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    Review for Varric Sumber

    Disclaimer: Duke is basically ‘forcing’ me to write this, because he showed it to me last night and I gave him feedback but he wants a more formal write up. So, uh, yeah. :P Strengths- only one strength, which is intelligence. Weaknesses- only one weakness, which is anger, but he’s a...
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    Hiatus due to school :(

    I hate to do this, especially when I brought over another player that's making a character who'll be connected to mine, but when I first joined the site I 1. didn't think I'd take as long as I have been to write my app and 2. I didn't know yet that I'd have the homework load that I'm going to...
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    Jedi Sect- Disciples of Light discussion

    Since it's been a while... ...anyone else interested in this? Are the people who've mentioned being interested still interested? I know I'm taking forever to work on my app but I am working on it (I have it open right now). Would love to get a few other characters involved, including maybe the...
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    Jedi Sect- Disciples of Light discussion

    I could have sworn I replied to this thread, but apparently I only started to. So, I agree that I don't think they would change the hierarchy or anything like that too much. I mean, it's only a sect, it's not a completely new order that's going to have new rules and just not be involved with...
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    Jedi Sect- Disciples of Light discussion

    This is how I see them, too. Basically we've got a "robbing the rich to feed the poor" with Robin Hood VS the Sheriff of Nottingham scenario, here. I also don't see these Jedi being strict, either, in the whole "no attachments" policy and such. I've never really understood that rule anyway...
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    Jedi Sect- Disciples of Light discussion

    Hi! So, Duke, Kush and I have been discussing a Jedi sect that we're hoping will bring in a new sub-plot and push things into an interesting direction both with the Jedi and in general. This thread is for giving you guys the information about the sect as we have it, as well as for you guys to...
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    Alana Raanan (WIP)

    </SIZE> [font=arial] NAME: Alana Raanan --ALIAS: Ryker. HOMEWORLD: Currently lives on New Alderaan, but was born and raised on Coruscant. SPECIES: Human. —GENDER: Female. --AGE: Twenty-seven. [hr]</COLOR> Strengths: Loyal- Alana is extremely loyal, both to the Jedi Order and her family...
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    MUST READ: Phpbb Conversion

    Current Username: Jedi Knight Muse Current Email Address: </div> -------------------- <div class='signature'><div align=center><img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'></div></div>
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    Site Direction

    It can be really hard to get certain types of characters involved- I found that it was a major struggle on my site. We'd have people make bounty hunters and smugglers, but getting them involved in things was a bit of a struggle, even if we gave them basic plots to build off of. That being said...
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    Project 2015

    <img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'> >.> I may end up quoting Firefly a fair amount. :D </div> -------------------- <div class='signature'><div align=center><img src='' border='0' alt='user posted...
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    Site Direction

    Update to what I replied with: Duke, Kush and myself have been discussing something that will involve a Jedi sect getting involved with things as basically a sub-plot, at least initially. We're still working out the details, but I am working on my first character who'll be the daughter of the...
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    Site Direction

    I know I'm literally a newbie here and I haven't even introduced myself yet (...though I will once that forum actually works for me), but you did say for newbies to give their input as well, so. Disclaimer with the below: I'm coming into this having read things about the site, but as I told...