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Greetings Galaxiers!

Some of you who are creating characters and looking at some things might've noticed that we tweaked the Character Creation Template. We've changed up the Force Powers section. We've now broken things down a little more in accordance with some more lore and to help clarify some issues players have had with exactly what Force powers they've had/have access to!

Characters who are Force Sensitive have access to three primary categories of Force Powers: Control, Sense and Alter. We will use the Jedi Order as the most basic reference to Force powers and Force abilities due to many being trained in a way similar to the Jedi or having basic Jedi-style training. Control is centered around three primary abilities: Tutaminis (Absorption of energy), Curato Salva (Self-healing) and Altus Sopor (Using the Force to mask ones presence). Control is focused around, as suspected, controlling the force to benefit the user. Sense is centered around four primary groups: Prima Vitae (Life detection), Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others), Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions or trace information from objects and areas) and Telepathy (ability to read minds, mentally communicate over short distances). The final category is Alter, which is focused around altering the Force users environment to benefit them or others.

  • Control
    -- Tutaminis (Absorbtion of Energy) - Novice
    -- Curato Salva (Self-Healing) - Novice
    -- Altus Sopor (Masking ones presence with the Force) - Novice
  • Sense
    -- Prima Vitae (Detection of Life) - Novice
    -- Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others) - Novice
    -- Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions, trace information from objects and areas) - Novice
    -- Telepathy (Reading minds, mentally communicating) - Novice
  • Alter
    -- Telekenisis (Ability to manipulate physical matter) - Novice

Please note that existing characters can absolutely update their profiles and add this into them. I know I will be for sure!

Thank you,
Star Wars: Galaxy Community Team