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Following up on our previous announcement, we're rolling out the rank progression 'guides' for the New Jedi Order and Galactic Empire (click the respective factions to view). Other factions' progression guides will be released soon.

As said before, these are meant as guidelines so writers know the quality of character development expected when seeking rank advancement. For some time now, we've heard your concerns about your characters becoming stagnant in their factions or not knowing where to go next, without staff-planned events or certain milestones to follow. Overall, these baselines are meant to encourage you to develop various aspects of your character and collaborate with other writers as your character goes through their journey.

While the Community Team is incredibly useful, I encourage you not to wait until the Staff plans site events to advance your stories. As a community, we won't thrive if our storytelling relies solely on the Staff. As lovely writers as they are, it's your voice, your ideas, and your creative juices we want flowing. So, look at your fellow SW:G writers as well (there are many!). Ask them to partner up. Work together to create your glorious, heroic (or treacherous) stories of legend.

Your stories are SW:G's story. So, personally, I can't wait to see what exciting storylines come from this!

Where do I apply for rank elevation?
In the Members Corner forum HERE.

Who does this apply to?
For now, only Jedi and Imperial characters.

When will other factions get this?
In the coming months! Next up will be the New Republic, depending on feedback we get from this rollout.

What about fringe characters?
Nothing changes. Fringe/independent characters don't typically have formal ranks because they don't belong to any faction.

Ask below or PM a staff member!
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