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Hello Galaxiers!

There has been a discussion within the Community Team and several members of the community regarding the current plots, setting and era for several weeks now. When we re-launched Star Wars: Galaxy a few months ago, the idea was to try something different. We decided on the 3800 BBY timeline with some tweaks and changes, ultimately that is what we've tried and its actually worked! There has been some discussion about the launch of a second era of the site, based somewhere between 55 ABY and 100 ABY. The internal discussion focused on the question of...could we support two eras? The general consensus was we could, but it might split the site or detract from both eras. Following that discussion, we decided that it might be best to focus on an era that has a lot more potential versus what we have now. The factors we considered were technology, ease of access, the ability to make faction-wide plots, the ability to use parts of the galaxy that during the 3800 BBY era were unexplored. We decided that SW:G will shift to 55 ABY to better allow us access to technology, plots and the upcoming movies, comics and other media will also provide a boost in the era.

As it stands all characters will be moved back to the review stage and we will work on converting over the site. The factions that will be involved from the start are as follows: Galactic Alliance, the Imperial Remnant (a "member state" of the Galactic Alliance), the New Jedi Order (closely aligned with the Galactic Alliance but not necessarily apart of it), the Brotherhood of the Sith (a loosely organized, insurgency-style Sith/Dark Jedi organization), the Mandalorian Clans and a number of criminal and fringe organizations organized into a sort of "Cartel" faction. Each faction will have faction-wide plots that will push the story forward versus a large site-wide "plot" from the start. Please note that in the early stages things might be chaotic but I am confident that the Community Team and the Faction Leaders can handle everything that comes up.

In a rather different spin for SW:G, we'll have Staff-used canon characters to provide some plot movement. We'll also be primarily a Legends-based Star Wars site, but we will add in new things from D-Canon (Disney Canon) as we go along or as it makes sense. We understand that some members might've just joined or had some ideas, but after discussing this with the Community Team and members of the community as a whole, we feel this is the best direction.

Thank you,
Star Wars: Galaxy Community Team.