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Jedi Order
Basic Information

Character name:
Zorli’eKoss (Zorli for short)
-- Aliases: N/A
Homeworld: Skye
Species: S’kytri
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Faction: The Jedi Order
-- Rank/position/title: Jedi Knight

Personality and appearance


Zorli was a tall, well built warrior. He had light blue skin and stood at 7' 1", he towered over his enemies, and had his strength to support it. Along with that Zorli had 2 massive flight capable membranous wings. Often Zorli donned his Jedi robes or his S’kytri clan attire. He had jet black hair and dark blue eyes.

Personality traits
[+] Martial Practices - The S’kytri were descended from noble warriors, and Zorli was trained in every form of combat
[+] Kindness - Though his beliefs viewed many as inferior, he still showed kindness to few like his family in the Order
[+] Levelheaded - In a battle he was a valiant warrior, and kept his had clear
[-] Arrogant - Zorli still held the S’kytri’s beliefs, and occasionally refused to see “inferior” species’s views
[-] Pride - The S’kytri are a very prideful species due to their capability of flight
[-] Stubborn - Zorli was stubborn, believing his ways were the best and most reasonable

Story so far...

The planet of Skye, home to the S’kytri clans. The S’kytri, or Windborn in their language weren’t a well known species, so they lived in peace on their planet. The patriarch, leader of the S’kytri civilisation presently was none other than Wothul Koss, leader of the Koss Clan, and member of the Highland Clan’s supreme council. He had been ruling for over a decade, bringing unity between the Lowland and Highland clans. Skye had forever been loyal to the Jedi after being saved by a group of them from a terrorist who threatened to destroy them.

Zorli’eKoss was the son of Patriarch Wothul’eKoss, and was heir to the Koss Clan. He grew up in the City of the Winged People, with the beliefs of their civilisation, those not capable of flight were seen as inferior, and those born without their proper colours were killed. When Zorli was just 5, his sister had hatched, but she was killed soon after. As a female, her skin tone was to be light green, but rarely one was born with different colors. His sister was born with a blue skin tone, the colors of a male. Though it had been hard for Zorli’s father, the child was killed.

Zorli had never forgotten that day, even though it was their species’s law, it was still hard to watch. Years later a Jedi Master had come to Skye seeking a plant with medical properties for studies. During the Jedi’s stay, he had been introduced to the Patriarch, as it was Zorli’s father’s duty to welcome all who came. There the Jedi had encountered a still young Zorli. At first the Jedi didn’t notice anything strange, but one evening he had found Zorli walking alone in the woods when a Gogitol attacked, a fearsome beast who dwelt in the caverns below Skye, the Jedi had rushed to protect Zorli, but by the time he was at Zorli’s side, the Gogitol was floating in the air, attempting to lunge at him.

After it dawned on him that Zorli was force sensitive, he killed the Gogitol and rushed to the Patriarch’s residence. He recounted was had happened and asked permission for Zorli to come to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It took much convincing but finally the Patriarch agreed. Zorli realised he was leaving home, and promised his father he would return.

At the temple Zorli was a natural in all his teaching. Due to the fact he was naturally attuned to The Force, whether it was because of his species or skill, he excelled and rose to be a great youngling. Eventually once he reached the age for the trials of Knighthood, he passed them with relative ease, though there were some struggles along the way that he preferred to keep a secret. Even though his species viewed flightless species as inferior, he held back these fews towards the order. As a Knight he often intimated his brothers and sisters, he towered over them both in height and skill. Soon though, he would meet his match.

The Force

Force Sensitive:
Lightsaber form: Form IV: Ataru (Practitioner)
Force Powers:
Core Powers

  • Control
    -- Tutaminis (Absorbtion of Energy) - Practitioner
    -- Curato Salva (Self-Healing) - Practitioner
    -- Altus Sopor (Masking ones presence with the Force) - Learner
  • Sense
    -- Prima Vitae (Detection of Life) - Practitioner
    -- Tactus Otium (Sensing the Force within others) - Practitioner
    -- Tai Vordrax (Using the Force to sense impressions, trace information from objects and areas) - Practitioner
    -- Telepathy (Reading minds, mentally communicating) - Practitioner
    -- Precognition (also known as "Sense Danger") -Practitioner
  • Alter
    -- Telekenisis (Ability to manipulate physical matter) -Practitioner
Universal Powers
  • Force Wave - Practitioner
Light Side Powers
  • Force Light - Practitioner


-Attachable commlink
-Portable holo map
-Double sided blue lightsaber
-x4 Vibro (throwing) Knives (Concealed)

Personal ship:

ETA-2 Class Light-Interceptor
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