Ready for Review Legionnaire Rifle

Okera Vekra

New Republic
Basic Specifications:
Model or Name: Legionnaire MK4 II

Technical Specifications:
Category: Slug Rifle
Base Damage Type: Balistic
Ammo Type: 8x60mm as standard
Damage Range: Moderate to Sever
Range: 500 m Effective
Clip Size: 10
Fire Settings: Bolt Action
Attachments: Bayonet, Scope mount

Other Specifications:
Manufacturer: Lee Enfil Arms (defunct), several manufacturers producing copies
User: Hunters
Affiliation: None

The Legionnaire is a rifle of a bygone era that has survived the test of time by being simple, easy to produce and with the originals made in mass numbers. Although outdone in every way by blaster rifles, the Legionnaire found its niche in hunters looking to do as little damage to the pelts of wild beasts.
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I see zero need to model a "slug thrower" on a real world rifle. There are plenty of examples of weapons in Star Wars, not quite sure this serves a purpose.