounds to link up with Nova Corps to the east, two (2) C-70s to drop on the north-side of each bridge to reinforce the allied position, another one (1) to reinforce the 44th company, and then send two (2) more to follow our lead and drop directly on the Parliament building."

"Yes, sir, sending coded orders now", echoed around the command bridge as his men hurried with their orders. Cpt. Jori donned his helmet and moved aft to join the rest of his contingent. Most of his troopers were already prepped at the entrances to the drop-chutes in the underbelly of the C-70 Charger, crowding the passage ways. One of his corporals handed him his loaded rocket-propelled grenade launcher, which he secured to the straps on his back and proceeded to check his plasma clip in his heavy repeater rifle. Slapping the clip into place, he lifted his gaze to those around him, as he leaned forward with the pitch of the C-70 steadily increasing, a clear indication the pilot was climbing for their drop. "Alright guys, we're going in again under heavy cover. Speed is the key. The Commander will keep the skies clear, but we need to descend on that building below with a fury! The Seps are threatening to overrun it, and our priority is to secure the roof and launch a heavy counter attack. Bring all the heavy ordnance you can carry, along with flares. Our Y-wings will light up the Seps in the streets if we guide them. Most importantly, we need to secure our allies in the building, especially Rupture Squad. Then we stabilize and hold the line. Good luck, and let's give them one for! What's our motto?"

The 58th chanted in unison, the ancient tongue of Alderaan that their commander had taught them:
"Falch ydy ni i drochu Draed o'r flaen i'r Annwn!" (We gladdly to plunge feet first into Hell!)

And Jori responded, " Mewn y gwybodaeth fe godwn ni!! (Knowing that we shall rise!)

With the cheer still echoing throughout the hold, the drop light flashed green, and Jori started ushering them thru the drop-chutes. The 58th Airborne Rangers dropped with tremendous speed, shifting thru the thin clouds and racing towards their target which loomed up from below. None slowed their descent, dropping like stones with most of the enemy fire attempting in vain to imped their coming. As the massive domes on the roof the Parliament building grew larger and larger until they were mere meters away, the 58th activated their jet-packs at the last second to slow their descent. Some stated hovering for a moment and drew their grenade launchers to rain emp and thermal grenades into the ranks of their foes attempting to re-take the roof access points from the Traditionalists and Clone troopers within. Within moments of touching down, the 58th swarmed over the roof leveling what little resistance remained and quickly set-up firing lines on all sides of the building. To the northern square, they rained down grenades, rockets, and blaster fire into the approaching droid and Unionist troops, swiftly and suddenly checking the bold CIS advance through the open streets. Cpt. Jori was running behind his men on the north-side of the roof, "That's it! Come on, pour it on them! Drive these bastards back! Its a full shooting gallery in the streets below! Stop their advance now!" Smoking flares erupted from several of the troopers' launchers which streaked out into the courtyard below.

BTL-B_Y-wing_rear.jpgWith only a mere seconds delay, the whine of the 58th's Y-wings engines could be heard as they dive bombed the advancing forces in three (3) consecutive waves, rending terrible damage to enemy tanks, dwarf spider droids, and swathes of infantry. Suffering these losses on now sustained fire from the superior of position Cpt. Jori's unit, the Sep infantry halted their advance and began to scatter to seek refuge and defense in structures on either side of the street. As the Sep advanced temporarily halted, Jori lead multiple squads down into Parliament to begin linking up with their allies. Only moments after connect was established, Jori's men stumbled upon the unconscious Rupture Squad, which he immediately called a medic for and removed them behind the active lines. "Don't worry mates, we got ya. The 58th never lets a trooper down."
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Again, Sebastian was hardly an Ace Pilot, let alone a talented tactician/battle coordinator. In reality Sebastian was still quite wet behind the ears when it came to being a Dark Acolyte, sure he was a skilled fighter, but that was one thing in of itself entirely. While the enemy vessels were one thing, with one even targeting him outright, the fact that Sebastian could faintly see drop troopers in the distance began to trouble him. It was at this point the young Kade began to realize that the Battle of JanFathal was a losing one, no matter the defence the CIS could post up at this point it wouldn't suffice. This day The Republic had won, but what were the remaining Separatist forces to do?

Hissing before sucking on his teeth Sebastian would proceed to curse himself before yanking his fighter's controls to the side to avoid enemy fire. Entering a mad spin he'd go on to make his way toward the parliament building once more.

" Any fighters going down, kamikaze the parliament building, any remaining fighters still fly worthy.....You're to crash into the enemy ships, give up on taking them down from afar, wreck em'....Droids on the ground keep blasting the parliament building and Republic troops for suppression, others continue to fortify defenses in the area and prepare to fall back when necessary. "

Blasting down a Y-Wing along the way Sebastian would zoom through the cloud of smoke and fire left in it's wake before making his way down to street level. Zipping and turning until making a rough landing some safe distance away Sebastian would then be quick to jog back to the heat of things. A couple of blocks from the parliament building would take some time, but lucky for him he'd witness a B1 droid on a STAP zooming by. Managing to leap into the air at the proper time Sebastian would deftly knock the droid aside before mounting the repusolrcraft for himself.

" Sorry, you're on guard duty now! Watch my ship and keep quiet! "

Pushing the STAP to it's limits Sebastian would near the parliament building once more in no time, coming in hot with the vehicle's blasters rapidly pelting any Republic troops it might as well as the building itself. That was until Sebastian used The Force to jump up and away from the STAP, sending the latter into a crash course with the building thus causing it to explode violently on contact. Meanwhile Sebastian would continue to rise in the air, flipping forward until he came crashing through a third story window, his Shoto Lightsaber and Neuranium-sword already at the ready in their respective hands. The lightsaber's light blue glow and it's white core lighting up the immediate area as well as the Acolyte himself. There were many troops in the medium-sized room, but perhaps two, maybe a third outside or around the corner.

" Ohh, why hello there! "

Smiling Sebastian would proceed to blitz forward, ducking blaster fire and slapping it away where he could, even using his heavy short-sword as a means to absorb some of the stray bolts. In less than a minute he'd manage to take down the two troopers before taking point to see if anyone else was nearby, thankfully there was not. With this he could continue forward with his attack, however he was literally in the hot zone after having ordered the droids to continue their assault on the building. Lucky for him most of the droid starfighters had been taken down already, most if not all of these having been taken out before his kamikaze order had even been given.

Slinking on down the dirty and damaged hallway Sebastian would stealthily seek out his next Republic targets.


Galactic Republic
Few minutes quickly passed as the squad slowly crawled up to the parliament with the help of scattered Traditionalist militia. The clone troopers are hunkered between buildings and wreckages, avoiding direct fire from the droids and their aircraft. "It's no good, Captain. We cannot push further than this without risking our formation." The first lieutenant assessed before following with a question. "Have the third platoon set up the emplacements? Could use some of them."

The Twi'lek captain did not answer his questions, but rather kept listening to the comms while leaning on a busted wall, motioning him to wait for a little bit. "Negative, no response from the bridge team. Most likely still fighting. Captain Jori's sending a CR-70 to our location though," Kal readied her pistol and peeked towards the parliament building several times while counting in her head, "And here it comes. All troops, in point formation and push forward for the parliament." The cruiser arrived just in time to provide the firepower to clear the battle droids on the south of the parliament building. As the clone troopers pushed through the lasers, explosions and smokes of the battle, they can briefly see the 58th dropping right on top of the target. "Looks like they beat us to it."

Finally closing onto the ruined entrance of the parliament building, Captain Kal'Thera split the remaining troops into two. "Second platoon, treat the wounded and cover the entrance. First platoon, come with me inside." She entered what's mostly left of the parliament building after the few squads before her. The squads split up to clear the remaining scattered droids while her squad went on to the last known position of the Rupture Squad. Along the ravaged hallway, they rescued Traditionalist troops trapped under rubbles and fire before finally caught up Cpt. Jori's unit, already taking care of the Rupture Squad. "Thanks for the assist back there."

Quick medical aid was administered before the injured clones are going to be removed from the front lines. Most of the 44th were trained medics, after all. They could just barely catch a breath before a comm broke the silence. "STAP coming right at our way!" The Second Platoon Lieutenant outside alerted before an explosion is heard on the side of the building. "No driver identified, most probably suicidal droid. We'll patrol around the outside." Weird, is the Federation going to send every droid they have to crash into the parliament building now?

Regardless, the parliament building should be theirs for now. Kal sends a message for the squads clearing the different rooms and floors to gather up. "We've rendezvoused with Cpt. Jori and the Rupture Squad. Form up on me." The order was responded to with rogers, except the fourth squad. "Uh, negative. CT-2859 and CT-3170 don't seem to respond up here. We'll scour for potentially hidden droids on the third floor."

That doesn't seem right.

The Twi'lek tapped the shoulder of her First Lieutenant, pulling out her pistol and went up the stairs. "Styx, we're going up to the third floor."

Blarg Spartan 999

Jedi Order
Rowan Caltera
Airspace over the Parliament Building
Target-rich environment

Rowan pulled his Actis up and back, arcing out of the cityscape and into the airspace above. The orb-wing had peeled off, and though Rowan chased after it, he lost it amidst the confusion of the aerial combat.

“Damn,” he muttered. Then, Rowan noticed a damaged vulture droid careen into the parliament building. It made a terrific explosion. Another one smashed into the side of an ARC-170 from his squadron, destroying the fighter. To his senses, there was a brief spike of alarm before it was snuffed out, replaced by an empty void.

And the remaining droid fighters seemed to be exhibiting similar behavior.

“Kriff.” Rowan keyed the local comm frequencies for friendly starfighters and ground combatants alike. “Kamikaze vultures inbound, avoid and brace for impact!” He switched to his own squadron, then. “Let's shoot down these vultures before they hit the parliament building.”

Rowan sent his interceptor screaming after the enemy fliers. Both sets of cannons fired, rapidly tearing apart three—make that four—of them in short order; it was easy when their trajectories were predictable and they weren't shooting back (for the most part). A display in his cockpit blared an overheating warning. He ignored it for the time being. The faster they could take down these suicide droids, the better.

His squadron lost two more ARC-170's during the frenetic game of high-stakes tag. Rowan winced at each death. They were down to only four now, plus his own interceptor. It was fortunate, then, that a few additional flights of Republic fighters arrived in the nearby area to reinforce them. With their help, Rowan and company were able to mop up the remaining kamikaze droids in the airspace above the parliament building.

Kamikaze fighters don't tend to last very long though, but that's beside the point.

“Pilots, link up with those friendly wings,” said Rowan to his few remaining ARC-170's. “I've got someone to hunt...”

With that, Rowan broke off from their formation and dove to fly low over the city. “R4, scan for that orb-wing again.” Assuming the pilot hadn't already been shot down or escaped to a far-off location, that is.
Four Onderonians groaned in near unison as the modified Porax-38 broke the planet’s atmosphere, followed by an escorting Republic starfighter. While Lontra’s initial intention was to enter the University of Arts and Mining alone, Thrane’s logic of taking a small team quickly won him over. While the Wookiee had spent the last few months of the war either fighting on his homeworld or locked in a Techno Union lab, the Onderonians had fought a civil war on their own planet, quite similar to the conflict that now engulfed Jan’Fathal. This version of the Porax-38 was initially designed for one pilot and a droid to ride in comfort, but after stripping out the consumable containers and emptying the cargo areas, there was just enough room for four human to stand, arms crossed and holding their equipment, in four standing sarcophagi.

The ARC-170 slowed to trail Lontra’s fighter, separating its wings and engaging its weapons. The clone pilot and co-pilot, called “Stick” and “Bell”, chirped in over the radio. “Just confirming sir, radio silence from here out, give the illusion that we’re in hot pursuit?” inquired Bell, the more serious of the pair. The Wookie replied, “Correct. If you do score a hit on us, try to hit the wings. We had to remove some of the armor around the fuselage to make room for extra passengers and I don’t know how well this will hold up. Lontra out.” The Wookiee lieutenant rolled his craft to the right until his cockpit faced towards the ground, then pulled up on the stick to initiate a dive. Before the clones turned off their radio, Stick joked, “Hey Bell, I betcha I can tag ‘im once in each wing!” Hurtling earthward, Lontra mused, “The clones always have similar voices, but no two are ever the same. Fascinating.

Dancing, twirling, intertwining, the manic ballet of aerial combat unfolded as the Porax-38 drew ever closer. Bursts of orange blaze erupted sporadically as the cacophony of explosions and engines grew louder with every encroaching moment. Lontra eased the joystick back and to the left, starting a widening circuit to cut his airspeed. A flash of green light whizzed by the cockpit, startling the Wookiee into tightening his turn. One of the Onderonians let out a disgusted hurk, while another complained, “You’re not making the greatest first impression, Wookiee!” Forgetting himself, Lontra tried to let out an annoyed growl, but only succeeded in grating his vocal cords against his implants with a quiet, painful hum. Additional lasers from the trailing ARC-170 now flew harmlessly below the belly of the leading fighter, guaranteeing the radius of the turn was sufficient.

As they neared the city skyline, Q7 beeped and whirred, directing his pilot’s attention to the CIS Vulture droid aircraft. One of the charcoal-grey fighters careened into a republic formation, nearly smashing into the tailing ARC-170. They’re suicide attacking, thought the Wookiee, horrified. Out of the corner of his eye, Lontra spied a pair of Vultures dashing out towards Stick’s fighter, attempting to match or overtake his turn. “Hold on!” he exclaimed, jerking the joystick back to snap the Porax-38 into a climb. This cut his airspeed enough to allow him to roll his craft behind the Republic fighter, placing himself between the Vultures and their prey. Lontra squeezed off a few blasts below the ARC-170, buying the clones enough time to accelerate away from their pursuers. The Vultures, now too far away, peeled off to join a different part of the battle, leaving the Wookiee and his nauseated crew with an open path to a landing dock at the University.

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Lontra: Galactic Republic
Move, imbeciles!” Lontra shouted at one of a pair of battle droid sentries that dared impede the progress of himself and the four Onderonian sharpshooters. “This is Techno Union business,” he continued, flashing the stolen Porax-38’s code key at the droid before shoving it aside. “Wait...excuse me...I didn’t get a good look at that code key,” the first droid interjected. The Wookiee turned, wrapped his massive paw around the B1’s head, and squeezed. The droid’s head imploded under the pressure with a grating screech. As his partner’s limp body slumped to the ground, the other B1 let out a robotic yelp. Towering over the droid, Lontra glared down at it, inquiring “do you also need another look at my code key, or are you going to give me directions to the Union’s data terminal?

The odd septet of four grey-clad Onderonians led by a towering Wookiee and two diminutive droids marched quietly through the halls of the University of Mining and Arts. Statues of scholars carved from dark grey stone leered down on the group traversing its way across the blue and black checkered floors. Q7 hummed inquisitively, only for the B1 to respond, “how should I know who they are? All I’m supposed to do is guard the place.” Dejected, Q7 buzzed and shook his head dome. Before long, they arrived at the University’s data vault, surprisingly left unguarded. When Lontra inquired about their deployment status, the B1 shrugged, innocently stating that most of their guards had been sent as reinforcements to the Parliament building. “Surely you must have a sniper detachment on the roof,” the Wookiee asked. The droid nodded, before adding “only one team of modified B1’s, a shooter and a spotter. The others that were stationed here are being redeployed closer to the battle lines.” Suppressing a smirk, Lontra suggested, “My men were sharpshooters for King Rash of Onderon. They can supplement your team in place on the roof. Escort them to your sniper nest.” The B1 raised its hand in an awkward salute, repeating its irksome roger roger before marching off with the four snipers. Lontra tapped the side of his head for the squad leader, Patil, to see, indicating him to turn on his commlink. Receiving a nod from his subordinate, Lontra turned to the nearest terminal and instructed Q7 to insert his scomp link.

Twenty minutes into his search, Lontra came upon a familiar file name: Project Diaspora. He’d heard the project name from Dr. San during his imprisonment on Skako Minor. Opening the file, he ordered Q7 to begin a download, to which the droid acquiesced with an obedient beep. Most files within the project folder were labelled with the prefix, “AM,” then a location name. Lontra searched the files for the closest location to Jan’Fathal, finding the file “AM: Muunilinst”. It read as follows:

Asset Management: Muunilinst
50 males for mining labor beneath Harnaidan
20 females and 10 juveniles for domestication training, Harnaidan

All assets acquired from Rowrakruk

Lontra didn’t notice his claws digging into the console until his comm chirped. “Sir,” informed Patil, “hostiles have been dealt with, what are your next instructions?” The Wookiee took a deep breath, confirming with Q7 that the entire file was downloaded. “Hold position and identify potential targets, I’ll be up shortly.” Q7 detached from the scomp port, eagerly receiving an affectionate pat from his master as the pair departed the data vault.

PC's: Lontra-Galactic Republic
Color code:
Orange: Lontra, Yellow: B1 Battle Droids, Teal: Data file, Light grey: Republic NPC's

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58th's Squadrons - Over the City

Kylar veered sharply to port to avoid a kamikaze Vulture starfighter, only to have second enemy fighter bear down directly at his cockpit. "Hang on!" he shouted to Tarek as he switched all his laser cannons to linked-fire straight ahead, blowing the enemy in half moments before clattering thru its exploding shrapnel of its frame. His ship rocked from the impact but the armor plating held and a quick hull-status check showed all systems green. "Its getting dicey up here Rangers. Looks like the Seps are trying to cut their losses. Fan out to avoid their suicide dives and watch each other's backs. Chargers! Get up here, delta formation, sweep the skies above the Parliament and our units below." Leading his flight on their increasingly sporadic aerial dance to engage more enemies, he heard the roar of the C-70 Chargers' engines thundering around him, as nine (9) of the corvettes responded to his immediate order and filled the air with a vicious assault of turbolaser fire to the remaining enemy air wing, which was now divided between those retreating North to CIS lines and the rest throwing away their circuits hoping to cause as much devastation to the city and his unit as possible.

Thankfully, the surprise counter-attack of the Republic airborne units had seemed to catch the Seps flat footed, and Kylar's trained squadrons were increasingly winning the current fight for air superiority with only minor causalities. However, even the combined skill of his fighter pilots and the heavy guns of the corvettes were not enough to sweep all of the kamikaze Seps from the skies. The sheer savagery of this sudden tactic had claimed several Republic pilots and the Parliament building below had multiple sections of its domed roof blown open from the impacts. "Cpt. Jori, deploy the Mon Cal portable energy shields to shelter the wounded and plug any of those roof openings you can. They'll become prime targets for the Sep artillery if they can get a line of sight..........",

A sudden flash to starboard cut-him off as a Vulture slammed into one of the engines of a nearby C-70. "We're hit! Port engine is gone.....I.....I can't keep her airborne!"

"Can you make it back to the space port?", Kylar shouted.

"Negative commander. We're already loosing too much altitude. Controls are.....ggaahh.....controls are tight, but I think I can set her down in the water to the west", the pilot responded while frantically fighting with the controls.

"Understood. Set her down and keep your repuslors on to keep her afloat. We'll direct a rescue op to tow you to the southern docks. Be careful and be safe. Flight 3, take your fighters and escort that corvette safely down."

The C-70's engine billowed a smog of dark smoke as it craned across the battlefield and headed for the open water to the West of the city with a flight of ARC-170s shadowing its wake. "By the Force, make it safe boys." Kylar said a silent prayer and then turned back chaos he needed to manage.

The air battle was over........for now. Kylar pulled up a holo-display of city layout on the console to his right.


The Republic now had control of the airspace stretching across the city from the western docks to the Parliament building to the University of Mining & Arts in the East, especially thanks to their dive bombers knocking out the nearby east and west anti-craft towers the CIS had under their control. However, the CIS still had multiple fixed and mobile gun batteries to the North around the Manufacturing district and the Energy Collection sites that were fueling their mechanical soldiers.

Kylar was sharply reminded of this as a flight of Y-wings pulled out of their bombing on the streets below, with one of the craft banking too far north to be near instantly cut down by a flak barrage. "All flights, watch yourselves! Do not stray over the battle lines. The Seps are too well entrenched in the northern half of the city. Keep up close fire support to our troops on the ground in the center. Any incursions into their AA range will have to be surgical."

Ground combat was a different story. The 58th's paratroopers had mostily secured the Parliament headquarters and its surrounding annex structures, locking them down into a central fortress from which they were attacking Sep units on near all sides save for a narrow corridor leading south to the central bridge that the 44th company had established with their drop. Additionally, Nova corps taken up blasting droids and securing areas around the eastern University, while Lt. Lontra and his sniper team had secured the University building proper and were holding a solid position on the roof. While a tremendous gain, it also meant they were practically surrounded.

The Separatist heavy assault had taken a tremendous beating, especially with the paratroopers heavy ordnance and close air support reeking havoc on their armored divisions that were boldly exposed in the streets in their blitz to the southern bridges. Weakened yes, but far from out of the fight. Enemy comm chatter indicated the local Unionist officers had ordered a retreat to consolidate their forces after the open square in front of Parliament had become a kill zone for the Republic. Flying over, Kylar could still see the area littered with shattered hover tanks and spider-droid husks along with the lifeless bodies of Muuns, JanFathalans, and droids alike. Yet the Seps still held a near impenetrable battle line around the Manufacturing district stretching through the city to their primary landing field in the north. Further more, near all the blocks just north of Parliament were now infested with droid and Unionist regiments who were hunkering down behind cover to copy their Republic counter-parts in the Parliament stronghold. Additionally, they still had heavy armor in the South-West holding on to their territory while holding off the Republic-Traditionalists from moving past the West Bridge. The Eastern front held a similar situation, that while the CIS had been denied their heavy bomber and gunship support by Kylar, their ground divisions dug in to their current positions to also trap the Republic at the East Bridge. Honestly, the only advantage in the East the Republic-Traditionalists had were a handful of clone units and an elite sniper division lead by a Wookie held up in the University block.

But, their JanFathalan Traditionalist allies had been on the brink of collapse and defeat, if they had not so boldly charged into the fray. That at least was true. Though still outnumbered about 3-to-1, this daring Republic band had bought the world another day to hold on........another day to fight..........another day to win. As the sun began to set over the capital, Kylar keyed his comms, "This is Commander Thrane to all Republic and Traditionalist Forces. Hold all present positions and account for wounded. Call-in what ammo, rations, and medical supplies you need, and the 58th will start air-drop resupplies in fifteen (15) minutes. Forces along the southern bridges and river - hold tight, fresh reinforcements will be coming to you on foot from the spaceport. All aircraft, begin cycles back to the airfields to re-arm and re-fuel. You'll continue to run fire support, supply drops, and reconnaissance all night. To the 58th, 44th, and Nova corps at Parliament and the University.........hunker down brothers and sisters.......get small in your positions and watch for enemy artillery........if the enemy advances again, give 'em hell and call-in bombing runs. I'll contact you all in one (1) hour for strategy call, and then I'll be joining you shortly on the ground. Good luck! And may the Force be with you."

OOC: All current characters on JanFathal, feel free to post responses/reactions in this thread. Then we'll be wrapping this up to launch the next battle portion in Phase-2 in a separate thread that I will start with an objective update, and we can launch into a mission briefing. Via discord chat or separate thread, we can also plan out mini operations for characters to undertake so the story can launch along multiple "battle fronts" within the city. Thanks so much for helping build this up!

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"Situation level: critical." TC-96 analyzed as it studied a holo-projection of the battlefield.

The CIS army wasn't supposed to face such opposition. The CIS troops sent there were enough to crush a rebellion. But not to deal with a Republic assault. And now, enemy controlled the airspace, paratroopers were dropping from the sky everywhere, and clone units were securing entire city blocks, one after the other. Artillery and AA gun were enough to resist and slow down the enemy, but not to take back control of the city.

"Unit U127 and U136, sent counter-strikes on coordinates 6453" TC-96 ordered through encrypted channels to still deal with the immediate needs of the front-line. Buts its processors were already focused on the long-term plan. Janfathal was a lost battle, at least, with the current forces engaged. Especially with the Republic controlling the airspace and sending shock troops in the streets of the capital.

Meaning it was time for TC-96 to do what it had been programmed for.

"Guerrilla warfare... engaged." TC-96 said.
Cassus Valorous
Republic Class Acclamator

Jedi Knight Cassus Valorous gazed out at the planet in front of him, standing aboard the Republic Acclamator Andromeda. Its had come out of hyperspace outside of JanFathals asteroid ring, per Commander Thrane's warning. He looked with wonder at the ongoing battle, he'd heard stories of Jedi Knight Kylar Thrane, he was from Alderaan, after all. HIs moment of wonder quickly vanished though, as he set out to complete his mission. "Lieutenant Jir?" Cassus asked. "Get my fighter and escort ready for combat, and signal to Commander Thrane of our arrival. I shall speak with him shortly."

"Yes, sir. Is that all?." The Lieutenant at the comms station asked.

Cassus nodded, not quite listening as he exited the bridge and began walking to the hanger. Kylar Thrane, he was known for his many achievements in battle, and his 58th Airborne were known by many as a fearsome force. This would be an interesting experience He thought. He entered the hanger as pilots ran to their ARC-170's and began take off procedures. His own Starfighter sat close by, it was a ETA-2 Class Light-Interceptor, known as one of the Jedi's most used star fighters. "Have the preparations been finished Captain?" He asked the squad leader of his escort as he walked past.

"They are indeed, will we be staying long?" He responded.

"Don't worry, you and the escort won't be staying long, once we've made landfall I'll be accompanying the 58th Airborne. Get all of the pilots ready." Cassus informed him as he entered the cockpit of his fighter. He began pre-flight checks, and signaled to the other pilots as soon as he was finished, informing them to begin take off. All pilots checked in and signaled ready to begin departure. The 8 fighter escort formed a wedge on Cassus's fighter as they left the hanger. As they were beginning their entry through the asteroid field, he singled to Thrane's vessel. "This is Jedi Knight Cassus Valorous, Commander Thrane I have been sent to assist in the JanFathal attack. I am entering the asteroid field with my escort, Cassus out." He said as he keyed the comm off. This was going to be a rough fight.
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