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Aeaolen Kicka

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Aeaolen Kicka


Basic Information

Character name: Aeaolen Kicka
-- Aliases: NA
Homeworld: Bastion
Species: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Faction: Galactic Empire, Jedi Order (Former)
-- Rank/position/title: High Inquisitor (Promoted late 18 BBY)
---- Inquisitor (Imperial Inquisition)
---- Jedi Knight (Former)

Personality and appearance

Appearance: See attached image.
-- Inquisitor gear/outfit
Personality traits:
[+] Connected to the Force - Aeaolen has a deep connection to the Force and as a Jedi Knight has luckily been exposed to resources available to him through the Jedi Order.
[+] Colonial Wit - Having been raised on Bastion to Republic colonist, the Kicka family are well known on Bastion for their quick wits and intelligence.
[-] Quest for Knowledge - Aeaolen has a strong desire to know it all, even if it is forbidden by the Jedi Order but he is not overt with such disregard.
[-] Stubborn - What can he say? He likes it his way.

The Force

Force Sensitive: YES
Lightsaber form: Form II - Makashi (Practitioner)
Force Powers:
Core Powers
  • Control
    -- Tutaminis (Absorption of Energy) - Practioner
    -- Curato Salva (Self-Healing) - Practioner
    -- Altus Sopor (Masking ones presence with the Force) - Practioner
  • Sense
    -- Prima Vitae (Detection of Life) - Practioner
    -- Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others) - Practioner
    -- Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions, trace information from objects and areas) - Practioner
    -- Telepathy (Reading minds, mentally communicating) - Practioner
    -- Precognition (also known as "Sense Danger") - Practioner
  • Alter
    -- Telekenisis (Ability to manipulate physical matter) - Practioner

Light Side Powers

Dark Side Powers
  • Dark Rage (Force Rage) - Learner (Aeaolen was previously a utilizer of Battlemind, this has become corrupted into the Dark Side version, known as "Force Rage" or "Dark Rage")


Possessions: x1 Lightsaber (Red)
-- x1 Lightsaber (Green; former stored within personal storage at Fortress Inquisitorius)
Personal ship: VT-49 Decimator "Wrath of the Emperor"
-- Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor (Stored at Fortress Inquisitorius)
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