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Jedi Temple hangars, Coruscant
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Jedi Knight Kuln Ozu, a Kel Dor, had always held a traditionally different view of the Galactic Republic but the defeats at Kashyyyk and the subsequent Declaration of the New Order had furthered those beliefs. Kel Dor were traditionally peaceful beings, they often looked inward and in quiet reflection of the Force; Ozu had those traits but he also believed that the Jedi should be stalwart protectors of the Galaxy and not sit idly by as war, famine and destruction overcame the Galaxy. He was particularly cross at the idea of the Galactic Empire which had been fermented from within the Galactic Republic itself; most notably at the top: former Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Ozu loaded a munitions container onto a pallet with the Force. His focus was unbroken as he assisted a number of droids and sentient loaders outside of the Jedi Temple.

Kuln had yearned for a new Republic, a different Republic and a different, new Jedi Order for what they had now. Ozu had perhaps been a little on edge since the loss of his Padawan, a human female named Airal Beren during the Battle of Kashyyyk in which he arrived a little later than usual to.

Amara Desal

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Jedi Knight Syala Brastee roamed the temple corridors without objective or purpose. She was trying to preserve every ounce of serenity she had cultivated while on retreat with her padawan, Amara Desal. She had always considered the temple on Coruscant to be her home, but the family within was far more political and opinionated than the family on Dantooine. Monkish, she hid beneath her white robe, her cowl pulled low across her brow, wishing to avoid the latest conspiracy, rumor, or philosophical scandal which might seek her opinion. She knew which of her brothers and sisters to avoid, and instinctively took detours to avoid entrapment.

Syala was unsure how much time had elapsed as he strolled into the hangar bay. She maintained her monkish disposition, fully aware that non-Jedi would leave her in peace. In the distance, she caught sight of one of her own. The Kel Dor male had also focused his energy on practical tasks, far less stressful than the existential conversations taking place deeper within the temple. She treasured the tranquil vibrations emanating from him; likely the balance of rote action and deep thought.

"Peace and serenity," Syala greeted in whispered tones.

Kylar Thrane

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Jedi Knight Kylar Thrane strode swiftly from the Temple's primary communication hub, reflecting on the recent intel updates he had received and the orders he had given. His mind was a much was many moving pieces on the galactic board........

The Imperial-centrists had declared their own Empire and taken multiple star systems with them further shattering the Galactic Republic, though galactic might have been an exaggeration at this point. Beyond the Southern reaches joining this new empire, there were disturbing reports of Jedi-like agents causing havoc and subterfuge throughout the new Imperial holdings. Being the case with the multiple Jedi Knights recently reported missing, Kylar had begun to wonder if those "missing" had fallen to the allure of power offered by Tarkin and his dark master.

Then on their Northern and Western flanks was the Confederacy. Their foes in this drawn out Clone War had re-grouped from their battered victory on Kashyyyk and was pushing new advances on Kalee along with edging further down the Perlemian Trade Route and infringing on the Corellian Trade Spire. Truly, Count Dooku's dark Acolytes were still abroad with General Grevious now firmly at their helm preparing for renewed offenses. A sad tale for more fallen knights from their many lost to the war, and also so many turned against them as new enemies.

Yet........Hope remains.............

His elite 58th Airborne were recovering from their latest honor incurred wounds, and had yet more recruits from liberated worlds eager to train and join their ranks. His Drexl Raiders had pierced behind CIS lines to successfully weaken the enemy supply lines and begin the slow rumble which would be the avalanche to undermine the CIS war-machine. His goal was to create new avenues for peace beyond pure conquest, while strengthening the position of the Order.
He sensed the CIS was not as solidified as many believed. Many CIS worlds desired the outcome they had wanted all along, to have free unrestricted trade and to make alliances/decisions as they saw fit without the begrudging oversight of the Senate. If Jedi envoys were sent out in earnest, perhaps peace could be established with individual worlds.

And the greatest boon of all, was Grand-Master Bela Khess' blessing to proceed with her vision for a new Jedi unbound by the shackles of politicians and the stench of corruption in the Senate. The Order would return to its roots, its true calling, to serve all sentients across the stars in protection from persecution. Thus was the true role of the Jedi Knights. And they would re-forge the Republic......a return to its foundations and strengths.

Kylar's in-depth thinking betrayed him as he rounded the hallway corner to nearly knock over a padwan, only gripping them with the Force at last second before they fell. "Ah, my apologies young sister. I was lost in thought and hurrying without heed. Please forgive my abruptness." The young Mirialan blushed slightly and gave an approving nod, before hurrying off to her classes. As Kylar watched her leave, he thought to himself, "so many of the Jedi are now just children, still learning how to tap into their potential, while our elders are near spent by casualties of numerous conflicts over the years........leaving a bare few seasoned knights to carry on our duties". He rubbed his forehead with frustration to chase away the stress headache that was developing. "But with Bela Khess' blessing, the Order can be re-born. It has already begun, I just need more Knights to step forth to fulfill our role. We have direct support now from multiple Republic worlds, and I more will follow suit once they realize the true state of the galaxy."

He entered the hanger to find few Jedi and various Temple personnel busy with their daily tasks. He saw his heavy Crescent X-9 being refueled, its large frame dwarfing the smaller Eta and Delta model starfighters typical of the Order.
"Well, I did want to bring change," he chuckled to hismelf. Beyond his combat ship, the new fleet of the Jedi was proceeding well ahead of schedule, thanks to skill of the Corellian and Alderanni shipwrights. Soon his brother and sister knights would be able to travel wherever and whenever they were needed to assist others, be it on diplomatic and humanitarian aid missions, or direct military engagements. Now he just needed more knights to take up the mantle of these roles.

He spotted two Knights having a conversation of to his left and walked to join them. "Good morning Jedi", he said with a slight bow.

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