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  1. Aeaolen Kicka

    Galactic Empire What Is Nice?

    "I take it that you are Varus Panteer?" Drale walked up to the Alderaanian noble and offered a soft, welcoming smile. "I am Captain Osiss Drale." Drale extended his hand out for a handshake, a common sign of human friendship and interaction. Drale was still not entirely sure why he was selected...
  2. Aeaolen Kicka

    Ready for Review Zorli’eKoss

    Might I inquire about the differences in this character compared to Jedi Master Neya Senara or Jedi Knight Cassus Valorous?
  3. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private Escape

    Nigkoe Detention Facility is one of the few Corporate Alliance detention facilities located throughout the Galaxy; it is however the largest and most secure. The remnants of the Commerce Guild Punitive Security Forces still maintained detention security, it included a contingent of elite Gossam...
  4. Aeaolen Kicka

    Public You never forget your first.

    As Bakura was being swallowed by the Galactic Empire the Empire was using their contacts and efforts in recent weeks by all manner of Imperial organizations. These efforts were to impress upon worlds in the Rimward section of the Outer Rim that the Galactic Empire was their main source of...
  5. Aeaolen Kicka

    Galactic Empire What Is Nice?

    Captain Drale stood in the secure communications room of the Imperial headquarters on Sirpar. Sirpar had become the unofficial "academy" world of the Galactic Empire. The functions of the Imperial Academy system were largely carried out here and based out of here, they were also carried out...
  6. Aeaolen Kicka

    Information D-Canon Information

    D-Canon Information Star Wars: Galaxy is largely an alternative universe (AU) Legends-based play-by-post roleplay, however some of the newer canon (or D-Canon) has some interesting things. This post will serve as a list to include things that we have recognized from D-Canon as apart of our...
  7. Aeaolen Kicka

    Public You never forget your first.

    Brenau had notified his cadre of advisors and staff to notify Eriadu and Regent Tarkin about the ascension of Bakura into the Galactic Empire. As soon as the "ascension", if one could call it that, had been agreed to rather hastily the Empire made its presence known. Brenau had arrived aboard...
  8. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private (Factional) We Need...More From You

    Qa continued to push and Malcharion could sense the rising intensity and passion within him. It burned deep. It burned more in him than it had in others whom Malcharion had encountered; even some fellow Inquisitors. It was perhaps there that Malcharion realized he disagreed with the Galactic...
  9. Aeaolen Kicka

    Just keep planning...just keep planning.

    Just keep planning...just keep planning.
  10. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private Let's Take Over The Spice Game

    The cadre of Death Watch that had followed Lok was "small", they were more akin to warband compared to any notable portion of the Death Watch. The True Mandalorians had basically pushed the Death Watch out, including Lok and his companions. The offer of friendship with the Black Sun offered a...
  11. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private (Factional) We Need...More From You

    To state that Malcharion was parrying Qa's block with ease would be wholly incorrect. Malcharion was parrying them with intense focus and determination to not allow a mere Dark Acolyte best an Imperial Inquisitor, but Qa didn't know that and probably would never. Malcharion began to strike back...
  12. Aeaolen Kicka

    Approved - Independent and Fringe Dignomos Heylel, former Jedi Master

    As a note we're close to finishing our review of this and we'll let you know!
  13. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private (Factional) The Kolkpravis

    Remus studied the holographic battle map before him on the bridge of the Providence-class Destroyer, his hand over his chin and bottom lip, his other hand underneath supporting it. He oversaw his "Tactical Cell" which was overseeing the battle. Shrupak was the main focus of the Confederacy...
  14. Aeaolen Kicka

    Approved - Galactic Empire Jasalex Goslara

    Might I ask what the desire is to create both an Imperial Stormtrooper Corp Captain and an Imperial Special Missions Trooper is? Considering the limited activity with the first.
  15. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private (Factional) We Need...More From You

    Qa and Malcharion walked into the training center. Malcharion had acquired his first piece of equipment almost exclusive to the Inquisition, an ultrachrome chest piece that had been gifted to him for finding the former Jedi Knight, Aeaolen Kicka. Ultrachrome was a rare mineral that provided...
  16. Aeaolen Kicka

    Private Meeting of the Moffs (Silver/Aeaolen)

    Brenau nodded, that was an acceptable response. "I am sure that the Regent and the Council will be pleased by your answer." Brenau paused for a moment. "As you can imagine some planets had issues transitioning so quickly, that is why I asked. It is however very good news that you've overseen...
  17. Aeaolen Kicka

    Approved - Galactic Empire Jasalex Goslara

    Imperial Army units do not use "TK" numbers, those are exclusive to the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. As a note, its a little odd for an Imperial Army trooper to have a personal ship unless it was kept on his home world compared to with him. It's also an oddity that he would have a double-bladed...
  18. Aeaolen Kicka

    Ready for Review IM-101 Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility (IPOF)

    Basic Specifications: Model or Name: IM-101 Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility Price: Unknown Image: (See above) Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering, Imperial Department of Military and Civilian Research (Research and design) Affiliation: Galactic Empire Other specifications: Command...