Kel'Born Fleet


Jedi Order
Galactic Empire
Mandalorian Clans
Formation name: Kel'Born Fleet (2nd Fleet)
-- Formation size: Battlegroup
Formation allegiance: Mand'alorian Domain
Formation commander: Rux Rau & ? (NPC)

Formation history: After the victories of the Quermia Campaign and the Mandalorian Sector Grand Campaign, the Battlegroup was re-organized into the Second Fleet as commanded by Fleet Admiral ? and under control of Dehr Nux Rau. With new ships off the lines and old ships being repaired and refit from service, the newly-created second Fleet was ready to return to service.

Formation composition

Command Ship:
MMS ? (To Come)

2x Chalice-Class Star Destroyers

Attack Line:
4x Adjucator-Class Heavy Cruisers

4x Crusader-Class Frigates

8x Knight-Class Corvettes

2x Imperiator-Class Interdiction Cruiser
3x Quasar-Fire II Carriers

Armed Forces:
1x Company of 250 Kel'Born Special Forces
1x Battalion of 1,000 Mandalorian Sentinels (Juggernaut Beskar'Gam, Beskar Pike, Rotary Heavy Blaster Rifle, Shoulder Rocket Launcher)
3x Battalions of 1,000 Mandalorian Crusaders (Beskar'Gam, Vibroblades, IMWS Weapon System, Wrist Rocket Launcher)
1x Regiment of 4,000 Mandalorian Rangers (Durasteel, Vibroblades, A280 Blaster Rifle, QUADNA Shrapnel Grenades)
210x Kimogila-Class Mobile Command Centers
42x Drexl-Class Bipedal Walkers
24x Lances of 8 HWK Ravager Droids

Formation creation

Formation combat record
Quermian Campaign (Phase One)
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