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clone caption "flip" was...podo brain drunk, he was for only the second time in his life he was on the world of endless city,the planet where there where more sentients than they where stars, the capital of the variy republic.he and his unit where rotated from the rim to the core and he was on leave, the raging bantha was the bars name he was recommended it by a sergeant named "bale" he was only there because he was told it would be the best place to start his leave....six hours later he had yet to leve.

Kylar Thrane

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A few of his comrades from the 58th wanted to hit a local-dive bar on the upper levels of Coruscant, and had been begging their Commander to join them. His leave would be short, but Kylar wanted to spend at least one night with them before setting off for his home on least a more relaxing night than sharing a few swigs of whiskey in between CIS artillery raining down on them.

The Jedi Knight was donned in his simple family tunic as he ducked into the narrow doorway leading down into the sprawling basement that was the Raging Bantha. They maneuvered their way thru the crowd of patrons until they reached the bar. Kyalr quickly flagged down one of the bar tenders and laid him a stack of credits, "A full round of Tarisian ale for us, and get a second round ready. We'll be here for awhile sir".