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55 ABY

The Galactic Alliance, Jedi, Brotherhood of the Sith and the Mandalorian Union are all vying for control of a galaxy in turmoil. Within the next few slides, you will find a brief overview of what exactly this site is all about. Additionally, you will be provided links for further information, should you choose to immerse yourself.

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In an effort to maintain the high standards of this community, the community team has developed a set of rules that we believe keep the best interests of our members at heart. The list is a bit long, but is so out of necessity. Above all, respect your fellow members and you'll do fine here.

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The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, known as the Galactic Alliance, is comprised of the Galactic Republic, Imperial Remnant and Hapes Consortium. This tentative amalgamation of powers has been the dominant government for decades, but rising tensions and misplaced ambitions threaten to split these powers to devastating effect.

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The New Jedi Order, led by the Grandmaster and his council of twelve, struggles to preserve peace and justice in an ever-hostile galaxy.

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The Mandalorian Union is the successor to the True Mandalorian movement started in the era of Jango Fett by Jaster Mereel and continued under the rulership of Mandalore Boba Fett into the year 45 ABY. Upon his death, the clans fractured and were not unified again for more than twelve years until Zaun, son and successor of Boba Fett, took the reigns and rallied the clans to his cause.

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The Brotherhood of the Sith is the "successor" to the various Sith and Dark Jedi splinter groups that were propped up after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. The Brotherhood of the Sith is loosely organized and acts as an insurgency that is spread throughout the Galaxy.

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